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Our thoughts Create our Reality

‘Conditions’ can be released

owl11We can release our emotional attachment to all the ‘conditions’ we’ve adopted as our reality.  AND oh what a tangled web of ‘conditions’ we weave!  Eeeck, let’s let that ‘condition’ go!  Quick!  Get the detangler!  Or just start weaving a Clearer web of reality, whichever is easier and more fun!

Conditions are aspects of our reality … if we don’t like them we can Constructively Think about CHANGING them.  Not by changing them per se, the external condition we are experiencing, but by changing OUR reality of our ‘conditions’; OUR relationship with them.

Just to pick one:  The passing of time is a ‘condition’ we have adopted.  Ever noticed how this ‘condition’ can change depending on our attitude?  When we are anticipating a future event (another condition) the experience of how ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ time (which is a condition) appears to ‘pass’ depends on our attitude; our thoughts, emotions and behaviours.  Children tend to highlight this while waiting for what has been promised or threatened; time “drags on” or “flies by”.

So, ‘time’ is not a condition unless/until we make it one; or simply adopt the current collective thought/thinking on this topic.  We can choose to drop the preconceived attitude to time and SWITCH/SHIFT into NOW; into Present Time and bask in … whatever it is you want to design as your experience of present time.

Everything that is conceivable (imaginable) exists as a potential and therefore is available in our reality as a condition; an outcome.  Regarding time, you can only comprehend the possibility of time being different to what you have been taught, if you choose to rethink it, or comprehend the nature of time as being different to what you have been taught.  Time is an adopted condition that we are participating in.  It is a flexible thought-construct that can be changed by changing our thinking of it, our STATE of Mind/Being of it … our electromagnetic frequency in regard to it, our emotional attachment to it.  This goes for the physical density of material bodies too, not just thought-constructs on the mental level regarding metaphysical things like time, spirituality, etc.  Hence we have levitation – the ability to ‘float’/’fly’ an object and/or our body by CHANGING our reality of it, relationship to it, emotional attachment to it as we then ‘write a new script’ for its behaviour/condition in our reality.

‘Conditions’ are not (as we’ve been led to believe by family, schooling, etc) ‘if-then’, ’cause and effect’, statements that separate having and not having.  They are just other outcomes caused by our thinking, out of an infinite number of possible outcomes.  These possible outcomes do not actually exist as conditions – they exist as just other possible existences – until we DECIDE (consciously or unconsciously) they are now our conditions, experiences in our reality.  So we do NOT have to pass through them, learn from them, process them … unless we beLIEve (decide) in them as conditions we want to pass through, learn from, etc … at which point we Create them to be so.

We can simply CHOOSE to release the condition, the thought/emotion/electro-magnetic field that attaches us, our conscious mind, to their possible existence; thus creating a void that can be Creatively filled with what we REALLY want.

I am fully aware that we have been ‘conditioned’ to beLIEve in “cause and effect” based on physical, emotional and mental causations (apart from all the spiritual/religious stuff that just happens to fit into the mentally constructed conditions category like ‘time’ for example).  AND I am aware in writing this post I am upholding the ‘condition’ that “Our Thoughts are Creating our reality” … yet, this is done with FULL COGNITION, consciousness, of the Constructive Value adopting this CORE/underpinning/underlining condition creates.  The locus of control this ‘condition’ Provides me as an Individual is worthy of keeping as a Personal Value.  There have been times over the decades when I have insisted this be a core value for others too, based on my certainty of its validity – today, I stand as corrected for “setting goals for others”.  Now, it is merely a ‘condition’ I choose to keep in my reality; that underpins all my blog posts, so now you have been notified I am no longer setting goals for you and others, just sharing my experience of this condition I consciously adopted decades ago!  Take it or leave it! 🙂

Conditionality does not exist on its own.  We have designed/adopted conditionality as we perceive it, experience it, in our reality.  What we call a condition is not a condition – it is just another one of infinite possible existences/experiences, and it does not exclude us from having other existences/experiences.  It merely SHOWS US what we have been beLIEving to-date.

