Creative Goal Setting

Our thoughts Create our Reality


Dressed ready for businessWho wants change?  And who wants to change?  Are you answering ‘yes’ to both of these?

Would you like to know how to make constructive lasting changes to the way you interact with your life and all your relationships with people, things, etc, that ‘getting on with life’ involves?

Would you like to know exactly how to USE your Mind consciously to create your reality?

OK, enough of the questions.  We have the solution!  Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT) – methods for dealing with life and creating the life the way we REALLY want it to be across 12 Areas of life (not just the usual relationships, career and fitness)!  So yes, we will cover health, family, career, money, relationships, etc.  We will set you up with the Creative Goal Setting (CGS) Program and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) so you can make it all happen just the way you want it to.  These are tools for consciously designing AND materialising an ideal lifestyle based on what YOU want, plus dealing with any emotions found to be sabotaging these outcomes.

Once you know how to do this, it is a lifelong gift!  No repeat visits to a coach, or more and more courses to attend … you will be coaching your own attitude like a professional!

Both of these techniques can be found at free of charge; go for it, please read all about them and use the techniques!  Go ahead and download the CGS Program, print it and collate it as directed in a 24mm 4 ring binder.  Share the file with friends and family …

Marianne 🙂
Attitude Coach with 30+ years experience
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