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Our Thoughts Create Our reality

Just a Thought ~ 192

What a GREAT DAY for getting on with it … with whatever it is!  Being ORGANISED, using our IDEAS, taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY – WHOOP WHOOP – it’s all happening NOW!

Is this true for you too?  Or have you fallen into the trap of being a ‘control freak’ and exhausting yourself by ‘micro-managing’ the details today … with an arrogant attitude that tells everyone ‘only you know best’?  This would be the down-sides of the 8 and the 1 combined.

There is a flip side to every coin; a time when we unconsciously get the wrong end of the stick and prod it in the wrong direction at the wrong people for the wrong reasons.  Awareness helps us Deal With our out of date perceptions and beliefs that are sabotaging our ‘NOW’.

If things are not working smoothly, flowing, or progressing with the inherent Consciousness found in any and every moment, interaction, association, experience, … then we need to deal with the subconscious beliefs causing the hold ups, dramas, distractions, upsets, issues, etc.

Or not.  Not everyone is into taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for creating their reality.

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