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EFT tutorial video

Want to brush up on your Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) technique?  Want to see how I use EFT to travel down my personal rabbit holes … ok, probably not.

Yet at long last (it has been about 7-8 years since my last youtube video) I have set up a camera and started tapping my pressure points while explaining how and why we would do such a thing!  Oh, and the BENEFITS … well in my case, last night, I fixed the ache in my lower back!  It took awhile because it was really bad, like bad enough to make walking, bending and sleeping difficult.  Last night, 99% gone, today, all gone.

Here it is: … or watch it here now:

The “cheatsheet” is a single page pdf and can be seen and printed from:

AND there is the Emotional Freedom page on this website for more information:

I’ll make some more videos on the other topics covered on this website … stay tuned.

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