Creative Goal Setting

Our thoughts Create our Reality

Consciousness as Personal Development

Those conditions in our reality; we adopted or Created them. Now we can release or enhance them!We all have 2 streams of consciousness/awareness:

consciousness (ego, personality), Consciousness (Higher Mind, Creator)

AND an Observer (Intelligence, Knowing, Conscience).

And therein, this Sacred Triad, lies the “holy trinity”.  The “son”, the “father” and the “holy ghost,” respectively.  As the Sacred Triad suggests, these are our inner locus of control … not the biblical external locus of control to which oodles of people world-wide have become so accustomed to that they unconsciously wait for someone else to tell them what to do and how to do it … and when.

How did this happen?  How did we lose our innate intelligence?  It was done to us en masse through the overt use of propaganda and the covert use of emotional manipulation.  Yes, we have been targeted.  Bullied into the emotional state we are in.  Keep the people in a state of fear and poverty and BOOM – they’ll be too emotionally distracted to think straight enough to wake up to their own sorry plight!  Depression, anxiety, ill health, poverty, etc … all signs of being out of integrity with our Higher Mind.

As Individuals we can resolve this for our self.  It is true we haven’t always been ‘Present’ at the steering wheel of our own vehicle … that being our ego, our personality is often likened to a vehicle that gets us from ‘a’ to ‘b’ … sometimes only just.  But there is no need to panic about how our Consciousness is coping, it has been getting on with the ‘tasks’/’goals’ we consciously set before our physical arrival on this physical (and nonphysical) plane.

Many people have become so hopelessly distracted that they are not even directing their ego/personality with practical goals and or interests, they are not consciously choosing what and how to think, do or have … they have handed over their entire life and wellbeing to the government departments, media, the pharmaceutical industry’s drugs (legal or not), or any number of other controlling forces; including online gaming to traditional religion.

How?  By becoming emotionally attached (as directed by the media, etc) to sets of beliefs that defy any form of Higher Intelligence.  Yes, DEFY … whether it be conscious ignorance, emotional mismatching, or simply blocking any form of sanity in a form of “Stockholm syndrome” (my prison warden, who says they care about my wellbeing, said so; so whatever they say must be true).

How do we resolve this?  By acknowledging how far we as individuals have fallen for the big con, the grand illusion that modern life is good for our wellbeing.  We can’t fix how others perceive this (other than raising our children with more awareness), believe me I’ve tried and failed enough times to realise – it is not about what others think, be, do and have.

It is all about ME (not in a narcissistic way), about how I think, be, do and have; and how I treat myself, others and my environment.

It is up to me to open up the COMMUNICATION LINES with my Higher Mind, to COMMUNICATE with my Higher Mind and find out what it is I would be better off thinking, being, doing and having.  The same thing religious folk do, but to an external force.  AND then I must do the Right ACTIONS to be in integrity with my Higher Mind.  And how will I know when I’m on track with this … by ‘listening’ to the other half of my innate Intelligence, The Observer.  I know from the attitude of my Observer, whether I’m in integrity with my Higher Mind/Purpose or not … it either feels warm and fuzzy, a sense of bliss and contentment, satisfying even.  Or crap.

Are you ready to take 100% Personal Responsibility for your Reality?  This is a decision made by the consciousness, because it is our consciousness, our ego/personality that either blocks our awareness of our Higher Mind or allows the Awareness.  Meanwhile, Consciousness is doing whatever it came here to do with or without your awareness!!!  You are in the Right Place at the Right Time for the Right Reasons with the Right People ALWAYS.  It is up to you whether that is fun and easy or CRAP.  Sobriety and Awareness does much to erase the crap aspects.

To the degree we release automatic/habitual emotions keeping us stuck in these lower emotional tones about any topic, is the degree we emotionally mature … on this one topic at least.

Just to state the obvious about personal development, it is not about using mind-state altering music, dance, hypnosis, drugs, plants, etc – it is in the way we THINK and APPRECIATE the Resources we already have … you know, that Sacred Triad thingy.  Although there is much to be gained from a Journey/trip into our Imagination from where we can ‘time travel’ backward and/or forward along our current Path, or even laterally beyond our Path – but we need to be aware, of the addictive nature of this as a potential distraction from our current reality.  We can do this by simply relaxing and putting a day to day thoughts/consciousness to one side and ALLOWING our Higher Mind Consciousness to COMMUNICATE with us.

Yes, I am talking about Consciousness; the role our Higher Mind plays … AND its other half, The Observer … our very own Conscience, compass that keeps us heading in the Right Direction at the Right Time with the Right People (more specifically: their Higher Minds) for the Right Reasons.

I am talking about our ability to be conscious Creators of our own reality.

We need to clear the emotional reactions/attachments from all Areas of our life to effectively become a conscious Creator.  This takes Time, even lifetimes for some, but is well worth starting now.  Conscious Creation is available to all who consciously CHOOSE to do so.  This is the Spiritual Path the new agers talk about but, due to the religious nature of the new age movement, become distracted by the ‘priests’/gurus/practitioners of the movement in the same way religious folk become focused on what the priests and their sacred text says … INSTEAD of focusing on the only Right Source/Force there is for each of us … our Higher Mind.  Yeah, blasphemous I know … but only for the religious.

