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Just a Thought ~ 177

Assuming everyone who is offering us their SUPPORT is honest with no hidden agenda is, as it turns out, simply too naive.

If like me you have a set of personal values that include INTEGRITY, CONGRUENCY, HONESTY, or something similar, and you are known to demonstrate these in your daily life, then you too may be as shocked as I when someone consciously sets out to sabotage your day, life … general Progress and/or wellbeing.

I know right, who would do such a thing?!!

Apparently being a fine upstanding emotionally mature Individual can be rather threatening to some others.

OR extremely useful to them!!!

Have you ever been ‘monopolised’?  Kept as someone’s “best kept secret” hidden away or openly bragged about but kept on a short invisible leash until you feel uncomfortable about contacting your friends, colleagues, and family?

To the point that those who could help you see what is going on are now public enemy number 1 to your new warden … and therefore you too.  Because you find yourself keeping the peace … unaware (at least initially) that your circle of influence is dwindling.

Have you noticed how it has become too hard to keep up with your friends or make new ones, that it is simply easier to hang out with your new warden who has surreptitiously bound you to them, your home, or some other convenient location to them.

What other symptoms of being emotionally monopolised are your experiencing?  Are you too exhausted (it takes a lot of energy to deal with their demands of us) to do the things your really want to do or have usually done in the past?  Are you making excuses to not participate … but interestingly these excuses seem to reflect just what the warden was saying only the other day (or again this morning)?  Are you starting to believe that life wouldn’t be as good if it wasn’t for their SUPPORT they’ve been tirelessly providing for you??? … because you couldn’t have done all this on your own …???

UH OH … it is time to re-evaluate this relationship.  Are you spending too much time with a narcissist?  A sociopath?  A low tone person who is either consciously or unconsciously suppressing you (keeping you low tone, tired, depressed, anxious, grieving, etc) so you will keep them company in their drama and/or misery?

It is time to COMMUNICATE with your Higher Mind and ask your Self directly for the Right SUPPORT rather than letting others (consciously or unconsciously) use you and/or destroy you.  It is time to realise that you, as an Individual, do have what it takes to SUPPORT your self.  Using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques such as Creative Goal Setting and the Emotional Freedom Technique help us to climb up out of these awkward and hurtful associations.

Not all people are out to get us, nor simply just using us for their own agenda.  But we do need to move away from, spend less time with, those who are monopolising us and therefore blocking our view of the good people in our reality.

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