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Our thoughts Create our Reality


The body as a batteryThe idea of relaxing our way to good physical, emotional and mental health with meditation is certainly a good one!  And it is particularly easy ~ instructions below!  Yet what makes it most Powerful is experiencing relaxation AND focus. Feeling Feelings and Thinking Thoughts that work for us while also relaxing our body links all three dimensions of our body/mind experience; our physical, emotional and mental states.

Over the years I have heard much about, and experienced much, with mediation … to the point where I can switch my body, my emotions, and/or my Mind, to a relaxed state in a moment!  Meditating on the Melbourne trains and trams to and from my job when I was 19-21 years of age was probably good training for this! Later it became a useful skill for being Present, empathic, for others; I could switch “me”/my ‘ego’ off and FOCUS my thoughts on them – whether it was one person or a large audience.

A quick story from my mid 30’s

I’ll never forget the nurse struggling to find my pulse when I was in for a routine pregnancy check-up. While waiting for the doctor who was delayed I decided to relax my body and heart rate (rather than be annoyed at the delay).  Eventually a nurse arrived and started the “examination” by checking my blood pressure and pulse. By the time the doctor arrived only a minute or so later, she was very concerned and said so to the doctor. Ooops, I needed to switch back to a “normal heart rate and blood pressure” which I did immediately. The doctor checked my pulse and pressure but couldn’t understand her concern over my, now “normal”, pulse :o)  And this was all happening while I was wide awake with my eyes open in a small consultation room in a very busy hospital, and then while participating in a conversation!

The reason I’m sharing this story here is simply because there is sooooo much dis- or mis- information on this subject, creating both confusion and a misleading “seriousness” about the “method”/ritual to be followed. Uh-oh, another cult/religion; leading people to think that they must achieve a state of doing/thinking NOTHING while meditating ~ which now apparently is ideally a state of “no thoughts” (as though thoughts are bad & wrong) while sitting in “the lotus position”.

OK, there may be some exaggeration in that statement, but you get my point. As much as we can often experience a state of such deep calm that thoughts simply cease for a while as we stay in the zone of deep calm, it is not paramount to the experience of attaining a “Higher State of Awareness”. The aim of meditating these days (for many) has changed to accessing a state of zero intelligence/non-thinking as this apparently will “heal the world” and “unite people globally”. … HmmmmMmmmm! It sure will, within someone else’s controlled “collective conscious” (mind controlled) reality! Not mine!

In my reality, the word meditation means the practice of FOCUSing our thoughts (just like Mystics do) intelligently/consciously to do such things as relax our physical body, to be emotionally Present (not unconsciously running an emotion unrelated to the moment), to FEEL (which means to be conscious of electromagnetic (Em) energy fields internally and/or externally to our physical body). Yes, it is all about the electromagnetic (Em) fields in and around us, including Em fields at a distance (“remote viewing”/seeing/experiencing). All of which involves THINKING!  And Thinking is the directing of Em fields with our thoughts.  And thoughts are electromagnetic fields in and of themselves.

I have made a one page PDF file to help you to help yourself toward good health and healing by using FOCUSED THOUGHT … Imagination … to release emotions in the way of your relaxation and wellbeing with visualisation and air.  Go ahead, check it out here and consciously breathe while using your Imagination/Thoughts.

We are extremely Powerful Beings with the Knowledge (gained from our Self/Consciousness directly) and the practice of focusing both our thoughts and feelings (both of which are masses of electromagnetic fields) with Clear Intention (Creative Constructive Thought) on what we REALLY want/prefer in any given moment. This ability is expanded while in a state of physical relaxation (which is instigated by thinking thoughts that cause – IE deciding on a ‘thought direction’/intention – our relaxed state) without interruption or distraction.

Hence the decision to make time from our mundane/everyday duties to meditate/FOCUS and be ‘master’ of our thoughts and feelings, our electromagnetic field(s)/attitude being a good one. We don’t need to BULLY our thoughts into submission/silence, we can steer them, choose between them; make Distinctions based on our Personal Expectations and Values.

We can also meditate while active, and with our eyes open or closed!Whirling Dervishes

Many “New Age” meditators, while attempting to mimic the “lotus position” (an eastern religion concept/idea) and eradicate thoughts from their mind, seem to forget; a meditative state can also be achieved while actively thinking, singing, twirling, running, etc; like athletes experiencing being “in the zone” as it has become known. What many don’t comprehend is that we can accomplish all sorts of things while in an altered state of consciousness. I definitely switch to an altered state of consciousness when approaching an audience (of one or many) when I’ve been asked to speak and/or answer questions.

So, whether we are meditating to relax (deleting the need for so much sleep) and rejuvenate (boost our immune system) or meditating on (imagining, dreaming, drawing, attracting goals/outcomes) a desired outcome into our lives.  The basics are the same, so I have included instructions to this below.  There is, of course, another valid reason to mediate … to use meditation as a COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL TECHNIQUE to assist us in coping with life, with our emotions, with trauma.  Bill Harris explains how meditation raises our emotional threshold so we can cope better in this video of his.  Bill Harris is referring to his “Holosync” meditation … with is brilliant, but expensive.  If your cashflow is tight use the technique given below.

