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Following on from the last couple of blog posts

Alluding to that mantra heard everywhere now (although I’m Dreaming of an alternative paradise/civilisation here on Earth): work, make money, pay taxes, and consume until we die from the effort.  Soldier on, they say.  Just increase the pain killers and keep on going, they say … you’re one of us; part of the team working for a greater good … they say.

Those ‘they’ are often referred to as the “gate-keepers“.

The gate-keepers.  Most of the population it would seem.  All those self-satisfied workers, happy enough to leave their children and elderly in institutions while commuting to and from jobs that hold up an artificial, or false, economy that pampers to the “middle class” wannabes and the evidently rich.

One has to become close-minded, thoughtless, and blinded by the glamour spells to actually believe in this status quo.  Which was on the tipping edge of CHANGE back in 2012.  But then something shifted.  Something BIG.  And although I continued to consciously change my personal reality … the overall ‘world reality’ went into a kind of stasis.   Marked only by the “Mandela Effect”.  Look it up – evidence of glamour spells!!!  Or time travel.  Either way, evidence of manipulation of our time-line.

The gate-keepers have won.  They have kept their roles, their positions of apparent authority over others and are continuing to insist each new generation is trained into the same ongoing matrix/system.  Sacred Self has been lost underfoot by the masses marching in unison in one similar self-satisfying direction – just like commuters on public transport and freeways.

The gatekeepers get to continue with their arrogance; they are sociopaths and appear to be multiplying ten-fold in this new world order.  They are the ones who would spit on the disabled, homeless and/or unemployed.  Incapable, apparently, of doing the math.  Or of understanding that jobs are not even necessary to the well being of humankind.  And therefore, are not at all fulfilling when one uses their innate Intelligence to realise we could all be DIRECTLY ‘working’ to feed, clothe and shelter ourselves and those who depend on us.  By DIRECTLY, I mean creating clothes, gardening, building, etc … like people used to do before industrialisation.  And I can assure you, it would not take 40+ hours per week plus commute time!  No, the sociopathic gate-keepers have the majority ‘working’ … I’d suggest slaving … for some imaginary ‘authority’ who will apparently take care of everyone and their dependents, yep, out of the kindness of their hearts they’ll look after all of us.

Are you kidding me????  So why is there so much poverty?  Why are there so many people struggling with mental/emotional/physical health issues.  Why are there so many homeless, penniless, and meal-less people???  And why are there so many unhappy financially rich folk?

Yet so many gate-keepers insist we keep up appearances, keep up this broken system known as “society” … gate-keepers are “normalisers”.  They want everyone to believe in their “normal”, to do the same “normal” actions that gate-keepers are doing; as long as their particular job/gate is not threatened.  They get real nasty when their job/meal ticket is threatened.

So we have an economy completely co-dependent on a SYSTEM … (of government – apparently)!!!

A system that is basically held together by marketing.  Promotion.  Advertising.  Word of mouth!!  Television, politicians, religions and their collective set of gate-keeping sociopathic ring-leaders.

Do we really have to be able to fit into this “SYSTEM”; like perfectly molded and entrained pegs into those neat specifically ’round-shaped’ holes formed by the normalising gate-keeper sociopaths all over the world in the workforce, in shops, schools, councils, hospitals, etc when in actual fact we are individually shaped by our physical, emotional, mental, cultural experience to-date?

OK, so that was a very long question.  But only requiring a very short answer.  Except there are two very distinctly different short answers.  Yes, or No.

For me, the answer is a definite No.

I know I don’t want to have my experience/wisdom edges shaved off the ever evolving multi-faceted peg that I am still becoming.  Simplistically I’d say that I am, at a minimum, at least either square or triangular and larger than the pre-defined round hole.  I am certainly not a smooth sleek work ready robotic well rounded person … although I was back when I was 18 through till about 24 years of age.  Then I retired (for the first time) to be self employed.  In alternative psychology.  I didn’t go to school/university to learn about psychology.  I turned learning about psychology into a lifestyle instead.  Also known as “Personal Development”.  I spent my Time, my Life, being CREATIVE and LEARNING from my EXPERIENCE.  And … weirdly/wonder-fully … everything I needed was Provided.  I was single, so it was my Higher Mind providing (just in case you wondering).

Guess what.  There is no instant gratification in Personal Development.  That is one thing I have learnt.  Yet, there is gratification.  More importantly, there is much appreciation, much demonstration, some divination, and a whole lot of creation.  It takes time to unlearn all we were taught about ourselves, to deprogram the belief systems, to untrain our physical, emotional and mental unconscious reactions stored in our subconscious mind from birth and beyond.

Interestingly, many parents are aware of the cultural programing they received and have set out to “not program” their children in the same way.  But sadly, ever so many have fallen for the subliminal by-line … “leave it to the state, it takes a village to raise a child, leave it to the institutions, leave your child to be raised with (read: by) their peers, whatever you do DO NOT instill your personal beliefs (read: culture) upon your children, we the government can be trusted to steer the next generation, …” and so on …

What do we do?  To be honest I don’t actually know.  I surely can’t make any suggestions … other than START THINKING.  Use your cognitive skills to recognise what is not supporting your personal wellbeing or that of those dependent upon you.  I am still experimenting with my own ideas on this one.  I really do think it is up to us to take personal responsibility for our own reality.  AND there are plenty of people who seriously disagree with my line of thinking.  They are consciously choosing this economic reality.  They are into it, enjoying the Journey of it.

It’s just that I am not.

And I know others aren’t either.

But I am sick of keeping quiet about it.

So I am whispering it out loud here on my blog.

Just in case it helps my Journey to fulfilling my Sacred Path.

Just in case someone else feels a little better knowing they are not alone.

Because I believe in Individuality, Diversity, and being Civilized by using empathy.

Because I want those keeping the gates to stop trying to push me into their world, their reality.

I don’t want to be suppressed.  I am bigger than other people’s imagination.  I am my Mind, not my body.

Marianne 🙂

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