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Our Thoughts Create Our reality

Just a Thought ~ 194

What am I going to do now? A great question for our Higher Mind when we are being in Present Time having done the routine tasks that keep things flowing in an orderly fashion for all concerned in the home, workplace, community, group.

And then there are those INSPIRATIONS that cut through the mundane thoughts and actions with a sense of excitement and/or urgency … “DO this NOW!”

When we have a good relationship with our Self, our Higher Mind/Consciousness, we Know when it is INSPIRATION and not just another distraction or method of avoidance … which have their own pattern that can be easily recognised as time and/or effort wasting. Firstly, INSPIRATION and INTUITION have an amazing sense of Timing that does not interfere with getting tasks for a higher good done.

And INSPIRATION is delivered in Present Time with an ACTION and/or ATTITUDE and/or THOUGHT that can be put into practice NOW. Delaying this is denying this.

So my question for you is: What is it you are meant to be doing Now? Today? Based on what you have been learning about yourself and your relationships with others this month?

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