Outside circumstances/conditions can only affect us as far as we allow them to do so.  I know all the usual arguments, but Marianne: “I am dying within the week because all the vital organs of my body are riddled with cancer, there is nothing I can do to change this ‘condition’ as you call it.”  My response:  If you say so.  Do YOU want to change this outcome/condition of a cancer riddled body?  If you do, REALLY do, you can.  It stands to reason that you have had opportunities to DEAL with this “cancer” condition BEFORE it became fatal; WHAT STOPPED you from taking Personal Responsibility about this sooner?  We need to know that emotional/electro-magnetic field ‘condition’ before we can CHANGE the physical ‘cancer condition’ as it is the glue that keeps us STUCK to the ‘cancer’ condition/outcome.  As we become aware of EACH condition/aspect that led to this current outcome we can DEAL WITH THEM – NOW – release them NOW – they are still only ‘conditions’, regardless of how much emotion we have invested in them.  The moment we divest/stop our emotion/beLIEf in the condition, the ‘condition’ switches back to being a possibility (which it was all along, but we became emotionally attached to it and beLIEved it to be our reality).

Continuing on with the condition:  “Our Thoughts are Creating our reality” … The outer environment and conditions of a person are always related to the person’s inner states and thoughts to-date.  It is through the environment and conditions (reality) that a person creates experiences and then discovers their thoughts and states as stored in their subconscious mind.  This is made possible by the ‘condition’ that this reality, without error, fashions the environment and conditions that a person has; originating from their conscious and subconscious thoughts and emotional states of being.  In this “Thoughts are Creating our reality” ‘condition’/reality, a person is always in the perfect setting to see and experience themselves, to change and emotionally mature.  It is in recognising and using this perfect system/reality/condition that a person can direct and quicken their Progress in experiencing wellbeing and wealth (abundant health, comfort, etc across all 12 Areas of Life).

But it is up to us as Individuals to adopt such a ‘condition’ as a ‘beLIEf’.  To have faith is such a ‘condition’.  If you think you would like to, but now you are suspicious it would be a bit flimsy as you now know it is only a possibility – experiment with it, try it on for size; DEMONSTRATE its validity by USING/ACTIONing it.  ALL conditions are possible; there are no exceptions to this now that you have read this far!  UNLESS, at this point you adamantly decide this is all BS (Belief Systems) and therefore not appropriate within your reality!  You may even have a strong case/opinion against this possibility!

But Marianne:  “They are evicting us from our home this afternoon!”  My response:  If you want to change this currently scary/emotionally loaded condition into an outcome worthy of the Personal Expectations and Personal Values you now realise you ‘should’ have previously DECIDED upon – then you had best get to work on becoming CLEAR on what Distinctions constitute YOUR CONDITIONS from now on; your preferred Personal Values and Expectations on how life should/could be perceived in your reality NOW!  According to my ‘condition’, you have simply materialised the sum of your thoughts, fears and doubts, as stored in your subconscious mind, to-date.  The good news is; you may also be about to materialise landing on your feet in an even BETTER situation/condition, as dreamt up and also stored in your subconscious mind.

Procrastination/apathy/unconsciousness/unawareness gets us into these apparently negative ‘conditions’ initially; yet our own ACTIONS from a Higher Emotional Tone turn the situation/condition into a set of WONDERFUL Constructive conditions in Present Time ~ IF we allow this ‘condition’ of course.  Although apathetic “helplessness”/”hopelessness” also works if we have also Created ‘being rescued’ as a condition in our reality; as this is not one of my preferred conditions it is no longer stored for my further use (even though it pops up for review every so often)!  These writings, blog posts, are for those choosing the ‘condition’ of taking Personal Responsibility, quite the opposite of the ‘conditions’ brought on by apathy found low on the Emotional Tone Scale – yet Personal Responsibility is never out of apathy’s reach EVER … its just that the ‘condition’ of the emotion apathy would CHANGE/evolve to a higher tone emotion in the process!  This is based on the ‘condition’ which is true in my reality, that we CAN ALL CHANGE OUR THOUGHTS, and therefore our conditions, and our reality.

