Creative Goal Setting

Our thoughts Create our Reality

Just a Thought ~ 142

What constitutes a healthy BALANCE for one person is not necessarily going to apply to anyone else.

We need to set up an inner dialogue with our Higher Mind, our Self, so we can enjoy a two-way communication that allows for both our Higher Good and the materialisation of our desired outcomes.

This of course works well in any relationship … yet, to truly contribute our most sane version of our self to others, we need to first know our self, our personal values and expectations – without setting goals for others in the process. This is where the inner dialogue works it’s magic! Miracles even!

We benefit from knowing what our Middle Way looks and feels like so we can comfortably Progress without being distracted or sidetracked by our own emotional reactions or other people’s opinions.

Know thy Self and Know they Mission … purpose for this Earth Walk! Yeah sure, it will change and evolve over time … but only as we Progress through each stage/level and take personal responsibility for the experiences along the way.

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