Creative Goal Setting

Our thoughts Create our Reality

Just a Thought ~ 152

“Hope” …. some say it is a misleading emotional void, a useless space with no pragmatic present time application. I disagree.

“Hope” … is an attitude we can adopt; a set of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that inspire ‘Right actions’ toward an ideal, a DREAM, or a goal.

In other words hope motivates us in the Right direction at the Right time for the Right reasons … even if only to discover the goal/vision/desire was never going to work out. Without hope we have less reason to be proactive in Creating a reality we want to experience.

A decision to go for something, to explore an idea, is better than no decision at all. And a decision is not a decision until it has been acted upon/demonstrated.

We can dare to DREAM our DREAMS, to cause our self to HOPE. Then add useful constructive thinking, proactive actions, and CLEAR the subconscious mind of any out-of-date beliefs and emotional attachments that are in the way of receiving that which we are aiming/hoping for.

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