The Observer found, in our mind behaving as the more sensible version of our self, observing our Higher Mind and our lower mind/ego/self, can and does see what is good and Right for the Higher Good of all concerned.  As an aspect of our Consciousness, it is ever EVOLVING, never devolving; always EXPANDING, not diminishing or contracting.  It is not constrained by the local customs, beliefs, terror tactics staged by media and governments, it is not a ‘self’ with limited vision or limited time and/or abilities.  It is far seeing, yet ever evolving as per the Progress you are making … there are no limits to Consciousness and therefore The Observer either.

Consciousness is Eternal, there is no such thing as Time when it comes to Consciousness, it does not matter that if it takes many lifetimes to evolve, because our Higher Mind is Eternal.

Nor is our Consciousness limited by an outside source.  It is the source of our personal existence here, or anywhere.  Our existence here on this earth is simply a focus point, our body is a marker on this physical plane.  And, as we are not our body, we are our Consciousness, and our Awareness of this FACT.  It is a fact because it can be demonstrated over and over again like any good ‘scientific experiment’.  Nor are we our beliefs or emotions.  Bodies, beliefs and emotions are created, adopted, and released by our individual Consciousness as and when we desire.  We consciously chose to be here doing this Earth Walk … but then, to various degrees find ourselves distracted from this knowledge.

There is no accident in our being here.  To the degree we start doing Right Actions is to the degree we release the dogma of being stuck in some type of physical prison, as many people are referring to their earthly experience, or reincarnation treadmill.  To the degree we take full personal responsibility for being here, is to the degree we resolve the state we are in.  We are not victims, but yes, we have been targeted.  BUT we are not victims IF and WHEN we open up our COMMUNICATION lines with our Higher Mind.

It is like ‘returning’ Home, to the ONE and only ONE we can really trust … our very best Companion that is with us EVERY moment of our life and beyond.  ONENESS is like coming Home.  Knowing we have the most intelligent Being supporting our decisions and guiding us, Knowing it “has our back”.  BUT we have to pay attention to it.  The moment we stop being Present/Mindful … when we stop COMMUNICATING with our Higher Mind and asking it all those How/What questions that guide us, is the beginning of things going ‘wrong’.  Is when shit happens.  Is when we lose our “Flow”; Flow of Consciousness.

Those pushing religions over the ages have stolen this innate Intelligence from the masses.  They have set the scene traditionally using fear and poverty as threats and/or reality.  It is up to us to consciously choose whether we want to continue playing the part they have written for us, or simply walk off that stage and design our own Story (I have used my Creative Goal Setting Program to undo the ‘programming’ and consciously write my own script).  To consciously DO our own Earth Walk.  Yes, we can choose to walk in any Direction and give it any Meaning we desire.  But when we go out of Harmony with our Higher Mind … it feels CRAP.  Just sayin.

‘Ego’ is another word for personality … it is a cloak/mask we wear to present ourselves to other people, but it does not cloak us from our Higher Mind, nor our own innate Intelligence.  As a word, ‘ego’ is extremely limiting because it does not allow for our innate desire to emotionally mature, to master this thing called ‘life on earth’, this Earth Walk.  We just need to emotionally mature/raise our ego so it chooses to take personal responsibility for its reality.  In other words, we as individuals, need to CHOOSE to set up a two-way COMMUNICATION system with our Higher Mind … and The Observer.  This all happens within the Sacred Triad that is us.

‘Soul’ is another word for Higher Mind … but it is clouded in religious rhetoric and all but ‘destroys’ any attempt an Individual may make to communicate with their innate Intelligence because of the naivety that has resulted from centuries of religious propaganda … it depicts a limited ‘mind’ stuck in a cycle ruled by an imaginary (because it is unproven to exist) external force.

We are already living in, though conscious or unconscious choice, in either hell or heaven on earth depending on the emotional state we find our self in.  It is our choice; it is our reality to resolve.  But no one else can do it for us.

There is no external force that can give us a ticket to avoid this decision to help ourselves out of our current paradigm.  We are our own Creator, we always have been, yet we haven’t always chosen to be a Conscious Creator.

We are only “prisoners on earth” or stuck in some nasty “karmic” rebirth cycle set up by an external force while we believe it to be.  Our choice, believe in the propaganda and allow it to shape our reality, or CHANGE our reality to something we consciously choose.

It takes quite a bit of focused attention/awareness … CONSCIOUSNESS … to alter the paradigm we’ve been given in which we are foolishly slave to other people and/or money, giving them/it way too much “power” to harm us and others..  We are not being punished.  We are simply temporarily forgetting Who/What we REALLY are.

Use this information about the Sacred Triad of Consciousness in BALANCE (not to be a narcissistic jerk, but to be an Individual with Integrity) as you find your Way forward to being, doing and having your Potential now.

Marianne ?

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