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Personal Month

calendar-clip-art-jpgThe Focus for each Month

We have 3 aspects to ‘study’ when it comes to each month.

The general focus of each month, 1 – 12 every year, starting in January.

The Universal Month, which is calculated by adding the month, for example January to the current year: 1 + 2+0+1+0 = 4.

And our Personal Month, which is calculated by adding the month, for example January to our birth year: 1 + 1+9+6+3 = 2.

Each month in each year gives us hints as to what to focus on for about 30 days.

While holding your overall annual focus/goal (usually inspired by ideas by the end of January) in mind as your goal to achieve/receive this year.  Now apply the numerology of this year’s Universal Year and Personal Year to understand the how this fits in with your life and spontaneous contribution/co-operation you might make to the general community.  Then apply any of the 3 types of focus derived numerologically from the month as mentioned above.

The focus of each month is similar to the Focus of each Year, so I have only written them once on the Year Page.

While reading the Focus of each Year, replace the word ‘year’ with ‘month’ for the first nine months of any year.  Read the first three again for October = 1, November = 2 & 11 and December = 3, as these three months give us the opportunity to fine tune the outcomes of the first three months (especially useful when we get off to a slow start to any year).  Then add your Personal Month calculation to the equation.  No crystal balls required!  You will have plenty there to go on.  At the end of the day, it does not matter how many psychics, fortune tellers we go to see, it is up to us to take Personal Responsibility for our thoughts, emotions and behaviour; thus Creating our outcomes.  When we have a system, which is all Numerology is, we can systematically work our way through the Right Actions of Creation.

When the year starts well, I find these three months (October, November & December) act as a ‘premonition’ to the first three months of next year.  And I often notice November bringing in the elements of the master number 11 … communication with other ‘teams,’ connecting and supporting each other for the Highest Good of all concerned.  Communication with our Self, our Higher Mind, Consciousness, is heightened in November.

Marianne 🙂
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