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Our Thoughts Create Our reality

22 December 2012

Today is an 8 DayThe overall Numerology for 22 December 2017 is 8.
(day 2+2 + month 1+2 + year 2+0+1+7 =17, 1+7 = 8)
8 reminds us to choose to be ORGANISED as this allows us more time for spontaneity; in the same way self DISCIPLINE provides more healthy opportunities.  But ‘over thinking’, being a ‘control freak’, or attempting to control others is not what this is about.

Today’s Day Number is 22.
(based on the 22nd day of this month, 22 is a Master Number so not reduced further)
22 reminds us to find PRACTICAL ways to achieve the results we want to experience, to do the research required to make our routine tasks easier and our efforts more efficient … so we have more time for spontaneity in our life!

Today’s Challenge Number is 0 (zero); reminding us to take full RESPONSIBILITY for our outcomes. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) helps clear emotion in the way of progress; use a setup phrase like: “Even though I get caught up in being busy (or a ‘busy body’) rather than managing my time and effort so I can be relaxed, I deeply and completely accept and respect my Self!

During December (a 3 month, 1+2 = 3) we are reminded to use our CREATIVITY to materialise the outcomes we want.
When we add the 3 month to the 1 year (1+2 + 2+0+1+7) we get 13, 1+3 = 4; reminding us to be PRODUCTIVE by getting on with the TASKS required to create the outcomes we have been aiming for this year.
December 2017 – The month to consciously combine Creativity and Productivity to materialise our goals.

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