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Our thoughts Create our Reality

Just a Thought ~ 163

Those emotional reactions stemming from our lower emotional tones can really throw a spanner in the Works of our Higher Mind.

We really do already have the RESOURCES we require, but most of us have been CONvinced that there is immense scarcity on this physical plane known as Planet Earth.  It was, and still is, simply a marketing scam; a way to make everyone want to spend more money, work harder, and pay more taxes …

Each time I cut open another piece of fruit or vegetable I marvel at the number of seeds … there is no such thing as ‘scarcity’.  ‘Scarcity’ is a construct of the human mind that blinds and binds so many of us into servitude, slavery, to the almighty dollar, pound, yen, etc.

Choose to see, and even record, the abundance you can see, touch and experience on a daily basis .. and experience a shift in your reality.  If in doubt, ask your Higher Mind to show you HOW to access this abundance, and WHAT constitutes abundance.

Become AWARE and change the programming of your subconscious mind.

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