Creative Goal Setting

Our thoughts Create our Reality

We have, we are, our Higher Mind

Today, being a “Master Number” day, is one of those days that remind us we have a “Higher Mind”, a Consciousness, with which to ‘View’ our life, our Earth Walk, with an acute sense of Awareness/Objectivity.
Our Higher Mind is useful for lifting our ‘attention’ higher/above our current emotional state, to objectively see the causes, the pain/delight, and the possibilities/potentials.
To do this, all we need to do is DECIDE to do it. We have always had the ability to do this, but it is not generally taught. If our caregivers were not using their Higher Mind and helping us to do so as children, then we simply were not made aware of it. YET, some of us did this as children regardless – usually if left to play on our own frequently … but most of us dropped it as so few others were taking advantage of this innate skill once we reached school age. If we were kept too busy and/or distracted with extra curricular activities or television, replacing/suppressing our inner Voice/Wisdom, distracted from using our innate intelligence, Consciousness, … we simply did not get to evolve our relationship with it, our own Higher Mind, the cause of our existence on this Earthwalk.
I was left on my own a lot as a young child and as a school age child to deal with the circumstances of my childhood … so I became both aware of my innate intelligence and learned how to trust and use it at will. It is the same ability zen monks spend decades developing … yet, it does not require decades to develop, merely moments to DECIDE to use it. We all have it. It is not a ‘spiritual calling’ … it is our Self, our ‘Cause’ (our ‘because’/reason for being, our Being) calling, supporting us, being both our conscience and our Consciousness, guiding us as individuals.

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