Creative Goal Setting

Our thoughts Create our Reality

Just a Thought ~ 106

Creating an UNDERSTANDING of how we came to be here with this particular FAMILY is a worthwhile pursuit.

In my experience, the Higher the Emotional Tone we are demonstrating, the broader our UNDERSTANDING, COMPASSION, and EMPATHY, for others becomes. To the point in which we can consciously communicate with the Higher Mind of another and discover the eternal relationship we have been experiencing; this then provides a profound depth and higher meaning to the current roles we are playing in each others’ lives.

FAMILIES … so much to be gained in UNDERSTANDING the complex dynamics in these intrinsically entwined relationships. And so many opportunities for us to LEAD THE WAY, as an INDIVIDUAL, in demonstrating emotional maturity in handling these significant relationships; these sacred contracts drawn up as we made the DECISION to place a marker/body on this board game called Life on Earth.

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