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Our thoughts Create our Reality

8 August 2018

today is a 9 dayAugust is an 8 Month, therefore we are reminded to work out the differences between ‘trying’ to control others, and simply being a RESOURCEFUL Individual living in Harmony within our environment (which is rich in RESOURCES).  An 8 Month in an 11 Year suggests we can go deeper into our Conscious Conversation about MANAGING our RESOURCES and ABUNDANCE with our Higher Mind.

The OUTCOME Number for today, 8th August 2018, is 9.
(day 8 + month 8 + year 2+0+1+8 = 27, 2+7 = 9)
An intent of the 9 in this 8 month could be to END the whinging about the lack/scarcity we ‘see’ and replace the whinging with the realisation that when we VISUALISE (ask for) bountifulness we start seeing the abundant resources in our Reality … where it has been all along.  You know, in the same way we start seeing that model of car everywhere the minute we decide which new car we want next!

Today’s ACTION Number is 8.
(based on the 8th day of this month)
8 reminds us to be RESOURCEFUL and use our ABILITIES to MATERIALISE ABUNDANCE, or simply use the RESOURCES we have to hand to MANAGE our ongoing wellbeing; WEALTH.

Today’s Challenge Number is 6; reminding us to establish our PERSONAL BOUNDARIES and not become entangled in other peoples drama, or actively enable their drama either.  Using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) helps clear any emotion in the way of progress with a setup phrase like:  “I am an Individual contributing resourcefully to a greater good, and I deeply and completely accept and respect my self!

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