I like to Converse with(in) my Mind by asking “How/What Questions” of my Higher Mind/Consciousness with a capital ‘C’. Whether I do this during ‘mediation’ or not, it is still a form of focus/mediation. I highly recommend this form of ‘Communication’ with Self. When you become familiar with the Conversation you can have with(in) your Mind, it starts being part of everyday/mundane chores and especially useful when attempting something new or when Sharing with someone else (in these cases it is like asking for guidance for the Highest Good of all concerned).

And of course, sometimes we just want to relax and enjoy doing absolutely NOTHING and being very very very Present in our body for this experience on Nothingness, that often also leads to ‘Oneness/Unity’ with our Higher Mind (not others or an imagined external source), especially if our Thoughts are willing and Aware/Mindful of our ability to Observe/notice/be aware of our thoughts while we are thinking them.

Awareness/Mindfulness of our thoughts is a lot “healthier” than judging/making them to be “wrong” and insisting they stop or be silent!  Whether we are thinking or not does not negatively affect the brainwaves … yet how we think of our thinking can! So get to know your thoughts as being “good”, useful, insightful, a gauge of how you are Progressing.

In today’s busy world

In the hustle and bustle of living we have given ‘money making’, material wealth, study, family life and other activities a very high priority; often forgetting about our own physical, emotional, and mental well-being.  This is largely to do with the belief that eating and 8 hours (or more) sleep replenishes all of our bodily needs.  Obviously, this is not so (or it would be true for everyone doing so); look around you … there are people ailing; suffering with chronic diseases, pain, stress, premature ageing, etc

Accidents are mostly caused among people who are angry, upset and/or just in too much emotional chaos.  We drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and eat to “relax” or “relieve tension.”  But these activities are creating more stress and tension in our bodies; again look at your own behaviour-outcomes and those of others to see evidence of what is causing stress.

I am not saying we should stop any particular habits, I am merely suggesting that we can add another useful activity to our already full and wonderful lifestyles – another priority; one of relaxing and expanding our Consciousness into our well-being. AND getting clear in our thoughts as to what we REALLY want.

Simple Meditation Instructions

For only 20 minutes, twice a day (preferably), relax and revive your body and mind with a simple meditation.

Sit on a chair with both feet flat on the floor/ground, with your back straight and supported.  Or, you may choose to sit differently, on the floor/ground.  Lying down is OK too, although I recommend sitting up while learning, or you may just keep falling asleep each time!

The following ‘counting into relaxation” was originally explained to me as:  how a baby’s eyes start to droop when they are tired and about to sleep!  All I know is, it works; it is the fastest way I know for getting from going at top speed, flat out, to total body relaxation!  Also a good trick for anyone suffering insomnia, in which case it is done in preparation for sleep.

To begin:

Open your eyes looking straight ahead, focused on a wall/tree or something, for 30 seconds (yes, you can blink) … count to 30 silently in your mind.

Close your eyes and count to 10 silently.

Open your eyes looking halfway down – try focusing on the floor/ground a metre or so in front of you – count to 20 silently.

Close your eyes and count to 20 silently.

Open your eyes looking at your lap/knees and count to 10 silently.

Close your eyes and count to 30 again silently.

As you finish counting, just notice your breathing ~ no need to concentrate on changing it.  Let your breathing become a rhythm of its own, into which you can let your mind drift.  The heart beat can also be a focal point.

If your mind prefers to think – then let it!  When you notice that you are thinking, rather than watching the rhythm of your breathing and/or heartbeat, switch your attention back to the rhythm.

By being aware of your breathing or heart beat you will drift into a deeper relaxation.  Remain in this state of relaxation for 20 minutes – the first few times you may find yourself checking the time, the more you practice the meditation, the easier it gets.  If you find you are dropping off to sleep, don’t worry, just lift your head up gently and continue focusing on your breathing until the 20 minutes are up.

If you notice noises and/or activity that disturbs you … actually focus on the noises, be more aware of them, use them as your focus … this usually dissolves the disturbance factor.  With practice you will be able to meditate through anything!  I used to meditate effectively while traveling during peak hour on trams & trains (stopping all stations) going to and from my job!

To come out of this relaxed state, breathe deeply a few times and wiggle your toes and/or fingers to get the blood flowing normally again (even if you are interrupted during the 20 minutes ~ breathe deeply before standing up).  I usually feel a bit light headed for a minute or so, and then more focused, more awake, than before the meditation.

Additionally, a few deep breaths during the day can be very invigorating or can be used as a quick form of relief from stressful situations.  Just inhale deeply and exhale slowly 3 times in and out through your wide-open mouth!

And finally, meditate for longer if you have the time.  Try meditating outside in a natural setting such as a garden, park, forest or beach, whenever you can.  Meditating with someone else can feel extra special.  Even though you both go into your own space, there is something special about sharing this peacefulness.  Many people experience ‘seeing’ colours, patterns, etc, or smelling, hearing, feeling sensations.  Go with the Flow (of Consciousness) is my recommendation; if you feel the need to remind yourself you are safe … then do so; affirm: “I am safe.”

And one last comment … after decades of trying many different audio meditation products to enhance the basic meditation described above … the only one I recommend (and have used to its completion) is Bill Harris’ Holosync from (and no, I am not receiving any financial, or otherwise, commissions for recommending this product) because it speeds up the repair of deeper emotional damage or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as does using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Enjoy getting to know both your self/consciousness AND your Self/Consciousness through ‘meditation’!

Marianne 🙂
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