Creative Goal Setting

Our thoughts Create our Reality


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An overview of The Team Creating Their Way


Number One is a leader, simply because of their ambition and enthusiasm to start with fresh, new ideas.  Others are inspired by this enthusiasm and a path is formed as they are motivated purely by curiosity to see ‘The Way’ the Number One goes.  As Ones don’t really care whether others follow or not, they can lack the knack of clear communication, earning the label of arrogance.  This is where the Two assists them … thus the beginning of a team.

Ones can be challenged by their fear of loneliness, demonstrating their need for an audience; often feeling alone and/or lonely when they let this fear dominate their thinking, even when surrounded by others.  Being aware of this ‘air of arrogance’ they use to cloak their fears, can help us break down the barriers and make their journey more fun and easy.  Problem is, we need to convince them that fun and easy is indeed more fun and easy for them too!  Don’t rush them, they’ll just run away to their oneness … until the day they discover they can allow themselves to get involved with a bit of spontaneous co-operation.


Number Two makes a great personal assistant to Number One.  Twos are attracted to worthwhile causes and they are keen to assist where assistance is obviously required.  So they find themselves helping the Number Ones simply because Ones ‘must need help out there on their own!  Doesn’t everyone need someone helping them?’  Besides, there are others asking for directions, asking for help.  So the Two steps up and establishes communication between the Leader of the group and everyone else, thus both supporting them and communicating ‘Their Way’ at the same time. With this excellent communication, a larger team forms, surrounding this hub of two.  Ones, like everyone else have many needs, so the team forms a natural Resource base for this particular Way and the journey continues.

Even though the Two has created a group of friends and associates, from time to time, they are challenged by their fear that no one supports them in their life role of being supportive communicators.  Twos often have trouble seeing and allowing support when it is offered them.  This is a tricky situation whereby Twos can find themselves emotionally separate from the very group they helped create!  Only self awareness can blast through this self made wall of deception.  This is because telling them falls on deaf ears; their walls of deception are designed to keep this sort of constructive support out!


Number Three senses another Way being carved out of the wilderness (just like another blank canvas).  They are inspired to splash their creativity around, creating things, colours, sounds, songs, and stories out of ‘thin air.’ They are lighting up Their Way; making Their Way both visible and appealing to others.  They are the people adding coloured ribbons, descriptive writings, drawings, and other signs along Their Way so others may happily, easily and effortlessly follow!

Sadly, they are often challenged by their fear that their work, their creativity, is not good enough, not appealing enough.  When in this fearful state, they forget that all creativity is creative!  There are no exceptions to this rule.  Consciousness does not judge whether it is good or bad, it just is … creative … enjoy!


Number Four is the ‘worker,’ known for taking care of the repetitive tasks that must be done for comfort and ease along Their Way.  Through repetition and practice, they reproduce, re-create, things required on a daily basis by us all.  Think of them as the ones producing and laying the paving stones (repetitious jobs) on Their Way, making a path; making everyone’s journey so much easier and more comfortable.  Now we can all bring along our goods and shackles, build houses and setup enterprises, knowing that others are bound to follow where there is infrastructure developing.

The biggest challenge for the Four is their tendency to procrastinate when feeling overwhelmed … the fear that there is too much to be done!  Fours just want to do what they do best and get the job done, but when they need (or want) to learn a new skill that requires practice, they can sabotage their personal goal with procrastination.  This is best fixed with an attitude of ‘demonstration.’  Demonstrating to themselves and others what they are capable of.  Remind them how to create momentum, how to get started.  It is in the answers to this riddle:  How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  Or continue a journey?  One step at a time.


