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Just a Thought ~ 183

Being ORGANISED does not require ‘micro-management’, busyness, or stress … nor does it require that we organise others.  We can help others get organised, when they ask us to.  And we can help children in our care to learn how to be organised – which is very different to organising them!

Being ORGANISED is about setting goals/tasks for our self and following through with them.  As it is out of integrity to set goals for others, we need to simply enjoy the benefits of being organised.  We can all benefit from having good systems and the right tools for the job that needs to be done … this is what being ORGANISED is all about; about having the RESOURCES we require to get the job done.

From the combination of good SYSTEMS and good RESOURCE MANAGEMENT we enjoy ABUNDANCE.  So ABUNDANCE comes from Thinking things through, planning and being resourceful … there is no miracle to WEALTH; just the ACTIONING of personal responsibility … which, if we choose, can be taken that next step to ongoing personal sustainability.

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