Creative Goal Setting

Our thoughts Create our Reality


Crystal ball imagePlease remember that any ‘psychic reading’ is simply a ‘SNAPSHOT’ of our potential outcomes – not a guarantee.

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Any reading, as is anything in our reality, is based on what is currently stored in our subconscious mind.  AND this can be changed by us, as Individuals!

Yet a ‘reading’, like any aspect of our reality, does give us an insight into which ‘direction’ our beliefs are currently taking us.  So, we can either continue to focus on the potential as described in the ‘reading’ (if it is desirable), OR CHOOSE TO CHANGE OUR MIND and focus on what we DO want; which would involve making some decisions AND following through with different behaviours to cause different outcomes; outcomes we actually do want.

Which brings us back to the value of using cognitive behavioural techniques such as Creative Goal Setting and the Emotional Freedom Technique for modifying our beliefs and behaviours so they support our personal values and expectations (goals).Smoking Wolf

To make the most out of any ‘reading’ (or meeting with reality), it is best to know our own agenda first … to know what it is we WANT to achieve/receive … before asking for ‘universal feedback’.  The more clarity we have when communicating with anyone or anything (including our Higher Mind), the clearer the answers, or responses, will always be.  Resulting in clearer guidance, and clear directives as to what to do next.

The goal is to evolve our thinking past the need for ‘readings’ as if they are an external source of information, to trusting the communication we have with our Higher Mind, our Consciousness.  Learning how to ASK the Right Questions IS a very very important Progression in knowing how to communicate CLEARLY with our Higher Mind (and others).  Smoking Wolf over here on the right of this text is here to help … click him for more information on the Invisible Teacher we can find within our psyche.

Over the next 7 links (at the end of each page) you will find ANSWERS … which are rather useless if approached without specific questions.

Before you leave this page, make a note of your first question to be answered with a “yes” or a “no” with the flip of a coin.  Maybe write it down for future reference.

1. A ‘yes’/’no’ question regarding your home (EG “Will I still be living at this address in 5 years?“)

OK, are you ready for the answer?  Yes, then click/tap on the image:

Flip this coin

 or CLICK  the image or HERE to flip the COIN and move onto the next question …


Following are the other questions covered, but they are rewritten on each page so you can ‘ask’ them one at a time by starting with Question 1 above …

2. A ‘yes’/’no’ question regarding leisure and/or travel (EG “Will I ever get to Great Britain to see my Aunt?“)

3. A ‘how’/’what’ question regarding your career and/or lifestyle (EG “How can I improve my skills while keeping my sanity at work?“)

4. An open-ended question regarding your relationship with another person (EG “What can I do about the awkward situation that has arisen with ….?“)

5. You will also be given feedback regarding what you are currently contributing to those within your circle of influence.

6. And finally, some guidance and understanding regarding your next step in Doing, Being and Having what you really want.

But don’t leave this page until you are READY, double check your first question, is it clear?  Can it be answered with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no”?

OK, go ahead to the answer to #1!