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4 September 2018

today is a 6 daySeptember is a 9 Month, therefore we are reminded to COMPLETE the PAST in readiness for being in the PRESENT so we can VISUALISE an IDEAL FUTURE based on the wisdom we have gained to-date.  A 9 Month in an 11 Year suggests we can go deeper into our Conscious Conversation with our Higher Mind about HEALING our PAST.  And when we add 9 + 2+0+1+8, we get 20, 2+0 = 2 … we may notice our INTUITION SUPPORTING us in doing what we’ve been wanting to do for some time!  Exciting times!

The OUTCOME Number for today, 4th September 2018, is 6.
(day 4 + month 9 + year 2+0+1+8 = 24, 2+4 = 6)
An intent of the 6 in this 9 month could be to release the need to continually enable relationships that impinge on our PERSONAL SPACE (physical, emotional and mental space); to use our DISCERNMENT when it comes to WHO we choose to spend our time with, or fuss/worry over, or go into battle with.

Today’s ACTION Number is 4.
(based on the 4th day of this month)
4 reminds us to consciously PRODUCE results by getting on with our TASKS … instead of procrastinating, or allowing ourselves to be distracted by ‘time-wasters’ or ‘energy vampires’.

Today’s Challenge Number is 2 which is reminding us to release the need to RESIST those who are actually SUPPORTING us; we too are WORTHY of RECEIVING SUPPORT in getting on with things … we just need to COMMUNICATE CLEARLY what it is we need.

Using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) helps clear any emotion in the way of progress with a setup phrase like:  “I am communicating what I need clearly so I can complete my tasks without emotional entanglement with others, and I deeply and completely accept and respect my self!

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