Creative Goal Setting

Our thoughts Create our Reality


ripple 3Ever wondered how you can make a difference to those around you?

Whether you have got all your ducks lined up in a row yet (are still seeking your own clarity) or not,  you can learn a couple of Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT) to use for yourself, AND share these skills with others as the need arises.

If you were to ask someone “R U OK?” … what would you do if their answer was “No, not really” … ?  Do you have a couple of useful tools/techniques you could share with them to help ease their pain in the short term AND provide support for them in gaining longer term benefits?

I am suggesting you could help both yourself and others with the tools/techniques shared here on this website: – you do not need to be an expert, just a friend, a really good friend, in a time of need.

Hearing people’s experiences of anxiety and/or depression and their stories of having their hopes and dreams slip away, drives me to keep on asking them to do Creative Goal Setting.  Creative Goal Setting was my solution to my experience of suicidal depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress and life in general … and continues to be my source of inspiration when I’m looking for clarity, direction, purpose and/or meaning in my life.  I developed it in the 1980-90s and am making it freely available here at

Now I am working on causing a ripple effect of Cognitive Behavioural Techniques being shared with ever increasing circles of influence.  Starting with people who host Creative Goal Setting workshops and Coaching workshops (among other topics) that provide each and everyone with these Cognitive Behavioural Techniques; which they can then use AND SHARE with others – their family and friends.

These simple techniques save lives; but are only any good if we get them ‘out there’ while our families and friends are still alive to enjoy the benefits.

Who is with me?  Who wants to make a difference?  Can you host a workshop online via Skype?  Or if you live locally to North East Victoria, in your home or workplace for family and/or friends?

Hosts are free of charge when they have another 5 paying participants at $AUD30 each.

One to one Consultations are also available online, and in person locally in North East Victoria, Australia.

Personal Development Workshop Menu

Listed in a progressive order, yet available separately or in any order you choose to host them:

  • Creative Goal Setting – a fundamental method for causing positive mental health … while establishing a value-centred lifestyle based on our own personal values rather than those dictated via the media, pressures in the workplace, family, etc.  Outcome: Knowing how to establish purpose and meaning in life.
  • Emotional Freedom – Learn how to apply the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), while discovering how electromagnetic energy, which has been measured and given useful labels as per the Emotional Tone Scale, plays a role in our communication with our Mind.  Outcome: mastering a simple yet powerful technique that works for your self and others on the physical, emotional and mental levels.
  • Coaching – ethical Communication based on knowing how our Mind functions. Discovering the trick to communicating well with others, with family members, co-workers, and others.  Outcome: discovering the importance of using “how” and “what” questions.
  • Empathy – constructively delving into the roles we play that enable anti-social behaviours in others. Now is a good time to create personalised solutions to change our reality of this cycle of abuse.  Outcome: Knowing how to deal with and protect your self from anti-social behaviours.
  • Higher Mind – exploring what is commonly known as Transcendental States, but without the need for meditation, hypnotism or mind altering tricks, drugs, etc. Just Constructive Conversation.  Outcome: Knowing how to integrate our own often contradicting perspectives/voices of our mind.
  • Healing – demonstration and instruction in Bio-energetic Polarity Balancing … enabling Healing of your body and others.  Outcome: self healing.
  • Psychic Home Show – enjoy some fun and laughter while participating in psychic readings with tarot cards, pendulums, runes, medicine cards, transformation cards, and numerology.  Outcome:  Knowing how to tap into your own Higher Intelligence.

If you are interested in Hosting a 3 hour ‘Party Plan’ Personal Development Workshop online or in your home (here is a PDF explaining the workshops in more detail), workplace, or other location within a 2 hour drive from Bright, North East Victoria, Australia please find me via attitudecoach @ or contact me via facebook.

Marianne 🙂
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