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Our Thoughts Create Our reality

Just a Thought ~ 180

Our reality is formed by our subconsciously stored beliefs and emotions when our innate Intelligence is impaired/blocked/limited by these same accumulated emotions forming our emotional state, attitude. This is our default setting when we leave the ‘auto-pilot’ on and in control of our life.

Hence the need for a TRANSFORMATION or a personal EVOLUTION. Continuing to run our lives based on emotions stored in our subconscious mind during childhood, and all those years of schooling/entrainment, can be detrimental to our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing long term.

THOUGHTS cause our emotions … based on information previously gathered, perceptions, beliefs, etc (all thoughts/thinking processes) and then the decisions (thoughts) we make in the moment as to how to react (emotionally) to any situation/association. Thoughts are the underlying cause of our reality.

Our feelings (which when combined with thoughts form emotions which are then stored in our subconscious mind) are felt on the physical level and interpreted with our THOUGHTS/THINKING. Mastering our THINKING at this early stage of an emotion’s development is key to living life from higher up the Emotional Tone Scale. With integrity and constructive creativity.

Ignoring our thoughts is to our own detriment. We need to practice AWARENESS of our thoughts, and feelings, to gain MASTERY over our THINKING so we can Consciously decide and choose a reality that actually works for us for the Higher Good of all (without causing any harm).

We can be more clever than those around us programmed by religions and the new age movement (a modern boundary-less religion) with their emotive concepts of “oneness”, “love and light”, etc, – as promoted by a hand-full of new age gurus with books and movies like “the secret” and the usual heads of religions.

We can choose to THINK constructively and intelligently (without emotional interference). This does not take away our ability to be compassionate, caring and sharing. And we can THINK beyond the grip of the current emotive scarcity based economics using terror (emotion) to herd the non-thinkers into ‘consciously’ [vaguely] consenting to lifelong financial slavery.

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