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Avoidance, let me tell you a little about it on this 5 Day

I thought I’d share a little bit about my day today as a demonstration of how I use the ‘coping’ tools I promote.

I was out this morning doing my “day job”, but things weren’t ‘flowing’. I had things in the wrong order (it’s my job to have them in the right order) which meant I was backtracking and making other mistakes such as giving the wrong parcels to people – nothing overly serious, but definitely not a smooth sailing experience.

This of course was a MAJOR HINT that something was distracting me. I mentally acknowledged it, yet continued to bumble along [it seemed important to “get on with the job”] and wondered (using the numerology of the day) what I needed to CHANGE in my life today to bring me back into Present Time.

But I didn’t stop and embrace the FACT that I was out of sorts (for no apparent reason), I didn’t use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to get my mojo back up and running – I went with the crap status quo. Don’t do this, we NEVER need to accept mediocrity from our Self.

It only takes a moment to DECIDE to change, even if we don’t have all the answers yet. I could have EFT’d the symptoms as I perceived them, even without understanding an underlying issue.

I mentioned to someone I was having the worst day I’d had doing this job to-date. But STILL I did not STOP and fix it. 3 minutes later (or less), I accidentally reversed into a tree and damaged the rear bumper of my boss’s vehicle.

My stubbornness had me ‘ignoring’/avoiding/denying (the ‘dark-side’ of the 5) and therefore NOT SUPPORTING my self on a day of CHANGE/EVOLUTION. I did not seek SUPPORT from my Higher Mind, I did not ask for help or for solutions by simply asking “how/what questions” while my feedback was only ‘annoying’ and doing no harm.

My ‘avoidance’ caused harm.  As it does. Always to ourselves, sometimes also effecting others.

Accidents … are never actually ‘accidents’, they are demonstrations of our lower tone emotional state to the same degree ‘Flow’ (the lack of accidents, upsets or dramas) is also a demonstration of our Higher Tone emotional state. When we ALLOW the Flow of our Consciousness, rather than bullying our way forward against our innate/better judgement, we ALLOW the SUPPORT always present. We do need to STOP bullying ourselves long enough to ALLOW the Shift in perception to work, for the paradigm Shift to take effect. I kept on rushing … I kept on TRYING, when everything was telling me to STOP, just for a moment or two, to cause a CHANGE in my perception.

DUE to my wake-up “BANG” into the tree, I started EFTing. Interestingly the Boss rang me after about the 2nd or 3rd EFT (she didn’t know of the ‘accident’ yet) and OFFERED me a CHANGE in the routine. Our Higher Minds synchronising … I took it!

I usually beat myself up when I can see in retrospect that I was not doing as I PREACH AND TEACH. Then I EFT that and stop it. AND realise there is more going on below the surface than I was willing to see, or consciously experience. Yet, I have been saying to anyone who will listen that I intend to live more CONSCIOUSLY NOW that my life is changing so much this month.

Thank goodness I do as I preach when it comes to Creative Goal Setting … because the understanding is all there when I remembered which Area my Goal Folder is open at. But I won’t bore you any further … I have a few more EFTs to do.

Having just typed that … in walks a friend OFFERING SUPPORT (our Higher Minds synchronising) … with a quick Constructive Conversation I have the Answers to my How/What Questions seeking understanding to today’s events.

In a nutshell, when we use communication systems such as numerology, tarot, coin flips, etc, and the Creative Goal Setting Program to help us see/hear and understand messages from our Higher Mind/Consciousness, we set up an effective method of receiving useful information that guides and SUPPORTS us. If we are struggling without the Flow of our Consciousness supporting us, then the ‘dark’ aspects of the numbers will be in play, blocking our personal Progress. If and when we are enjoying the Flow, we are up-tone and taking advantage of the resources already available; things appear to Flow.

For me personally today, I was AVOIDING ALLOWING my own EVOLUTION … my Goal Folder is open at “Self” and I was dropping down through “anger” (took it out on the tree – oops) toward “fear” of the unknown. I know from past experience it takes a fair bit of courage to stand firm in the “Void”, the “Unknown”. The Potential is unlimited, but we need to stand “still” there to experience it, not bully our self to rush about in denial/avoidance.  I like to refer to it as “Dancing in the Void” – the positive opposite to avoidance; embracing our fear of the unknown and staying tuned to knowing our next step!

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