Therefore, in my reality on a practical level, I would be suggesting to someone in this ‘condition’ of EMERGEncy, to take 10 minutes out of packing personal belongings to WRITE/RECORD what it is they NOW REALLY want as their reality ~ without going into denial or avoidance; there is no time for that emotional new age processing NON-SENSE (over-rated condition) ever!  In my opinion.

So the current emotions, emotional attachments, would need to be DEALT with NOW.  Luckily it only takes about 30 seconds to do a round of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – so no excuses (and yes we can do these with/for others if we are there to help in such an EMERGEncy)!  We’d start with a set-up phrase like:  “Even though I/we are being evicted from my/our home today, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”  The sentence on its own won’t help much, it requires the Personally Responsible ACTION of SHIFTING/correcting the emotion, the electromagnetic field, that is blocking our Intelligence from Flowing in this situation/’condition’ ~ so do the ACTIONS of tapping on the pressure points as suggested by Gary Craig.

It may only take one round of EFT to get our Intelligence back in charge of Creating our reality again, or it may take a few more rounds of EFT ~ either way taking Personal Responsibility for Creating the ‘condition’ in the first place helps put us in control of CHANGING it.  That leaves a few minutes to find pen and paper to keep with us as the day Progresses on which we can start describing the IDEAL living environment/conditions for our self, and those dependent upon us, WHILE we take Personal Responsibility for packing our belongings and handling (IE: DEALING WITH) the emotions of those relying on us in this EMERGEncy.  Being sure to EFT statements like:  “But I really wanted to stay living here” with a set up phrase such as “Even though I really wanted to stay living here, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”  Keep on DEALING with the emotions as they arise quickly and effectively without ‘buying into them’ emotionally, without denying, avoiding, or allowing them to take over.

Yes, you too can choose the ‘condition’ of remaining calm and experiencing the Flow of your Higher Intelligence in the face of adversity!  Another ‘condition’ I have adopted:  “When our emotions are up, our Intelligence is down … when our Intelligence is up, our emotions are down!”  I have Robert Kiyosaki to thank for this great ‘condition’ I chose to adopt decades ago.

From ANY set of ‘conditions’ we are always going to have the Opportunity to EMERGE from whatever got us into this situation/association to where we REALLY want to Be ~ that is:  if this ‘condition’ pleases you as it does I!  We just need to be willing to STOP BLAMING external ‘conditions’ long enough to “own them”/be responsible for them and see we can CHANGE them to our advantage, or release them entirely.  Whether that requires (in this example) doing so from a new address or experiencing a CHANGE in conditions in our current address (the one we were being evicted from) – needs to happen without setting goals for others, without setting goals for the people doing the ‘evicting’; they are only doing so in response to OUR CONDITIONS, they are only playing a part in OUR REALITY.  So it is not ‘them’ we need to change, it is our preconceived conditions that need changing at the point of conception – yes, you guessed it – our thoughts.

This is also a ‘condition’ we can apply to those pesky bigger picture ‘conditions’ we don’t like ‘seeing’ in our larger reality; such as destructive governing bodies, destructive corporations, destructive people.  Without setting goals for others we can start spinning a web of reality that we REALLY do want to experience.  Firstly by releasing our emotional attachments to the current ‘conditions’ we’ve conceived.  These attachments include our emotional attachment to blaming, justifying, arguing, controlling, intervening, in other people’s thinking, emotions, behaviours/attitudes.  Yep, this sure has become a “normal” ‘condition’ in my reality!  It seems everyone has an opinion on everything – most of all:  ME!  WOOOO WHOOOOO and what an entertaining ongoing ‘condition’ this has been!

It has been the realisation/discovery of this adopted ‘condition’, that has led me to this blog post.  To detangle myself from this worrisome web of ‘conditions’ as set out for me (and many others it appears) to adopt.  Pffffft !!  Luckily I have some pre-chosen Constructive ‘conditions’ of my own!  From those described above, such as my “Thought is Creating my reality” and The Emotional Tone Scale (and a few other core ones), through to practical actions (Cognitive Behavioural Techniques) I can immediately participate in Creating my Reality with tools such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for releasing the conditions I don’t want, AND my Creative Goal Setting (CGS) Program for describing conditions I do want!

Marianne 🙂
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