Creative Goal Setting

Our thoughts Create our Reality

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Constructive Conversations … the one’s you have when you are intent on raising the emotional tone of the situation. Usually helped with a few How and/or What Questions asked of our self and others.
A Constructive Conversation involves listening and asking, sharing and caring … but no new age ‘processing’. ‘Processing’ is not Constructive – it is simply a form of ruminating which keeps one emotionally stuck in the lower emotional tones.
A Constructive Conversation involves Higher Mind Intelligence and feelings in present time along with the ability to Observe any emotions (stored thoughts, feelings and associated behaviours) that switch the conversation to a lower emotional tone. At which point a quick intervention can be used to DEAL WITH (thereby COMPLETING the past) the emotional trigger – done in less than a minute when using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – before resuming the conversation/story.
Anything learned (by all involved) can be added to our Creative Goal Setting Program in which we are accumulating our wisdom instead of rerunning addictive out-of-date beliefs and behaviours.
There is more information on the Emotional Freedom Technique, Emotional Tone Scale, and Creative Goal Setting at
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