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Reviewing the Emotional Freedom Technique

Are you remembering to use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) when things aren’t feeling so good, when symptoms are threatening your wellbeing, when anxiety is getting in the way of a good day, when depressing thoughts are overwhelming your enjoyment of nature, family, leisure, etc?

We always have a choice.  We can allow ourselves to ‘sink’ into the physical, emotional and/or mental pain of a situation or association/relationship … OR we can DEAL WITH IT.  EFT being our goto solution that we carry with us ALWAYS!  Without going into all the reasons why EFT works, I just want to remind you HOW to use it.  First of all look at, print, and/or keep a digital copy of this one page pdf file.

Secondly, be sure to use your senses to check you are tapping exactly on each of the 9 pressure points. Yes, with a bit of imagination you can FEEL when you connect with each pressure point …

Remember, IF at any time you doubt the Emotional Freedom Technique may work, use this setup phrase: “Even though I doubt this tapping/EFT could possibly work, I deeply and completely accept and respect myself.”

Regarding the EFT setup phrases: remember to repeat the set-up phrase 3 times while tapping on the karate point, then the central focus of your setup phrase, with at least 5 taps on each of the other pressure points.   We often start the setup phrase with “even though …”, but we don’t have to.  In my daily numerology posts I change the wording around a bit, but they definitely still work, even though they are directed at more philosophical/mental concepts.  I highly recommend using those just to keep yourself in the “borrowed benefits loop” … whenever we tap along with others we are, as Gary Craig said decades ago, “borrowing the benefits.”

EFT works with “… love and respect myself “or “… love and accept myself” … just as well as with “… accept and respect myself”.  I just changed the wording because I got sick of ‘new age’ over use of the word “love”.  The word “love” seems to have lost its innate Power and much of its deeper meaning as a result of the ongoing ‘spiritual’ deception/distraction.

EFT setup phrases can be worded either positively or ‘negatively’.  Focused on an issue, an idea or a goal; either way we use it to release any emotional attachment to the issue, idea or goal.  Being emotionally attached to an idea or disease does not it or us Progress to a Higher Good … there is much to be said for the “Law of Detachment” which could also be described as the ability to simply Observe and learn.  EFT setup phrases are not meant to be “positive affirmations” … they are meant to be 100% focused on either physical, emotional or mental symptoms while we PHYSICALLY TAP the 9 pressure points as directed by Gary Craig who fine-tuned this Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) shortcut back in the 1980s and 90s.

  1. The karate point is exactly half way along the side of your hand, between the bottom crease of your pinky finger and the crease of your wrist.
  2. The crown point is smack on the top of your head, centred between the tops of your ears as though you had headphones on.
  3. The eyebrow point is ON the beginning of the inner (closer to your nose end) eyebrow.
  4. Side of eye is on the edge of the bone/socket on the outside of each eye.
  5. Under eye is also on the edge of the bone/socket directly under where your pupil is when looking straight ahead.
  6. Under nose, halfway between nose and upper lip.
  7. Chin, in the centre of the chin crease (not a lower down dimple spot)
  8. Edge of collar bone, is either side of the hollow dip at the base of your throat, below the ‘adams apple’.
  9. Under arm, 4 inches/10cm below the armpit where the side seam of a shirt sits and/or a bra strap.

And remember, we can use EFT on behalf on others.  “Even though Uncle Bob has a headache right now, I deeply and completely accept and respect myself.”

Even though there is a man snoring [or dog barking] loudly next door I deeply and completely accept and respect myself.”

And one for the road:  “Even though I wish more people knew how to manage their own thoughts, emotions and physical wellbeing more effectively, I deeply and completely accept and respect myself.”

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