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Our thoughts Create our Reality

16 June 2018

The Outcome of doing Right Actions today is evidence of compassion and empathy in our relationships with others... 6The OUTCOME Number for today, 16 June 2018, is 6.
(day 1+6 + month 6 + year 2+0+1+8 = 24, 2+4 = 6)
The intent of the 6 is to be INCLUSIVE … but be aware of those who take advantage of this to their own ends.  INCLUDING OTHERS does not need to be to our own detriment.  By using DISCERNMENT we can consciously choose WHO to ASSOCIATE with and how.  It is a 6 Month, therefore this has something to do with how we ‘relate with others’ and ‘allow others to relate with us’.

Today’s ACTION Number is 7.
(based on the 16th day of this month, 1+6 = 7)
7 reminds us to find ways to accumulate WISDOM.  AWARENESS of our THOUGHTS, FEELINGS and BEHAVIOURS establishes a RECORD of what is Right for us as Individuals.  This is how we become aware of our Personal Values and which Personal Expectations are Right for us to pursue.  This is not an academic or a peer reviewed exercise – this is NATURAL LORE, an evolution of our INNATE INTELLIGENCE.

Today’s Challenge Number is 3; reminding us to consciously CREATE our Way through our doubts and fears.  By being Creative we can Create a better reality that deals with our doubts and fears.  Using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) helps clear any emotion in the way of progress with a setup phrase like:  “I am consciously creating my reality based on my accumulated wisdom gained from associating with others, and I deeply and completely accept and respect my self!

2+0+1+8 = an 11 Year.  11 is a Master Number that is not reduced further … may we all find ways to Communicate with our Consciousness, our Higher Mind, more effectively this year.
June (a 6 month) reminds us to choose WHO we RELATE with, and how we RELATE with OTHERS.  Setting personal boundaries and involving only the Right people at the Right times for the Right reasons.
When we add the 6 month to the 11 year (6 + 2+0+1+8) we get 17, and 1+7 = 8; reminding us to ORGANISE our RESOURCES so we can intuitively contribute as and when we want to.

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