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As much as I’d love to tell you the full story of my Journey in bringing Creative Goal Setting (CGS) to you on this website, I won’t, as it is a long story spanning three decades.  Five decades if you include my childhood and teens, consisting of a series of unfortunate events that led to me ‘needing’ a way to resolve my own purpose and direction in life.  Years of experience and explanations in countless consultations and workshops in private homes, corporations, small business and secondary schools for business executives, Olympic athletes, media personalities, teachers, students, parents, children, etc, which led to the development of the Creative Goal Setting Program and CGS Workbook, both available for you to download free of charge.

Yes, I’m into Sharing – I believe we can all benefit from lots of “spontaneous cooperation”, as Buckminster Fuller puts it. Creative Goal Setting (CGS) is my Contribution ~ enjoy.

Along with tutorial videos … Starting here:

A funny thing happened on my Way to the … to this point … over the last 35 years. By congruently walking my talk (practicing what I preach) I found I could create what I want (always with the intention that it materialises in a way that works for the Highest Good of all concerned).  I did this by focusing on a specific outcome/goal AND communicating it clearly (without emotional attachment) with my Higher Mind/Super Conscious Mind.  I discovered I could expand on what I REALLY want, beyond just physical comfort, by a process of deduction and expansion.  I also discovered WHO I REALLY AM by ASKING How/What Questions of my Super Conscious Mind.  It became a natural Progression, thus bypassing the need for believing in ancient philosophies, other people’s theories, or the emotional need to be ‘processing’, as some like to call it.  So rather than theorising and/or ‘processing’ I simply constructively communicate with my Mind, my Consciousness.

Personal Development, not to be confused with any ‘spiritual’ paths that so many people like to distract themselves with, is all about developing and/or maturing one’s self.  It is not about which beliefs we choose to follow or traditions we feel we must uphold; it is about creating who and what we decide we REALLY want to be and do.

Along my Way a clear distinction between self (the conscious and subconscious minds combined) and my Self/Consciousness, or Super Conscious Mind, developed. I became conscious of my Higher/Conscious Self, thus was able to utilize my Individual Personal Power to consciously affect my reality.  We all can with a little practice.  We just need to know HOW to Focus our Mind beyond the distractions and temptations of our era.  There are no tricky complicated processes involved.  Far from it.  It is profoundly simple, but must be used consistently and persistently … applied with self discipline.  But not much; not like training for an Olympic gold medal for example, but enough to make a difference one step at a time.  Just like the 3 rules and 3 worksheets found in the Creative Goal Setting Program suggest.

As an Attitude Coach I support people in making the most of this Program, taking it to newer and ever expanding levels.  After decades of coaching people in using their Mind effectively, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.  So, even though you can use the Creative Goal Setting Program for deciding what your Personal Values and Expectations are, while also indulging your desires for emotional and material comfort … I can help you focus your Mind AND maintain a Constructive Conversation with the Super Conscious aspect of your Mind.

Does this interest you?  I would like to hear from you if you want to turbo-boost your experience of Creative Goal Setting and your Personal Development – but only if you are willing to do the Action of writing your Expectations and Values in your Creative Goal Setting Program!
I can be contacted via email: attitudecoach @ CreativeGoalSetting . com to set up an appointment.

  • Skype/Messenger appointments are available at $AUD50.00 per hour. 
  • Local consultations $AUD100.00 per hour.
  • Workshops – via the Personal Development Party Plan are $30 per person (Hosts free of charge) … for a minimum of 5 paying participants:
  • Corporate/Business team building workshops are negotiated depending on location, venue and numbers.

A little more info …

My use of uppercase first letters denotes the Higher Mind or Consciousness, something we all have. But I’m not referring to any ‘spiritual’ belief about this – because that is all they’d be: beliefs. I am referring to an emotionally free ‘state’/experience of our Awareness, Mind, or Consciousness; something we all have available to us once we release emotional attachments to anything other than this.

An emotionally free state of Mind comes with the practice of Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT) WHILE FOCUSING on choosing Personal Responsibility for our self, being totally in charge of OUR life, being our own AUTHORity ~ and taking Personal Responsibility for our outcomes. Creative Goal Setting is one of two CB Techniques, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) being the other one, you will find on this website along with information on the Emotional Tone Scale.  It really does help to plot your state of mind on the Emotional Tone Scale; to be AWARE of where you are at emotionally at any given moment – as this totally effects your experience of your life.  Practice releasing emotional attachments (using EFT) to all and sundry while being aware of your emotional well-being.

Back to CGS … you don’t need to know the history … just that Creative Goal Setting WORKS … and HOW to get started on your Creative Goal Setting Program! Maybe you’d like to view a video on how to collate it, insert the printed pages of the CGS Program into a binder … here you go:

We have just the thing right here for you! A Do-It-Yourself version (all tucked neatly into a 70 page ebook/pdf!) called the Creative Goal Setting Workbook!  You do not need to print the whole thing, just read it online or on your computer because I am also giving you the print-ready CGS Program Creative Goal Setting Folder!   Please make the time to read the Workbook (not all the 70 pages have writing on them!!!) as it is also your set of full instructions explaining how the Mind works! There are also brief instructions at the back of the Creative Goal Setting Program.

Do you also want the Microsoft Publisher Version via a link!  That link goes straight to the file stored on … from which you can “save” the file to your PC and open it in MS Publisher if you want to type into your Creative oal Setting Program rather than write with coloured markers.  HINT:  Use your favourite images of goals and a few of your most poignant personal values (written using the 3 rules of Creative Goal Setting of course) in a slide show or “PowerPoint” production, turn them into a short GIF or video to play as your own home-made advertisement telling your Mind what you really want to experience!  Why leave your subconscious programing to advertising agencies?

So, have you got all that?  A set of instructions in a Workbook, The Program to print, (you will collate this into a 25mm 4 D ring binder/folder, or something similar) and The Program on MS Publisher in case you want to type in colour rather than write in colour.

WHOOP WHOOP … that’s called Sharing!!!  So, get into the Spirit of it all and Share this page (and the files) with all your family and friends so they too can enjoy the Power of their Creativity ~ and win back their ‘inner locus of control’ from all the external distractions and/or media based programing!

Marianne 🙂
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