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Our thoughts Create our Reality

Just a Thought ~ 196

We’ve been given the resources and opportunities to do great things, so we can at least do good things while we are PLANNING the greater things.

Yet, so many are distracted and complaining, even blaming and justifying why they can’t do what is Right or good.

Having a Conscience is about knowing Right from wrong.  About doing what is Right, not just for ourselves, but also others.  This includes the way we are thinking of others.  Even more so where there is a bond or connection between people, as this creates a direct link, a channel or pathway … which can too easily be mis-used.

There is a reason for ‘thinking well’ of ourselves and others.  Our Thoughts are the carriers of the electromagnetic fields our emotions consist of.  Our Thoughts direct this energy, pointing it at aspects of our self or others.  So when we are blaming others or justifying to our self our behaviours and/or thinking processes, we are directing abuse, known as emotional abuse.  Bullying.  Equally ‘hurtful’ when directed at our self or others.

AND then we have the Natural Law/Lore of “Cause and Effect” … whatever we DO has consequences.  Thinking is an ACTION.  As is blaming and justifying.

Be AWARE of what your THINKING is CAUSING.  Find out, ask questions, do research and Learn from your experience.

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