Number Five inspires transformation in others through cheerful laughter (enlightenment = “lighten up” to Fives!) therefore they like to socialise; making Their Way fun and joyful by providing entertainment.   They plan and mix well at parties.  But entertainment can also be used as a distraction.  When Fives are not avoiding their feelings and/or their reality by partying too hard, they are creating change as and when it is needed.  When life is seemingly too difficult, Fives remind us we are developing our strength toward freedom of expression.  Like the butterfly straining its wings to break free of its cocoon is building strength to fly – with life’s struggles (negative contrasts), Fives transform and have the strength to fly, to travel among us creating a Balance of fun and cultural awareness.    Fives are also like the canary down the coal mine; they’re the first ones to indicate when a change is required.  When Their Way appears to be no longer fun and easy, Fives become restless and often seek ways of avoidance rather than use their Transformative ability.  They may travel away seeking another ‘Way’ or simply demand/Command/Create change, sometimes by organising a group demonstration … another excuse for a party … or when more Aware, with their understanding of Conscious Creation!  And so a sense of joy and fun entertainment is also an important part of any journey.

Fives are challenged by their fear of change caused by forces outside of their control … many feelings are involved when facing inevitable change.  Although change is as natural and normal to life as can be, Fives are usually more agitated by it.  This fear of feeling feelings of change can lead them into long term avoidance tactics.


Number Six mediates the many different opinions, due to their keen empathy with those around them, thus keeping the peace along ‘Their Way.’  The goal of the Six is to keep everyone on the path co-operating, feeling welcome and an integral part of the team.  Sixes seem to have an innate understanding of everyone’s roles and the importance of each role.  They are the ones who not only understand what it is to walk in another’s shoes, but can also facilitate understanding between separate parties/people.

The Sixes find their biggest challenge in their immediate family/co-worker environment; probably because of the emotional attachment to being understood in their closest circle of influence.  Their fears and challenges which are so often based on family/co-worker upsets and the various misunderstood ideas and opinions keep them busy worrying about their possible failure to have people co-operate.  What a challenge this is in most family environments where personalities are thrust together through birth and then having to learn to deal with their differences; as compared to choosing like-minded friends and colleagues.  Sixes can save themselves much anxiety by allowing everyone Beingness (to be themselves whatever that may be like) from which spontaneous co-operation evolves.  Trusting that people are sharing their innate gift; even if unconsciously.


Number Seven focuses on and enjoys studying or contemplating the mental aspect of life.  They take it upon themselves to remind the team of the importance of maintaining appreciation of the Higher Mind in all that they do, be and have, along Their Way.  Sevens remind us of the concept, that whatever the outcome chosen, it must be intended for Highest Good of all concerned.  They tell us, that even though there is no accident; that everything happens at the right time, in the right place, for the right people, and for the right reasons; that there is a Higher Purpose and that we are all part of it – we still have FREE WILL to use our discernment based on our experience/study to say “NO THANK YOU”.  Sevens are the ones who can see the silver linings, when the rest of us are feeling blinded by the emotional drama.

The Sevens bring great philosophical concepts to the team to ponder upon, yet when unconscious of their higher purpose or swamped in fear, they can bury themselves in academic study (studying only what has already been studied).  Their fears, and therefore their challenges, are based on the apparent lack of physical evidence of their Consciousness that they can Communicate with and ask questions of … they can lose touch with their feelings, where the proof of their Consciousness is in the now.  Denying their feelings, using intellectual arguments to adhere to past ideas, and prove old opinions.


Number Eight is attracted to the possibility of further opportunities for creating wealth through expansion … and they are just the ones to organise it.  Eights will be in there up to their elbows burning the midnight oil organising and managing the many abundant Resources found and Created along Their Way by designing brilliant streamlined systems; thus maintaining physical abundance through disciplined thoughts and actions.  They are the ones drawing up lists and duty rosters, and doing regular stock-takes and audits … and then making improvements to these systems.  As a result, everyone can travel Their Way in comfort, even luxury, if they want to.

Eights can harbour a fear of lack, and/or encourage systems that prey on people’s fear of poverty due to the easiness of this form of manipulation.  Their challenge is to see and allow abundance regardless of the apparent lack of evidence of plenty in their Reality.  When Eight’s fear of poverty has them in its grip … they may try to fight their way out, trying to control/manipulate things and others around them.  Sadly, this is the opposite to Sharing the natural Resources already Provided by their Consciousness in the form of abundant solutions.


