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January 2018



Go the fireworks of the 2018 New Year as we wake up to a TASK oriented DECISION/ACTION day to begin a month focused on consciously STARTING our own CREATION of what we want in a year that promises CONSCIOUS AWARENESS to those who choose to be AWARE of the COMMUNICATION coming through from their HIGHER MIND, their CONSCIOUSNESS.

The more wordy version:
2018, 2+0+1+8 = 11 ~ a Master Number!  Master Numbers (such as 11, 22, & 33) are not reduced further.  As was 2009 and as it will be again in 2027, 2036, 2045, 2054, 2063, 2072, 2081, and 2090 … then we skip one nine year cycle to 2108 … then it’s back to 11 Years until 2189 and 2198 (which are 2 Years) and lots more 11 Years again every nine years after that.  WHEREAS, there were only two 11 Years in the 1900s and three in the 1800s.  This tells me we have entered a new era.  One in which we have every opportunity (as we always did have, but now we get reminders every 9 years) to awaken to our innate ability to COMMUNICATE with our own HIGHER MIND, our own CONSCIOUSNESS.

This does tend to fly in the face of those preferring to relate to education, politics, religions and/or religious doctrine that insists the Greater Power is not us but some external “god”.  Which to-date is still just a bunch of theories with no direct evidence.  This was not true in pre Christian indoctrinated indigenous societies such as the ‘Original’ people of the land mass now known as Australia.  Their Elders didn’t work in with ‘gods’, they used their Consciousness to direct the elements as they saw fit.  They were Elders because they saw fit to cause HARMONY, a Higher Good for all concerned, without causing harm.  Unlike our current political systems that run popularity votes and [sel]ections to decide which puppet should show up on television talking gibberish, making rules that further bind those not AWARE of who they (as Individuals) REALLY ARE.

As this is an 11 Year, and I am feeling compelled to speak up a little louder, I am going to do my best to bring this point home to anyone who chooses to listen.  We have direct access to our Consciousness and always have had.  This is not some “new age movement” doctrine, far form it … this is practical information as directed with this PRACTICAL 4 Day on the 1st day of 2018.  No blind faith or trend required.  I am not preaching to anyone, simply stating what I have been able to observe these last few decades (and remembered from other ‘times’).  AND simply using numerology as a fun and easy way to keep reminding myself (and any others tuning in) what is important for enjoying a Sovereign lifestyle among people.  Among other Consciously Aware people and those still unaware of their Sovereignty.

January, a 1 MonthJanuary is a 1 Month, so it is all about fine tuning our IDEAS, our DECISIONS over the next 31 days.  By the end of the month we should have a fairly good IDEA of what is our priority for the rest of this year.  If in doubt, tap into the 11 Year energy of “ASKING YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS” for ANSWERS.  Using ‘how’/’what’ questions directed to our Higher Mind works a treat.  Have your self Converse with your Self in other words.

January 2018, adds an essence of 3 as we add 1 + 2+0+1+8 = 12, 1+2 = 3 ~ CREATIVITY.  So we can Consciously (using the 11 Year) Decide (using the 1 Month) what to CREATE this month/year during this month.  Yes, you too can get involved in consciously creating reality.  This has been stolen by a few greedy land’lords’ over the centuries and then enabled by a whole lot of nonthinking do-gooders doing as commanded by their chosen authorities.  pffft … as a Sovereign Being I am my Authority, no other has authority over my Self.  This is not meant as a threat, merely a statement of the obvious, as I am here to consciously cause/create HARMONY, not harm.

AND today, the first day of the month adds its own essence to the mix ahead also.  Yes, it is a 1 Day … telling us to get STARTED on NEW IDEAS, to take ACTION as intuitively (using the 11 Year) directed to enhance our ability to KNOW our 1 month’s ACTION PLAN (that one we will know by the 31st).  For example, I am doing the ACTION of my IDEA to get back into writing online blog posts as I believe, at this point (very early days out of 31), that this is what I ‘need’ (for my own satisfaction) to be doing this year.

a productive day with tasks done and routines fullfilling their role of making life more fun and easy...4Yet, when we add 1 + 1 + 2+0+1+8, it equals, 13, 1+3 = 4.  4 is such a PRACTICAL Number.  It says get the JOB done sooner so you can have more time philosophising later, in other words, be TASK oriented.  The benefit of this is we get to see the outcomes of our Decisions.  No actioning of our ideas, means no physical demonstration of our Creativity.  That has to suck!!  We are here to enjoy having a body in the physical realm creating physical things and comfort and ease … to ignore this is … ummm … depressing.  Even academics who prefer to philosophise rather than make things with their hands CREATE papers, books, essays, etc as a demonstration of their Creativity.  But I digress, I am meant to be discussing PRACTICAL TASKS and ROUTINES that get things done for a Higher Good of all concerned.  Like cleaning our (or creating a clean) home/workplace, gardening (or creating a vegetable/flower bed) … TASKS create stuff, outcomes, and enjoyment; specially when done with the Right Attitude of respect to the “MUNDANE”.  Without the MUNDANE (another attribute of the 4), we’re go hungry, naked and cold/hot, and unhoused.  Yes, houses fall down around us eventually if we don’t do the PRACTICAL care of them.

That is how I came up with my opening paragraph.

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