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Following on from yesterday’s post

I’d like to mention how I have set up a series of support systems/protocols for myself.

Like many, I have experienced both depression and anxiety.  Suicidal depression when I was 16 and again at about 30 years of age.  And general anxiety from (always but first diagnosed in) 2001.  The anxiety has been gradually escalating over the years as life has sent various ‘curve balls’ to keep me on my toes.  Life does that.  But I have to say that a severe panic attack really startled me!  As it turns out, stress can kill you!

Without getting into the whys and wherefores … that’d be book length … or the incredible silver lining … that’s subjective, I’d like to mention how I cope.

Firstly, I’d like to mention something VERY IMPORTANT.  It may have taken over 35 years of personal development, but I now realise it is NOT ME that is ‘broken’ … it most definitely is our society, our culture, our economy, that is ‘broken’.

We don’t have the pleasure of living in a civilisation … that has been swapped out and replaced with a fiat/usury financial economy that drives people to pay for their existence here on Earth.  Ridiculous.  An absolutely tortuous slave racket unheard of by civilised people such as the Orignals/First People of the land now known as Australia and many other lands prior to “settlement”/invasion.

My particular personality and the type of gifts and skills I brought with me are simply not recognised in this economy as providing any “real” value.  And I sure don’t like charging “money” for my time and effort which I prefer to give to the Right people and/or ’cause’ at the Right time.  So, I have had to find ways to deal with that … or check out early.

I am still here because I put more credence in innate (aka Natural) Intelligence than I do in the garbage taught in schools/universities, advertised/programed on television, touted by religion, politicians, or any other external “authority”; none of which stands up to critical thinking.

So where does that leave any one with the intelligence to see through the veils of illusion?  Either a life of being/feeling unsane, OR taking personal responsibility and finding/creating support for our selves as Individuals and those who depend on us.

I have noticed only recently that the psychologists/counselors using the term Cognitive Behavioural Therapy have apparently dropped the “behavioural” element out of their therapy as they focus on the “thinking” (not all of them even look into ‘beliefs’!!).  In other words they could more accurately call it Cognitive Thinking Therapy.  I am generalising.  I have no idea how many psychologists and counselors are heading down this path.  But I have met some, and their therapy(?) was most ineffective.  Especially if they have no empathy/experience of anxiety or depression.

You see Nature has a knack for Providing what people need.  Meanwhile ‘economy’ has a way of destroying Nature.  Nature allows for diversity and naturally Provides cures for all ailments (but economy hides these) and solutions to all problems given Time and Creativity.  Economy needs man-made systems that run on similarities and driven by slaves in ‘suits’.  We all know that there are people falling by the way, caught in the cracks of a failing economy … homelessness, skyrocketing ‘mental health’ (should be called “emotional health”) issues, ring any bells?

As a child, due to lack of emotionally available adults to turn to I disassociated from reality.  I turned inward and found my innate Intelligence was there whenever I needed it.  While I was being emotionally neglected, I was happily disassociating … I was being ever so resilient.  Not everyone has had the good fortune of finding their own Higher Mind, nor the opportunity to set up a system of communication with it as I have.  I use my Creative Goal Setting Program to do this.  There you go, there is that silver lining I mentioned earlier!

I also had another system, for focusing my mind, to remind myself of the importance of prioritising … Numerology.  I was really good at doing Numerology and for awhile there I used to sell charts that were about 40 pages long, using a computer program (a forerunner to microsoft’s Excel and Word) that was bought out and shut down.  I didn’t want to go back to manually working them out and doing doing cut and pasting … so I moved on from that.

But by then I had developed the Creative Goal Setting program, which I could sell.  And many public speaking engagements teaching people how to use How/What Questions and write Visions using the 3 rules of Creative Goal Setting.  I learnt a lot.  But mostly I learnt that I was getting caught up in the busyness of business.  I stopped.

A few years later I decided I was ready to be a Mum.  Raising my daughter became my priority.  Oh and I learnt so much more about myself AND about the society/economy I was raising a child to participate in!

I started to notice it wasn’t just the ‘rat race’ that was so wrong … there was more going on, hidden, but in plain view for those willing to see.  Which means that everyone can see it, but most are unconscious of what they are witnessing due to busyness, poverty, and/or entrainment.  Sort of like if we hypnotize someone who was a witness to a crime or accident, they can tell us much more information about the scene, the event and the characters involved.

In other words we are all aware that there are great wrongs being done to humanity.  Some more obvious than others.  One example:  For the last 30+ years of my life there have been television advertisements asking us to donate money to “help the poor” in Africa and other “3rd World Nations”.  How much f’ckin money does it take to dig wells, set up irrigation systems and provide building materials?  Too much apparently.  They are still reportedly dying of starvation.  Meanwhile the Original people of the land known as Australia and other lands did it all with no money.  Fancy that.

So how do people cope with this huge miss-match between what they are being ‘told’/taught and what is actually happening?

They generally cope with unconscious support mechanisms such as ‘distancing’ or ‘detaching’ or ‘distracting’ themselves.  And this is known as … resilience.  Yup.  If you can cope with being a financial slave in this slave economy you are being resilient.

Meanwhile, for those of us too aware of the BS (belief systems) that are constantly being fed to the masses … we are doing … um, well we are struggling to … well we are basically depressed and anxious.  And wondering why on Earth we have to participate in such a massive bunch of lies.

Which brings me back to conscious coping skills.  Whenever I feel it is all just too much, which is often.  I use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which is an actual set of BEHAVIOURS (that is quick and easy to do on my own) to deal with how I am feeling and/or thinking and/or behaving and/or experiencing something.  Yep, a real Cognitive Behavioural Technique!  This coupled with my Creative Goal Setting Program, another real CBTechnique, keeps me congruent with my personal values and priorities.

Add to that, I have my creative pursuits.  Considering how destructive so many jobs are to both the environment, the land, animals, and the people … I need to be using my intelligence toward CREATION.  Or I may as well leave.  Not that is not a threat … just an observation.  I have my personal values and they include doing no harm.

Marianne 🙂

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