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daysThe Focus for each Day

Making plans for each day based on both the inherent universal energy of the date and our own energetic contribution to the day can bring great rewards. More going with the Flow of our Consciousness, our Mind, rather than wondering why we feel as though we are swimming against the current. Knowing the universal energy of the day (Universal Date Number) and using it is another way of receiving support from our Reality by understanding why and how others are working / playing their parts the way they are this day. Knowing what our potential contribution is, shared spontaneously of course (Personal Date Number), gives us a better chance of giving our best, rather than unconsciously avoiding it and/or giving our worst (the inherent challenge) and finding ourselves upset with outcomes.

Firstly, the number from adding the 8 digits together in today’s date provides the Universal Numerology of the day. This is the number to which all people are consciously or subconsciously vibrating toward on a community level … and in which we have our inherent outcome of the date. Our Personal Daily Numerology provides an indication of the behaviour and/or attitude required in order for us to fully learn, understand, and/or produce, the outcome of the day as an individual.

To work out the Universal Date Number: add the 8 digits of the date. Then add the digits of the total until they reduce to a single digit. With three exceptions; the Master Numbers 11, 22 or 33.

For example: 23.05.2010: 2+3+0+5+2+0+1+0 = 13; 1+3 = 4,
29.12.2006: 2+9+1+2+2+0+0+6 = 22 … Master Number.

Personal Date Number: use today’s day and month numbers, plus your own year of birth.

For example: 23.05.1963: 2+3+0+5+1+9+6+3 = 29; 2+9 = 11 … Master Number,
29.12.1963: 2+9+1+2+1+9+6+3 = 33 … Master Number

We then integrate these two numbers establishing a Universal attitude of the date and our Personal contribution to it. Consult the following two Numerological Interpretations for a brief description.  To add more depth re-read Personal Year Focus for the Universal Date and the Team on their Journey for our Personal Date. When doing this exercise on a daily basis we notice a 9 day cycle in which we continue to evolve our attitude to life.

Universal Date Numbers ~ outcome inherent in the day.

Using today’s date as a What is going on Today Guide

Universal Date 1: inspiration, new things, beginnings, new phases, new projects, new directions … a great day to start something as everyone will have the ambition and enthusiasm for new projects.

Universal Date 2: support, both giving and receiving love, comfort, encouragement, assistance … and communication … knowing we are never ever alone as we are always connected with our Consciousness/Higher Mind.  Administrative details and other ‘behind the scenes’ details brought up-to-date and recorded.  Communication established/continued with others, supporting the progress of any goals.

Universal Date 3: creativity in all forms, creative ideas, colours, music, poetry, and the acknowledgement of creativity … and creation and harvesting.  Ideas materialised, a great day to create ‘it’ and/or promote ‘it’ as creativity abounds.

Universal Date 4: work, tasks, production, (often mundane and/or repetitive) … great day for housekeeping, bookkeeping, mowing, etc.  Understanding the meditative state (like being in the ‘zone’) of repetitive activity … embracing with total focus on the task at hand.  Practise and repetition demonstrates your desire, intention, willingness and ability.

Universal Date 5: change, transformation toward creating balanced/equilibrium with whatever else needs to be considered.  Also good day for socialising, meeting new people, getting out, travel … great day to celebrate with others, have a business opening, or sale.

Universal Date 6: family issues highlighted.  Spontaneous co-operation, acceptance, and empathy comes from understanding others and their differing opinions and offerings.  A great day to get to know others better, on a deeper level, communicate with encouragement and mediation as necessary.

Universal Date 7: sabbatical, Awareness of our Consciousness by being in Present Time with our feelings creates paradigm shifts toward higher purpose/understanding … great day to share Insights and/or ask deep and meaningful questions of our Consciousness/Higher Mind.

Universal Date 8: management and organisation of resources; apply systems, routines and self-discipline toward expansion of overall wealth of ideas (intellectual property) and material things (including money – for those still into it), creating physical wellbeing for all involved…. great day for a stock-take, to pay the bills, re-organise finance.

