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Emotional Tone ScaleEmotional Tone Scale

The Emotional Tone Scale:  A list of ‘named’ electromagnetic frequencies proven to match ’emotional states’ when measured with an electromagnetic frequency meter as people hold a pair of brass nodes (which transmit via wire connected to the meter) while experiencing various emotions.

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Emotional Tone Scale (ETS) are related in that they are both dealing with our electromagnetic field; our Body/Mind connection. And then there is Consciousness – our Awareness; our ability to FOCUS our electromagnetically charged attention/Intelligence on a subject, topic, issue, expectation, etc. For this to work effectively we need to clear our mind of low tone emotional clutter, distractions.

We are using EFT (as a fast fun and easy way) to clear our subconscious mind of distractions, emotions, blocking our communication with the Super Conscious aspect of our Mind. We use the Creative Goal Setting (CGS) technique to make Distinctions, using Constructive Thinking, to program our subconscious mind with consciously chosen Values and Expectations.  Thus CREATING what we REALLY want to do, be and have as our Reality.

These are Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT), used in conjunction with the Emotional Tone Scale (ETS), to develop our ability to reCOGNISE and adapt our BEHAVIOUR through observation, awareness, recognition, mindfulness … consciousness.

The reason it is important to clear the subconscious mind of distracting emotions is because we are either functioning from emotional reaction or from Awareness and personal responsibility. If our emotions are ‘up’ and running an aspect of our life our Intelligence is ‘down’, drowned in emotion.

Emotions: Thoughts and feelings filed together via word and/or experience association; accumulating over time. Emotions are bundles of feelings (electromagnetic fields) mixed with thoughts (more electromagnetic fields) that are habitually “remembered” when triggered in “present time”… indicating which ‘memories’ are currently being activated in our subconscious mind.

Thoughts: decisions, judgements/discernments made in the conscious aspect of our mind and stored (filed through word and/or experience association) in the subconscious aspect of our mind.

I have worked with this knowledge for over 30 years now and have concluded that when we are stuck lower down the “Emotional Tone Scale” we lose sight of our Sovereignty, our ability to be Consciousness and consciously choose what we want to be, do and have as our Reality … yet when we take responsibility for being stuck in a lower “Emotional Tone” we start progressing back up the Scale to being our very own Individual Author-ity.

I will only include a few of the emotions on the Scale/list here (there are more beyond death, yet experiencing those involves past life regression, including the between life experiences); there can be many more emotions felt between each of these:

40.0   Serenity of Beingness
30.0   Postulates … Commanding what appears to be
22.0   Games … seeing life as a Game
20.0   Action
8.0   Exhilaration
6.0   Aesthetic … seeing the beauty in everything
4.0   Enthusiasm
3.5   Cheerfulness
3.3   Strong Interest
3.0   Conservatism
2.8   Contented
2.6   Disinterested
2.5   Boredom
2.0   Antagonism
1.9   Hostility
1.8   Pain
1.5   Anger
1.1   Covert Hostility
1.0   Fear
.9   Sympathy
.5   Grief
.05 Apathy
0.0   Death

And just to confuse the issue, we can unconsciously jump back and forth according to the subject/feelings we are focused on in the moment.  ie a discussion about our financial debt may have us lower down in Apathy or Fear (if that is an issue in our life), yet a change in subject to thinking of our wonderful child may have us up again in Cheerfulness, then 5 minutes later another subject could be introduced sending us down again to the lower end of the Scale.  Although this is relatively normal for most people to experience, it is still an uncomfortable reality and can be resolved with the use of Cognitive Behavioural Techniques.  When this experience is out of control, ie we are unable to consciously bring ourselves into a comfortable emotional state, it is referred to as an emotional roller-coaster ride.

This emotional roller-coastering is also a typical reaction to being targeted (although we are often unconscious of it at the time) by a person/organisation demonstrating sociopathic behaviour.  We roller-coaster when we are being subjected to the manipulation of a suppressive or sociopathic personality in our life; someone who is living their life, stuck chronically between Fear and Anger on the Emotional Tone Scale at 1.1 Covert Hostility, and who apparently has something to gain from keeping us floundering in the lower emotions.

And then there is our own habitual “stuckedness!”

When life’s events are difficult to handle it is often because we have become “trapped” in a habit relating to our reality as projected/created from the lower emotions on the Tone Scale, whether to fit in with others around us, or due to an accumulation of difficult experiences/issues.

Ideally, a mentally healthy/emotionally mature person ‘floats’ up and down the Emotional Tone Scale, feeling each of the emotions as situations warrant in any moment.  (No, we are not bi-polar!!  Infants and young children naturally Float up and down the Scale.)  When confronted with an ‘abusive’ situation, a mentally healthy/emotionally mature adult will drop to Anger (or Fear), being progressively aware of their feelings.  The emotion expressed will be appropriate based on an empathetic understanding of the situation.  As they actively “handle” the situation and/or express their Truth, they move up the Emotional Tone Scale again.

The interesting outcome is, that the higher up the Tone Scale we habitually live, the more responsibility we (often unconsciously) take for our Entire Reality.  We “step up” and “Hold the Space”, not only for Our selves, but for a Greater Good that coincidentally includes others.  We just Intuitively know what to do, and when, for our own Wellbeing.

This is another opportunity to understand WHO WE REALLY ARE, that We are Sovereign Beings and benefit from taking responsibility for our ‘Space’, for ‘Holding Our desired emotional Space’.  An example of this you may recognize … when we build up our confidence and enter a room of people we can consciously ‘Hold Our Space’ confidently.  Confident, up-Tone, people do this with unconscious competence.

By using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) we can very quickly and effectively take responsibility for our Emotional Tone by releasing emotional attachments that keep us stuck lower down the Scale, or have us repeatedly dropping down to a lower Tone.  The more Awareness/Mindfulness we choose to have of our Emotional Tone, the closer we are to freeing ourselves from emotional attachments that no longer serve us.  Using Creative Goal Setting and the Emotional Freedom Technique, along with this ability to observe our Emotional Tone provides us with the opportunity to take 100% Personal Responsibility for our Reality, and adjust our emotional tone constructively to suit what we REALLY want/prefer in any given moment.

One of my favourite authors on this subject is Ruth Minshull, I highly recommend downloading this pdf version of her book “How To Choose Your People” and reading it from time to time.  Even though it was written in 1972, which means a few of the examples are out of date, I like to start at the beginning each time and use EFT each time she triggers a “Truth” for me as I work my way up the Emotional Tone Scale with her!

Ruth Minshull said:  BE SELFISH

“Be selfish and industrious about raising your own tone.  You owe it to yourself, your future, your family, to your work and to mankind.  It is never noble to be less than sane.  It is never better survival to continue non-survival actions.”

I say:  live in Sacred Selfishness; in being True to our Self/Consciousness.  In taking 100% Personal Responsibility for our Reality, we are Being the Voice of Consciousness (our own Consciousness) … In Doing/Actioning as our Consciousness (Higher Mind) directs us AND we Direct It, we are Being the Body of our Consciousness … as our Higher Self/Sovereign Self.

Marianne 🙂
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