Number Nine is the Visionary, visualising the end result in its perfection with everything completed.   Nines are also like sponges; they soak up energy and information around them and amplify it.  Whether they are conscious of it or not, Nines are sharing their vision, their energy, with the group.  With mental telepathy, Nine’s provide the vision that Ones perceive as the direction/next step of Their Way and that which the team feels magnetically aligned to.  As Nines become aware of the tone to the energy in their surroundings they can use their Awareness to Visualise change by simply choosing a more positive and harmonious vision.  There is a word of warning to be added here, such as ‘beware the low tone need to manipulate others simply to get what you want’. Nines, like everyone else, benefit from being Aware of where they are at emotionally. Clutter clearing and completing projects on both the emotional and physical levels are healthy pursuits for the Nines.

Nines don’t have particular fears like the others, they just have the job of remembering the power of their visions, visualisations, and that they can change these at any time, transforming any situation.  Yet, they can be forgetful, daydreaming so much that they become vague, and therefore not aware of their ability to change reality.

Master Numbers Also Have Roles


Number Eleven communicates on a higher level and on a larger scale than the Two.  When they are not behaving as a Two (which they do with ease), they are acting in their other role as an Eleven, being a team representative, communicating Their Way to other teams on behalf of their team and reporting back with plans and ideas from other teams.  Although much of this takes the form of sharing ideas; on a practical level, these people can contribute exceptionally well in business and community projects by communicating with key personnel of other organisations, connecting and finding ways of supporting each team for the highest good of all concerned.  This communication, with some awareness, happens on a Higher Mental level too; a psychic ‘knowing’ is shared and the right people are drawn ‘magically’ to the right place at the right time.

Sometimes Elevens can let their fears challenge them by wondering if they are indeed receiving support from their Higher Mind/Consciousness.  Super Conscious Support is there for all of us, but Elevens can convince themselves that this is all just hokus pokus and disallow their Intuitive Support when it comes so easily/naturally to them.  Of course, the more energy they put into disallowing, the more their Consciousness complies.  If they have allowed themselves to slide into depression, remind them that we only see/experience what we believe and that this too can pass with Awareness and clear Communication; asking How/What Questions of their Consciousness.


Number Twenty Two is the engineer, designing and working on projects that offer infrastructure for the Higher Good of this ‘team’ and others in the wider community.  When they are not being a Four, they are still working; but more on designing and directing others in the installation of the appropriate paths (infrastructure) for this terrain with the available resources.  Much communication with Eights is involved.  Like the Eleven, they can receive information from a higher plane … sometimes receiving solutions to their ‘problems’ in dreams.

Their challenge is a fear of lack of work, a fear that their Reality doesn’t have a team requiring their services; a fear that their expertise may go to waste … a life with no purpose is a daunting prospect for a Twenty Two.  Our purpose is happening whether we are conscious of it or not; radical trust (faith) in our Consciousness being the solution.


Number Thirty Three is the mediator of teams.  When they are not being a Six, they are doing their best helping people to understand that they can allow all paths to be ‘Ways’.  Like the Eleven and Twenty Two, they can receive information from a higher plane … sometimes recalling dreams in which they are guided to help others in need of direction, understanding and empathy.

Their greatest fear and challenge … is coming to terms with and allowing that this concept, of all paths are part of ‘Their Way’ may never be completely understood by all.  Possible solution:  allow that it does not need to be understood by all.  It is a big job being a mediator sandwiched between ‘opposing’ opinions and requires a strong faith in a ‘higher truth’ prevailing at the right time for the right people.  Not ‘The Truth’ … a Higher Truth that is only true in any given moment for all those present.  This requires awareness.  Being Present in the ‘Now,’ using the innate empathy of the Thirty Three, to feel the effortless Way to harmony.

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