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Just a Thought ~ 191

I’m just noticing – as it is a GREAT DAY to OBSERVE one’s reality – what is going on for myself based on my reality feedback so far today:  just how often I ‘kill’ that aspect of my Self that plays the role of The Observer.  Whether it be killed, silenced, suppressed, ignored, denied, avoided, …

Rather than acknowledge (and DEAL WITH) what is really going on, it is much easier to just ‘kill the messenger’ … in this case that aspect of our Higher Mind, the Observer.

We are such creatures of habit … when we don’t like what we are seeing, we simply find ways to stop looking.  This is also known as cognitive dissonance.  This term has become quite well known since the internet has offered up real news to discredit the fake news found in mainstream media; as local intelligence/facts are shared internationally on social media.  No not everyone using social media is sharing pictures of their holidays, meals, pets and children; some are using social media to keep their international friends informed of what is really going on worldwide.

While many have succumb to the consumerism malaise, many others have found they can use their own senses, cameras, communication skills, and access to others also with cameras, etc, to work out what is really going on.  All sorts of myths have been debunked from the shape of the earth and the reality of landing vehicles on the moon or any other “planets”, the pharmaceutical industry’s claim to be finding cures and charities claiming to be solving poverty – and so many more examples such as climate change, etc.  It is social engineering going on while people simply hit the “kill switch” and turn on the television for more … social engineering.

On a personal level, we have our usual three part consciousness – body/identity self, Higher Mind/Self, and The Observer aspect of Consciousness that Witnesses both the self/consciousness and Self/Consciousness interacting – but how often do we reduce this to only one part?  Too often.  Whenever it suits body/identity self/consciousness to shrink into “poor me” or “arrogant me” mode (among other modes).

Based on this insight I am moving the “kill switch” (cognitive dissonance habit) out of reach of my body/identity self/consciousness.   I can do this with my mind/Mind by simply having the intention to do so … this is the inherent power of THINKING; no wonder thinking is going out of fashion through the social engineering delivered via religion, politics and education.

For those who have forgotten how to think, don’t panic, we can also use Cognitive Behavioural Techniques to regain our innate Intelligence, such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with a setup phrase such as:  “Even though I am defaulting to cognitive dissonance when confronted with realities I don’t understand, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

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