Universal Date 9: completions; finishing tasks/projects creates a healthy void for daydreaming, visualising, brainstorming what you really want/need ~ the future vision … great day for clearing clutter to make way for new.

Universal Date 11: give and/or receive support on a community and/or Consciousness level, contribute support to community event, cause and groups of similar interest … feeling supported in our chosen purpose/project.

Universal Date 22: systems are created and/or improved to enhance productivity, procedures streamlined, best practises established creating continuity; making tasks easier and giving workers a higher sense of satisfaction.  Tasks take on altruistic meaning, giving purpose and forming a co-operative ethic for people involved.

Universal Date 33: Community unity through spontaneous co-operation.  There is opportunity for acceptance and understanding amongst groups; mediation allows progress to a lasting understanding toward a Higher Good for those concerned.

Personal Date Numbers ~ our personal contribution toward the above daily outcome.

Using today’s Personal Date Number as a What to DO Today Guide

Personal Date 1: Leading by positive example, having the courage to try something new.

Personal Date 2: Supporting others in achieving their outcomes, results in supporting our selves.

Personal Date 3: Creating ‘it’ or adding creativity to enhance outcomes.

Personal Date 4: Working with a calm attitude, focused on the task at hand and practising / or repeating tasks until the job is done. This is a good day doing the boring chores.

Personal Date 5: Changing our attitude until we experience balance in emotions, thoughts, actions and outcomes. Being mindful of and celebrating our personal transformation, personal development and awareness. We feel more like being with or contacting others today.

Personal Date 6: Encouraging and understanding others with positive communication results in feeling more encouragement and understanding of ourselves.

Personal Date 7: Observing and being aware of our feelings keeps us connected to our chosen purpose/project. Good feelings let us know we are on purpose (on our Way), while uncomfortable feelings indicate an opportunity to change direction.

Personal Date 8: Using discipline for ourselves, being organised and using sound judgement, to take responsibility for our outcomes creating our ongoing physical wellbeing.

Personal Date 9: Completing tasks to create a void for new ideas to emerge. A great day for visualising a positive future.

Personal Date 11: Consciousness of others thoughts and ideas through networking, communicating, and sharing our information.

Personal Date 22: Consciousness of the present task and how to evolve it and our attitude to it.

Personal Date 33: Consciousness of community connectedness through spontaneous co-operation and contribution.

So how does this REALLY apply?

For example: I am typing this on 16 October 2010 … I enjoyed a sleep in, a leisurely chat with a neighbour, a great conversation with the store owner, a friend called in for afternoon tea … and I was wondering why I felt as though I still had not done anything constructive yet!  Many people would justify it as “Well, it is a Saturday after all!”  But that does not explain the feeling!  The Numerology does though.  By explaining today, the micro version, I am hoping to explain how this affects our life, the macro version!

Today’s Goal was 11 (1+6 + 1+0 + 2+0+1+0 = 11); to support a greater cause (like adding a page to my Blog and discussing a facebook page that suggests alkalising our body prevents and cures cancer!).  The Challenge is 4, so I was procrastinating!  And here is the interesting bit, the Illusion number is 7 (just the day, not the month and year, 1 + 6 = 7) which means we can be tempted to behave as though it is a sabbatical day, a holiday, an opportunity to contemplate our Self, or Reality, Consciousness, etc.  NO, don’t be tricked … it may look that way; but it felt as though it needed something constructive done.  The Illusion is a distraction that can fool us, dumb us down, block our Greatness.  Remember we have till midnight to do today’s Goal!  And I still have 40 minutes 😉

So, imagine this on a life size scale. Making each day count for our own Progress in Knowing Who and What we REALLY are and why or why we are Here NOW! This system has worked for me over many, many, years. I can only hope you enjoy the benefits as much as I have.

Marianne 🙂
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