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Our Thoughts Create Our reality

Just a Thought ~ 193

In the same way Thoughts are Creative … they are also Powerful.

Thoughts travel through ‘space’ and ‘time’ … there is no limit to what a Thought can do; there is no limitation to our Imagination either.

Therefore Thoughts should probably come with a warning label … Be Aware of the Intention behind or at the root/core of all Thoughts.

Our intentions vary depending where we are at on the Emotional Tone Scale.  For example, our thoughts are weak with helplessness/hopelessness when we are trapped at ‘Apathy’ .05 on the Scale; yet even then they have Power!  The power to disempower our selves and others from doing Right Action.

I’ll continue with the examples.  When we are Thinking from the emotional tone of ‘Sympathy’ at .9 on the Scale we unconsciously smother our self and/or others with our “good”, but low integrity, intentions … because with ‘sympaths’ it is all about them and their unconscious narcissism.

When we are Thinking from ‘Fear’ at 1.0 on the Scale … we are using our Imagination to prove our point, our justifications … we just want to be believed.

From 1.1, ‘Covert Hostility’, we want to share the hurt, make others feel the pain too.  For many of us, this is just a brief aberration … but not for those who have adopted this vibration more permanently and have become scheming sociopaths out to destroy all higher tone people threatening to block their success by exposing their ploys and schemes to enslave the more apathetic, lower tone, workers, family members, etc.

At least everyone knows our Intentions when we are demonstrating overt ‘Hostility’ at 1.9 on the Scale … because we want them to know we were ‘ANGRY’ (which was back at 1.5) but not enough people noticed then!  As the intensity of ‘anger’ fades somewhat, sometimes we still want others to know just how we felt, so we ‘Antagonise’ at 2.0 on the Scale.  But at least we are travelling in the Right Direction, UP the Emotional Tone Scale.

Once our upset is expressed we become ‘Bored’ at 2.5 at this now-out-of-date reaction and our Intentions morph into more Constructive applications … eventually becoming ‘Interested’ at 2.9 in finding solutions.  As this takes hold we move up to 3.3 on the Scale with ‘Strong Interest’ in causing solutions our self … our inner locus of control kicks in!

AND when we realise we can change the way we are Thinking with our Cognitive Behavioural Techniques, we do, and ‘Cheerfulness’ at 3.5 is achieved … and is so much more fun and easy than all that other guff we’ve been through.

Of course this all takes time … about 30 seconds from the moment we realise we are stuck in a lower tone (anything at or below 2.5 ‘Boredom’).  Yes, that is correct 30 SECONDS.  No, there is no need to ‘process’ our emotions … just LET THEM GO, RELEASE THEM.  TODAY.  NOW.

Those Thoughts of yours are POWERFUL, if you are low tone and Thinking, then you are broadcasting to all and sundry exactly where you are at; not that many really care.  Although those who do appear to care will see it as an opportunity to either use you, to enslave you to do their bidding, or to simply make money out of your emotional state … justifying their ‘business’ in the ‘health’ or ‘healing’ industries.

Take charge of your Thoughts, be the Master of your emotional state, learn about the Emotional Tone Scale and how you can RELEASE your unconscious need to hang out anywhere below ‘Boredom’ or ‘Anger’.  This will require going up and THROUGH ‘Anger’ (not avoiding it like the New Agers insist) and any other emotion above where you are currently at … but that can be fast, fun and/or easy with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  Well, it is when I’m involved!

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