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Our thoughts Create our Reality

23 August 2018

today is a 6 dayThe OUTCOME Number for today, 23rd August 2018, is 6.
(day 2+3 + month 8 + year 2+0+1+8 = 24, 2+4 = 6)
An intent of the 6 in this 8 month could be to organise MEETINGS, RENDE VOUS, JOINT CONVERSATIONS, MEDIATIONS … where necessary to ensure UNITY, CARE and COMPASSION for the highest good of all concerned.

Today’s ACTION Number is 5.
(based on the 23rd day of this month, 2+3 = 5)
5 reminds us to be the CHANGE we want to see … because avoidance and/or denial wont result in positive personal EVOLUTION.

Today’s Challenge Number is 3; reminding us to CREATE rather than criticise.

Using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) helps clear any emotion in the way of progress with a setup phrase like:  “Even though all I need to do to change my personal reality is create a change in the way I relate with others; and I deeply and completely accept and respect my self!

August is an 8 Month, therefore we are reminded to work out the differences between ‘trying’ to control others, and simply being a RESOURCEFUL Individual living in Harmony within our environment (which is rich in RESOURCES).  An 8 Month in an 11 Year suggests we can go deeper into our Conscious Conversation about MANAGING our RESOURCES and ABUNDANCE with our Higher Mind.  And when we add 8 + 2+0+1+8, we get 19, 1+9 = 10, 1+0 = 1 … are you also noticing you have the Resources to START doing what you really want to do now?  Exciting times!

Marianne ?

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