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calendarScroll down for how to calculate the Universal (current year, 4 digits reduced) and Personal Years (your birth day, month + current year, 8 digits reduced).

The focus of Universal and Personal Years

Focus for the One Year: Starting new projects and new ideas.  Beginning new phases, attitudes and looking for new outcomes.  Ambition is the energy drawing us forward, giving us the encouragement to take action.  Any fears of being alone or lonely can be diminished with the understanding that we are all part of a team in the human race … we are not running alone.  Our desires are linked to desires from others all round this planet and beyond.  We are giving what is needed by others, whether we are aware of this or not … trust in this process for the highest good of all concerned is well and truly working, we just can’t always see the whole picture from our human perspective.  When allowing this feeling of connection we find our self inspired, doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons.

Focus for the Two Year: Finding and giving support, especially for projects and ideas started during Year One.  This requires clear communication and the allowing of the right people, the right resources, arriving at the right time, in the right place to support the outcome for the highest good of all concerned.  Fear of having to ask for help or receive offered assistance will only be blocking the Flow of our Consciousness that also wants to see our ideas materialised.  Support arrives based on our desire to achieve success.  Sometimes it requires the courage of expressing what we need and want.  The more support we are able to give, the more support, in many guises, flows our way.  The old adage: ‘the more you give, the more you get to give’ applies here.

Focus for the Eleven Year: Same as the Two Year, only more expansive, more encompassing of others and may include a desire to access more Communication with your Consciousness, thus receiving more Support.  Be aware of the tendency to block this Communication with the Super Conscious Aspect of your Mind, which can only be limited by your level of denial of your Personal Power as Consciousness.

Focus for the Three Year: This is the year to create ‘it,’ our goal, our dream; materialise ‘it.’   We may need to review the last couple of years to draw on the best ideas and the best people (and other Resources) to Create the outcome this year.  It is a year for adding creativity, using creativity, and being creative.  Creating creative solutions and positive outcomes.  The creative ideas are Flowing … if not, our fears are getting in the way.  Any fears that our creativity is not good enough will only result in sabotaging the expansion of ideas and productivity.  This creativity inspires others … in business its positive promotion … making others want to be involved in our project/life/ideas.

Focus for the Four Year: Task oriented.  Focusing on getting the mundane repetitive tasks finished on time, every time, brings both satisfaction and positive results.  It demonstrates our abilities.  A productive year based on getting on with the job demonstrating what we are able and willing to do.  Producing and reproducing the product of last year’s creativity.  Fear of getting down and getting dirty, or bored, will only cause delays, so throw off the cloak of arrogance and get back to basics.  This humbling experience reminds us of our connection and similarity to others and how we are all on this Plane together.  Are you practicing a new skill, learning a musical instrument, language, sport, or something similar?  Be aware that you may tend to choose procrastination over practising and sabotage the goal.

Focus for the Twenty-Two Year: Same as the Four Year, yet more in the development of systems and equipment that improve the productivity from tasks being performed by yourself and your team/family.

Focus for the Five Year: A year for Change; appearing in different forms.  Change handled well turns into positive transformation taking us to new heights, new paradigms, and new points of view.  Sometimes we are afraid of change, afraid of leaving our ‘comfort zone’, yet fear of change holds us back keeping us stuck in the past.  Look for what needs transforming … it will be easier to do so this year.  By choosing our ‘change’ challenge with awareness, we will feel empowered and more in control.  Avoidance invariably results in ‘change’ catching us unaware, resulting in us being distracted by drama and struggle.  So, even if it appears to be a missed opportunity for graceful transformation, we often end up with the change (drama and all) whether we wanted it or not!

Focus for the Six Year: Mediation is required.  We find ourselves in the role of mediator, or in need of support in the form of mediation within one or more of our relationships.  Awareness will keep you out of law courts or family feuds.  This is a good year for you to mediate your own disputes by understanding and allowing yourself and others’ Beingness, the opportunity to be our self in our own unique way, while at the same time allowing everyone else to find their unique way, even if it is very different from ours. Interestingly, rifts within our family relationships will be highlighted this year … as understanding, shared/communicated reality, is a requirement in healthy family relationships.

Focus for the Thirty-Three Year: Same as the Six Year, but more expansive, involving understanding and/or mediation on a larger scale, maybe including other groups, cultures, organisations, neighbourhoods.  Focusing on harmoniously finding the “Higher Thought” (the one that works for all perspectives) will help.

Focus for the Seven Year: Sabbatical … Time to reflect and understand our Consciousness, our Mind; our connection to all that is within our Reality, and our personal decisions about the meaning of life.  A great year for getting in touch with our feelings, learning the language of the body, and using this intuition to guide us in making our everyday ‘mundane’ existence one of purpose and passion.  We may want to watch out for avoidance in the form of intellectualising, justifying our existence based on out-of-date ideas or information.  The only up-to-date information at any given time is … our feelings which can only be felt in this Present Moment.  Everything else is mere illusion and can change with a new vision and/or attitude.  It takes practise to experience the finer nuances of feeling; yet the benefits are sublime, a life of abundance and bliss in enjoying freedom of choice in all that we do, be and have.

