Creative Goal Setting

Our thoughts Create our Reality

Transformation Cards

3. We are using the 3 Transformation Cards to answer your question regarding your career/lifestyle:

A possible subconscious belief that you may have regarding your career/lifestyle ... which needs to be DEALT WITH first ... is:
I am currently distracted by my need for approval

Whereas, in this case, a potentially better lifestyle belief to adopt right now is:
I am taking time to allow my physical body time to rest and renew

And a helpful 'attitude' at this time would be:

How are you going with this answer?  It has been brought to you by your Higher Mind … so don’t be too quick to disregard it!

Need some help?  Use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help resolve the first part written in red … ‘couch’ it in a setup phrase starting with “Even though ………… I deeply and completely love and accept myself“.
You can do this for the second green part too if you wish ~ ………… I deeply and completely love and accept myself“.
The third yellow/gold aspect is a useful personal value suggested by your Mind at this point.

… ready for the next question?  Before you click the link below, write down your question.  It is important to have a question formulated BEFORE you ‘read’ the answer, to help it make more sense pertaining to a specific aspect of your life.  Yes, I am asking you to focus!

4. Ask an open-ended question regarding your relationship with another person (EG “What can I do about the awkward situation that has arisen with ……?“)

Now, are you ready for the answer?  Click the image below:

tarot deck

or CLICK HERE to see which Tarot card best explains this relationship currently.