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Just a Thought ~ 181

It is not up to us to tell another “The Way” as though it is ‘Their Way’ too. There is always going to be Our Way and then everyone else’s Way. It is an Individual experience. An Individual’s opportunity to gain experience and wisdom based on their own way of handling all that their life has to offer.

We are going to see another’s Way through our eyes, with our subconscious beliefs overlaying what we are observing. From this we are going to make decisions about how they ‘should’ be travelling along their Way; but our Way is not the only Way.

We may be fortunate enough to be asked how we’d travel such a Way, in which case we have the opportunity to reply with our observations. But it is up to them how to apply this to their Way, if at all.

Life on Earth provides plenty of ‘obstacles’ along our Way, so the Taoists suggest we be like a river or stream: to Flow over and/or around the obstacles and continue on our Way. It is not “going with the Flow” it is BEING THE FLOW. Flowing is preferable to being distracted by an obstacle, going into battle with the obstacle, or any other form of emotional attachment or reaction we may experience to there being an obstacle in our Way.

We all need to learn how to recognise ‘obstacles’ one way or another. Which is a good reason why we should not interfere with another’s Way of learning. Yes, we can often see when another is doing some sort of battle with an ‘obstacle’, or waylaid/distracted by an obstructive situation/association … but unless we have permission to intervene, it is not our Way, so not our automatic right to offer unsolicited advice. When others are asking us to, consciously or unconsciously involving us, help them with their Way … then we can speak up with empathy, compassion and care.

As adults we teach children our ways of coping with opportunities and distractions (consciously or not) … and then the children become teenagers and show us what they have learned. If people have been telling them what ‘Their Way’ should be, there is likely to be a rebellion at some point (early or late teens … or later). Whereas if the adults in their life have shared all sorts of constructive ways to cope, the next generation will be well prepared and able to find ‘their Way’ smoothly, and harmony is likely to prevail … Flow.

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