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EFT saved my life the other day

Time is the Essence. Aether, Water, Heat, Earth minerals & Consciousness are the Resources. Creation the action. ('money' is not on the list)

Up until a week ago I was learning how to be a beekeeper; I had one of those new u-beaut FlowHives full of busy little bees and lots of yummy honey.  But our relationship was becoming strained when I inspected the hive a month ago.  I received 3 stings in 2 days that did not heal quickly and easily (as they previously had) when I used the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to deal with the pain and swelling.  I was aware that I was now doubting whether I wanted to continue with this home produced honey ‘project’.

A little side-note … using the EFT to deal with symptoms is an excellent course of action … BUT we need to be mindful of what the symptoms/signs are telling us.  To simply get rid of the symptoms and not heed the warnings, not participate in the communication our Higher Mind is instigating, is foolish at the best of times.

I was aware I was no longer sure about being a beekeeper, but I did not act on this awareness (mistake).  Instead I told myself to toughen up and get on with the job – it was more like a punishment for getting involved in this project in the first place!!!  “You started it, now you have to finish it!”  At no point did I see other options such as sharing or delegating the experience, or even selling the hive.  (Mental note: this applies to another area of my life also!!)

Well, Thursday week ago, to bee or not to bee a beekeeper came to an abrupt conclusion – I copped another sting on my finger.  And even though I immediately and gently removed the sting with a finger nail and dealt with the pain of the sting with a round of EFT, my hand and wrist ballooned – it wasn’t like this last year … but it was like this last month.  I didn’t worry about it too much, I just left the bees to it and went inside.  The swelling was not going down though, with the EFTs – which worked last month.  In fact things were getting worse!

Within 10 minutes there was a new symptom, a sense of ‘poison’ surging up my arm … I EFT’d that.  And relaxed.  But then I became aware of a very strange feeling in my ears, sort of inside my head behind both ears … like both my ear canals were swelling inside my head.  Not only did I EFT that, but I decided it was time to lie down before I fell off the chair I was sitting on … the sense of dizziness was duly EFT’d.  I was EFTing the symptoms as fast as I felt them, but my hand was so swollen that it hurt to keep on tapping so I delegated the tapping/EFT to my daughter.  That was working, BUT I also realised I must be experiencing Anaphylaxis … so I asked my daughter to ring for an ambulance at the same time.

All the local ambos (paramedics) were busy looking after others so we waited another 37 minutes for an ambulance to arrive … and continued with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) each time the symptoms presented in another wave … yep, I had each and every symptom, except death.

The reason I am telling you this story, is because I rarely have such an obvious example of how EFFECTIVE the Emotional Freedom Technique is.  I was given a homeopathic remedy as well to use – but I needed more than those alone.  It was the EFT’s my daughter was doing (on my behalf) that turned around each wave of nausea, heartburn and respiratory restriction as they threatened me over the next 40 minutes.  By the time the ambos arrived my blood pressure was still up and the swelling around my mouth was still evident (along with the obvious balloon shaped hand and wrist), but subsiding and my ability to speak in full sentences was returning … they didn’t need to take me to hospital.

Yes, you can EFT on behalf of others. YES, you CAN USE EFT tapping on pressure points, even using your own body as a surrogate for another (as my daughter was doing) in emergencies.  YES, you can use it to slow/stop bleeding, deal with shock, halt asthma attacks, etc … WHILE also calling for medical assistance if the first EFT or two are not enough of course!!!  For goodness sake use common sense!!!  We are not here to cause harm!  YET, EFT works.

SO, YES learn how to do the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) … this QUICK and easy 30 second (once you get the hang of it) process AND teach others how to do it too because it has and does deal with life threatening physical AND emotional situations.  As well as the non-threatening, but niggling doubts and fears that cause anxiety, etc.  I can assure you, I was losing the ability to continue my own tapping that evening, without someone there to do the tapping for me I may have slipped, firstly into incoherence leaving me unable to THINK to EFT, then into unconsciousness, before the ambos arrived.

Of course there is much more for me to gain from this incident for me personally.  The most obvious outcome:  I have given myself more Time.  I am still here on this plane with a physical marker/body to continue this Earth Walk.

Time to do whatever it is I came here to do.  One of those life-defining moments when we get to re-assess whether we are wasting time doing the wrong actions, beliefs, emotions, etc.

Time is of the essence …
no actually,


When we save a life, we are giving that person more Time here on this plane; to do even more than they already have so far on this Earth Walk.

Nothing else matters to us as INDIVIDUALS as much as Time.

Think about it.

EFT it.

Then ask some How/What questions about what it is you have given yourself the Time here to do, be and have … ACTION the Answers.

I know I am!!

Marianne ?

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