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There is a trend, thanks to a bit of social engineering on an international scale, to ‘believe’ THINKING is wrong, bad, unfashionable, non-spiritual, and to be blamed for abolishing FEELINGS and empathy in society.

If you ‘believe’ this, you’ve been successfully programmed by those who are using their THINKING to devise and use ways (think marketing & media) to hoodwink the masses into blindly following their orders, suggestions and social memes … etc.  Concepts such as ‘meditate without thinking’, ‘focus on love’, ‘love everyone’, ‘love is all you need’ … which equates to do nothing; except hand over your money to ‘raising awareness programs for international causes’ (because this will stop you THINKING of constructive things you could be doing locally for your personal ongoing sustainability) …  oh dear, talk about mass hypnosis.  ‘You don’t need to think for yourself, just follow our lead’ say the pied pipers in the media.

In the same way religious folk traditionally used threats and promises of bad and good health and harvests, and punishment/reward in the “after-life” causing a blind faith in an invisible god or two established and managed by men asking for money, land, etc, – the new agers blindly believe the modern rhetoric from a small group of gurus.  These gurus, who are now plainly working hand in hand with leaders of established religions, were only a couple of decades ago in opposition to the traditional religions … they were building an alternative religion.  ‘For those who no longer ‘believe’ in an invisible god, we now have a visible “Mother Earth”/”Gaia” goddess’.  Oh, they’re slick!  Either way the result is the same:  an external locus of control.  A manufactured faith in an external saviour, event, or force, that will somehow miraculously resolve all suffering.  Oh, by the way, if you are not into the whole Mother Earth being able to save you, because of the whole “climate change” catastrophe being marketed, then there is always the aliens that can come and rescue, or destroy, you … take your pick; we are no longer limited to ‘one size fits all’ … you have a choice – just don’t THINK about it all.

Obviously, for these new and established religions to work (while surreptitiously using money and power/authority over the way their congregations are to think), they must make sure the masses are not THINKING the rhetoric/scriptures/etc through with any intelligence.

Much of the ‘suffering’ suffered by people is actually caused by the ‘engineers’ of the international economic scarcity/poverty model we’ve been tricked into accepting.  Both religion and the money lenders (and politics) combined they power.  Now of course we have the addition of corporations; the pharmaceutical industry’s miraculous promises of “healing” from said suffering (while the population becomes more ill by the week with their ‘medications’), the technology industries promise to cause some sort of work-less utopia on Earth (yet those not working are bullied endlessly), etc …

Yet many a psychologist (but not psychiatrists making money from pushing mind altering drugs) will be the first to agree that anyone suffering depression and/or anxiety (and many physical ailments proven to heal with a proper change in lifestyle) need an internal locus of control so they can help themselves cope with day to day issues.

An internal locus of control … an innate Intelligence, recognition/cognition, of our own ability to self motivate by THINKING, ANALYSING, DISCERNING, and then behaving in accordance with our own LOGICAL CONCLUSIONS that also take into account how we are FEELING.  You know, our FEELINGS, those physical sensations SENSED with our SENSES and used to experience life on this Earth Plane.

The very SENSES we have been convinced are useless, not to be trusted, and relegated to early childhood experience along with IMAGINATION.  Although sadly, daily ‘daycare’ of children with non-family members inside clinically clean, strictly regimented, predominantly indoor environments with  groups of same aged peers (therefor learning about the world with and from other 1, 2, 3 year olds), and then the balance of their non-sleep hours spent on screens, is fast destroying any development, cognition, and use of SENSES in children.

I’m one of these odd people who still uses their senses and innate intelligence.  To be honest, I’m feeling lonely as I don’t meet many like-minded folk.  There are others, who briefly show an interest in the way I THINK and FEEL and Share, before going back to their ‘busyness’ lifestyles.  Drawn back into the ‘need’ to conform, perform and be uniform with the overall plan of financial slavery and never ending consumerism.

Luckily I have cognitive behavioural techniques, Creative Goal Setting program, the Emotional Freedom Technique, gardening and other creative outlets such as knitting, sewing, writing, etc, to take my THOUGHTS and FEELINGS back to Higher Emotional Tones.  In other words I can use my inner locus of control to resolve this feeling of loneliness … aloneness … in this increasingly narcissistic ‘western’/statism society so hooked on being enslaved to consumerism … as planned and orchestrated by a small group of psychopaths … and further encouraged by the gatekeepers of this ‘brave new world’ by manipulative sociopaths enjoying this pain and suffering in their modern world of corporatocracy.

I’ll use my cognitive behavioural techniques to deal with my personal pain and suffering in this ‘modern world’, then get on with DREAMING/THINKING/IMAGINING my self using courage to walk toward a Reality of emotional FREEDOM in which a conscious use of ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘freedom of passage’ prevails.

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