Creative Goal Setting

Our thoughts Create our Reality

Deliberate Design

owl6 We think a lot of thoughts per day, some we are conscious of, but most we are not.

Some are repetitive, some are mundane, and some are more creative (in the sense of dreaming up a different dinner menu or designing a garden bed).  Some thoughts are spontaneous, some are simply reacting to what is in ‘front’ of us AND/OR what is stored as a subconscious memory and being ‘triggered’ by what is in ‘front’ of us.  Some are accepting/allowing, some are analysing/discerning; thus being more a process of thinking rather than a random experience.

And all are based on our experience and conditioning to-date; that is until we choose to take 100% Personal Responsibility for them.

By becoming Aware of our thoughts we can wake up and become the deliberate designer of our life.  We can sift through our many thoughts and deliberately discern whether each thought is to our overall benefit or not.  Whether the thought is Constructive or destructive.

For this to work well, we need to have a planned outcome, goal(s), vision … a set of Personal Expectations and Values … to use as our guide.  I use Creative Goal Setting for this purpose.  Otherwise we are simply torturing ourselves unnecessarily … or using someone else’s values and expectations which would be based on their family/cultural superstitions, their personal entrainment … or at best their personal experience of THEIR reality.  Or worse, we could be allowing ourselves to be swept up in the propaganda being deliberately designed and ‘marketed’ to the masses to block/withhold this simple Truth of our Personal Power being inherent in our Thinking, in our Mind.

As an Individual you hold the key to changing, designing, Creating your personal experience of your entire reality; but this is one of the best kept secrets of our age.

You won’t know if this is true until you commit to using it; until you actually become Aware of your thoughts, make them Constructive, and become the deliberate designer of your life.

Marianne 🙂
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