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Our Thoughts Create Our reality

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It takes a fair bit of mental effort to Witness the ways we sabotage our self.

Yes, it is our THINKING that is at fault, because we can so easily think in ways that are destructive, processing ideas emotionally and actioning them according to a lower emotional tone is going to suppress our Innate Intelligence. But that does not automatically mean THINKING is wrong in any way.

It means we need to Observe our emotions and how they are affecting our THINKING. Which is why it is so important to FEEL our Feelings, to KNOW how we are FEELING in any given moment. This does not mean we use a blanket approach to our feelings and choose a generalised emotion to label where we are currently at. It means we actually FEEL how our body is FEELING in this Present Moment. As in where it aches, tingles, tightens or feels relaxed and easy, and we learn how to associate our THOUGHTS/THINKING with these FEELINGS – they are very much connected.

With this level of Awareness we don’t become ‘stuck’ in any one Emotional Tone on the Scale; we float up and down according to the ideas we are having/sharing and how we relate to them based on our past experience and how we have dealt with these concepts in the past. And to the degree we have since Cleared any emotional attachment to those outcomes, we can rise up the Emotional Tone Scale and use our Intelligence rather than our out-of-date emotional reactions. This is Constructive Thinking.

Constructive Thinking needs to be mastered by practicing it until we can trust ourselves not to be mislead with our excuses and reasons that actually suppress our Individual Evolution, personal development and/or emotional maturation. Basically in the same way we learn to recognise when others are using ‘lame excuses’ and/or blame and justification to avoid being REAL, in Present Time, or to deal with their pain (in whatever form it is taking).

Learning how to read our ‘Reality Feedback’ (as I call it in the Creative Goal Setting Workbook) … ‘Universal Feedback’ is another widely used term … our environment, including our body … Provides us with Direct Communication with our Higher Mind. By Observing the feedback we are getting from our FEELINGS (and other aspects of our environment) we can see the direct correlation our THOUGHTS, FEELINGS and BEHAVIOURS have on our Reality, our physical, emotional and mental environment.

To start with, keep it simple. With questions that attract ‘yes/no’ Answers from our Higher Mind/Intuition … coin toss, pendulum, however you wish to do it. Such as “Has my general wellbeing improved since I started this course/relationship/job/house sharing/…?” If you don’t like the answer, then you know it is time to ask some How/What Questions to attract some practical solutions to help you change it.

Our Higher Mind is always available to help us when we make our self [emotionally] available (feels slightly vulnerable/humble) and aware (feels innately intelligent) enough to ask these how/what questions.

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