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Our Thoughts Create Our reality

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Are you choosing CONSCIOUSNESS over passive acceptance?
Are you Observing others in your immediate reality? Being aware of their thoughts, feelings, behaviours, their overall health, wellbeing and attitude to life? … including insignificant others in the media – made artificially significant with their ‘celebrity status’ so we unconsciously absorb their ‘values’/’messages’/programming.
Turn off the media and simply DEAL WITH the real people (and other aspects of your environment).
By Observing others we are also Observing aspects of our self. Others are part of our Reality … and our Reality is OUR REALITY. Meaning, our Reality is a Feedback Loop as to what is currently stored in our subconscious mind; showing us our doubts and fears, our clarity and successes.
There is no accident with the outcomes in our life. Our life is a direct result of the thoughts, beliefs and decisions stored in our subconscious mind; whether consciously chosen (by design) or unconsciously ABSORBED from our environment.
Today is always a great day for gaining CLARITY over confusion.

Use the EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, to DEAL WITH what you see others doing, being, and saying in your reality.

As we peel off that layer of “Even though so & so is doing/being/saying such & such, I deeply and completely love and accept myself” … we Create the Opportunity to Observe how we are doing/being/saying something similar. Which of course we would then have the good sense to EFT that as well!

Although this is only appropriate when we notice we are in an emotional reaction to another’s behaviour.  No reaction = not our problem!!!

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