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November 2016

11November, the 11th month of the year.  11 is a Master Number and not reduced down to a single digit like other numbers.  So instead of this month being another 2 Month like February in which we learned to ALLOW others to SUPPORT us as we too offered SUPPORT to others; we are presented this month with a new level of SUPPORT.

November 2016 comes with the added Power of being an 11 even when added to the Universal Year, 1+1 + 2+0+1+6 = 11.  So we have a double whammy 11 Month!  Read the following, then DOUBLE the POWER inherent in the meaning you glean from this message/communication!

An 11 Month is all about ALLOWING our Higher Mind to SUPPORT us in whatever form we are ready to accept.  It is time to tune into the SUPPORT we are already providing ourselves via our very own personal powerhouse of energy, ideas and consciousness, to fulfill our hopes and dreams.  It is time to COMMUNICATE with our very own Higher Mind; our Consciousness.

We exist, therefore we are Consciousness … a Creative Intelligence, a Higher Mind … for those of us out of touch with our Mind, we may prefer to call it our Higher Self or the spiritual aspect of our mentality.  It doesn’t matter how we refer to it … it is right here, right now and fulfilling the goals of our emotions, feelings, thoughts, and actions with consequences/outcomes based on whatever we have accumulated in our eternal subconscious mind … our personal storage of experience that spans lifetimes.

So what is it that you have been hoping for since the first year of your Personal 9 Year cycle (add your day of birth, month of birth and this year – 2016 – to know what Personal Year you are currently in).  Or what have you been hoping for since January this year, and/or more recently since October this year?  Yes, we have just had another month to evaluate our goals, to clear away any clutter that was in the way of choosing what is right for us now.

It is important to dig a little, to get to know thyself.  If you don’t know what you really want to experience, how can your Higher Mind deliver something you will value?  If you are simply waiting around for some sort of divine intervention to show you the way … you may be asking for an uncomfortable “wake-up” call.  What if you consciously chose what you want to experience instead?!  You could choose to evolve the situation you are in now into something even better (without setting goals for anyone else of course).

AND THEN enjoy ALLOWING your Higher Mind to deliver the results and/or some very useful COMMUNICATION … in an ongoing cycle of empowerment; an upward spiral of personal development.  Are you used to using your INTUITION?  Are you in the habit of putting your INSPIRATIONS into action?  Well, November is the month to hone your skills even further … it is the month of psychic communication, psychic support … of interventions from our own Higher Mind supporting our inner locus of control; our own ability to cause/create our reality.

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