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Just a Thought ~ 179

What if (a good way to start a how/what question when requiring answers!) … What if I’ve been looking at this issue from the ‘wrong’ perspective?!! What if I need to SHIFT my Awareness to a Higher Perspective and look at my life from an “overall” point of view?! What if I’ve been only focusing on the micro when a snapshot of the macro can give me some very useful instant feedback?!
To do this, I need to step aside from my feelings and emotions momentarily. As in, I need to ignore them for a minute and see what ‘direction’ my life is currently taking. This requires objectivity – no emotions – just clear THINKING. I need to take stock occasionally to assure myself that I am currently behaving with integrity to my Personal Values and walking my talk, behaving congruently, toward my Expectations and aspirations/dreams I have been writing for my self.
OK, it would help if you had a Goal Folder … a Creative Goal Setting Program … to record your hopes and expectations for this Earth Walk you are participating in. In fact, it is moments like these that we really appreciate the time we have taken to note these important things down so we can feel assured we are making Progress through the otherwise mundane aspects of life on Earth (interspersed with high points of course!).
How would one know if they didn’t keep some sort of record? Oh that’s right, the media has an answer for that: money and employment qualifications … and more recently fitness/health …
What if I was to say to you, there is more to life than money and employment (and whatever else they are promoting on television) … and that regardless of our fitness/health we can still be Progressing our personal evolution, our reason for creating this body on this plane.
The distinction here is that we can really benefit as Individuals when we create our own measures, rather than simply defaulting to society’s socially engineered memes.
Just sayin’ …
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