Focus for the Eight Year: To get the results we really want this year, we can remember to use organisation and discipline of our self and good management of our Resources.  Wealth (freedom of choice and physical wellbeing) is created through a conscious disciplined use of Resources (including our Mind).  Set up and improve systems by which you can manage your resources efficiently and effectively.  Systems are meant to support progress and creativity, not slow it down or suppress it.  In the same way, our attitude is meant to support … if you realise you are being overbearing, too authoritarian (over controlling) … relax and allow your Resources (that are already Provided by your Consciousness) to come forth and assist you in receiving what you want.

Focus for the Nine Year: This is the year for completions and an opportunity to fine tune our vision for our future; well, our next Nine Year Cycle at least.  As next year we will be taking everything to a whole new level (based on our Progress to-date), it stands to reason that we would want to be ready; everything done, finished, cleaned up and made ready.  We can clear away the clutter on all levels, physical, emotional, and mental, and travel light leaving the emotional and physical ‘baggage’ behind.  Releasing what no longer works for us with love and care (no point creating more drama).  Then make time to daydream … dare to dream big … visualising the best for our self; creating a positive vision.  Write it, read it, evolve it and keep it handy to read and evolve even further as time goes by.  Focusing on this Vision will draw, like a magnet, all that we want and need to fulfill our Vision while keeping it in focus.

If you haven’t already got yourself a Creative Goal Setting (CGS) Program in which to design your Vision – do so now! And if you haven’t already learned how to use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – do so now!


Personal Year – a further explanation

Our Consciousness/Reality has given us many opportunities to understand our role in life. In fact, Life has given us every year, month and day to give it a go. Life provides us with repetition as one of the best learning tools (along with experience) we are ever going to get! Yes, it is Ground Hog Day … And we do have a choice how to handle each day of it!

Every nine years, we can experience our Life Number and its Life Challenge in detail again!  Our job is to make it work for us, not against us!  During the other eight years we can focus on how we experience the other aspects of our life.  In other words, as you may have noticed when reading the story of the journey, we can all relate to each of the roles played by the team members.  This is because each year we get to experience one of the nine roles (sometimes the master number roles too) in taking responsibility for our experience of life.

And not just every year; every twelve months, and every nine days … although we need to watch out for the beginning of each month as there can be an interesting repeat or skip in the Date Number of Daily Numerology.

Working out which Personal Year we are in, and its Challenge Number, is similar to working out our Life and Life Challenge Numbers above; except we insert this year instead of our birth year.

For example:  18.07.2010: 1+8+0+7+2+0+1+0 = 19; 1+9 = 10; 1+0= 1


Personal Year Challenge, using the subtracting method:   18.07.2010

1+8 = 9 and 0+7 = 7 and 2+0+1+0 = 3
9    –    7           and         7    –    3
2                 and              4
2      –       4

Read the story of The Team on their Journey again assuming the team members’ roles are being played out by you, one role per year.  You are on your Way,’ taking responsibility for your own path to realising your natural or innate contribution.  And, like the Life Challenge, use your Personal Year Challenge to guide you in knowing where you are most likely to sabotage yourself this year when not using Awareness … the key to Personal Development/Transformation.

Take a look at the nine year pattern in your life.  You may find it useful or interesting to make a list of your life events with dates included.  Add another column to your list for the Personal Year Number and Personal Year Challenge Number.  You may be lucky enough to notice a positive upward spiral effect, whereby you have evolved, grown, through each of the nine year cycles to become wiser, happier, and more attuned to your Way of contributing.

Each Personal Year has an overall focus (apart from your role, your Life Number), as does each Universal Year.

The Universal Year is the four digits of the year added together and reduced to a single digit or master number.

For example: 2010: 2+0+1+0 = 3

When thinking of the Universal Year Number, which affects everyone (albeit differently depending on our Life Number and Personal Year Number) within our workplace, educational institution, professional association, and the larger community.  Think of politics, international relations, community progress on civic buildings, laws, etc.  For example, in 2010 the community will find creative solutions and artistic/creative attractions to be very popular.  Although, many decisions may be based on the fear “not being good enough.”

When applying our Personal Year Number, we discover our contribution on two levels.  To our self (our personal goals and our evolution) and teams we are a part of (whether we are aware of it or not), which may be strongly reflected in the Universal Year goal.  We are here to spontaneously co-operate as humans and Consciousness/non-physical Beings.  Each year is an opportunity to do it differently, to improve our understanding of our selves.  The following is a guide to the essence of each year:

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