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Tarot Card ReadingTime has taught me much about life, yet there is one major stand out factor to take into account as we do this Earth Walk …

That there are no ‘accidents’.  That all that I have, am, and will experience happens with Purpose, Meaning and Opportunity.  That the Right thing does happen at the Right Time for the Right Reasons for the Right People.  Including all those apparently unfortunate situations and associations such as car accidents, failed relationships, childhood abuse, etc.  Yes, I’m well aware that right now I am sounding just like a new age junky.  But wait … there’s more!  This also means the right Tarot Card appears at the Right Time for the Right Reasons!!!

Something else I’ve learnt along my Way … is that we need to DEAL WITH these dark shadowy occurrences.  That to stop them from happening again to our self and/or our loved ones we need to WAKE UP to the reality that IS happening (or did happen).  And for most of us that requires being slap bang in the middle of an unfortunate event before we know of it.  We are only victims to these materialisations of such ill fate IF we don’t learn to DEAL WITH the emotional (and often physical) pain they cause.

By “DEAL WITH”, I don’t mean “cope with” as though we must endure pain for the remainder of our life.  Have you seen where “Pain” is on the Emotional Tone Scale ?!!  There it is at 1.8, just above “Anger” – you can see the Scale in the right hand column of this page.  A 1.8 is a ‘low Tone’ place to be stuck … one that HURTS!  Yuck!   What I mean by “DEAL WITH it”, is to actually RESOLVE it and CLEAR the emotional need/addiction/attractor-factor of it from our reality.


Well, this website is all about having the skills and tools that help us to know what is in our subconscious causing any drama and to DEAL WITH it so we are emotionally free to move onto Creating a better life/reality as an Individual.  The Creative Goal Setting (CGS) Program is a must.  As is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as a fast and effective tool to release emotion in the way of our personal expectations.  And the Emotional Tone Scale is a measure, a guide.  For those of us using EFT, we know we can raise our emotional tone up to “Cheerfulness” as we release the lower, more suppressive emotions, such as “Pain” for example.  We’ve learnt:  that whatever is not acknowledged in our self, shows up in our reality as sign posts to our subconscious programing.  The CGS Workbook explains this in more detail.

YET, there are a few shortcuts we can use.  I am offering you some snapshots of what is lurking in your subconscious mind!!  Whether it be good, bad, or ugly!

There are DIY (do it yourself) tools for spying on the subconscious tools, found in the middle column called “Emotional Freedom!!” on this website AND the Oracles/Psychic Reading pages.  And they will always be accurate in the moment they are drawn.  But we can get caught up in the merry-go-round approach of constantly hitting the ‘refresh’ button until we get an answer that suits our current egotistical agenda.  Yes, we’ve all tried that one!!

What I am ADDING here is:  to do a more in depth reading that is personalised for you.  One in which I read the Tarot in reference to your specific ‘how/what question’ and point out what is apparently going on in your subconscious mind at the time of asking (at the time I ask the Cards to Answer – which means things could have changed in the time between you asking me and me receiving your request … but only in a Way that would be for a Higher Good, or there would be no delay – that ‘no accidents’ concept again).

My Tarot DeckWhich brings me back to WHY I am offering personalised Tarot Card Readings … a) because I’m good at it.  b) because the right Answers and Reality Checks come through at the right time for the right people for the right reasons.

By the way, I don’t do “fortune telling”.  I provide Answers and Reality Checks.  There is a reason for this.  “Fortune telling” is good when done with integrity, BUT tends to limit our Creativity.  This is detrimental to our personal development because we accidentally abdicate personal responsibility and instead of Creating what we consciously choose, we Create what the “psychic” told us.  We all have the ability to change our reality, so there is no point giving you a “fortune” to focus on when you can do that all by yourself for FREE (just don’t set goals for others!).  My Work is based on using ‘How/What Questions’ to access our Innate Intelligence/Consciousness for practical guidance.  To see the stuff we are otherwise avoiding or quite simply just can’t see!

Example of the Answers Tarot ReadingAnswers
I will provide you with a typed Answer in the form of a PDF file sent via Facebook Messenger or email.  The Answer will use 3 Tarot Cards drawn with a focus on your ‘How/What question”; looking into the present, what’s ‘crossing’/sabotaging this, and the way to DEAL WITH this.  We may spend a little time crafting your question together, if needed, before the reading is actually done so you can get maximum benefit from your Answers … Check out the sample I’ve addedThis 3 Card “Answer” costs $30.

Paypal will notify me of your payment, so be sure to provide an email address with it, or confirm your intention via email to attitudecoach @ or  Creative Goal Setting on Facebook

sample of Reality Check Tarot ReadingReality Checks
There is another more extensive reading I do, called a “Reality Check“.  This one uses 7 Tarot Cards and covers all Areas of the CGS Program (some Areas are combined).  This 7 Card Reality Check costs $50 and will also be in the form of a PDF file typed specifically for you by me, not computer generated ~ sample.

Paypal will notify me of your payment, be sure to provide an email address with it, or confirm your intention via email to attitudecoach @ or Creative Goal Setting on Facebook

But only ask if you want the time sensitive Truth  … WHICH you can then either focus on or change to what you REALLY WANT!!!  We have the tools specifically for focusing and changing on this website free of charge!!

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