18 April 2014

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and daily numerology combined for: 18 April 2014 ~

1 + 8   +   4   +   2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 20, 2 + 0 = (2)

{9}            4                  7

9   –   4              4   –   7

5               –             3  =  [2]

“Even though its up to me to Support [2] my own endeavours by assisting (2) my self on my own project completions {9}, I deeply and completely love and accept my Self.”   Progressing ♥

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212. Consciousness as Empathy

  • Posted on April 17, 2014 at 9:06 pm

Thought 212When I greet you I am tuning into you on more than one level.

When I ask questions like:  “Hello, how are you?”  “How is your health?”  “What have you been up to lately?”  The first “you” I’m talking to is: You, the Observer … your Consciousness.  Basically I’m asking for a “report” and/or an “update” on your reality!  Thus the beginning, or continuation, of what’s known as a “Shared Reality”.

A Shared Reality is also known as a relationship and/or association.  Without a Shared Reality, there is no current relationship.  This is often the demise of an otherwise great friendship or partnership.

Back to when I first meet up with someone …

The next interesting concept that pops for me with these first two or three questions is that we demonstrate a Shift in Awareness when answering them.  We know we are not our health (albeit unconsciously) because when we answer this question, we scan/Observe our body’s health and give a report (or not) in answer.  We take a moment to Observe our body’s health; well, people who are not too caught up in their emotions do anyway.

It is this Aspect of our Self that Observes, that is our Consciousness.  We can strike up a conversation with this Aspect of our Self.  Most of us would agree that we are not our job/career … that our job is something we do/have, but it is not Us.  Again, the Aspect of Us that is Observing our self’s job/career is our Consciousness.

This Aspect of our Self is our best friend!  This is the Inner Voice so many talk about.  The Voice of our Consciousness that I like to mention!

The Voice of our Consciousness can be heard at any time in any place in any situation and/or association.  We can shut It out, ignore It, but It’s always there regardless ~ albeit silently without words.  The Voice of our Consciousness needs no special method, language or place to be heard or to Speak.

When we are not directly aware of the Voice of our Consciousness … It is communicating via our environment, feelings, outcomes, etc, Reflecting to us via our Reality.  Consciousness’s more direct approach being with words/language, that we all commonly know as Intuition and Inspiration.

We all participate in these sorts of conversations often.  Those of us listening to our Consciousness, as well as the other person’s Answers (often as their Truth between the lines/words they say), are adding another dimension to the conversation.  This is because we are ‘listening’ to and/or Observing their Energy Field, their Consciousness; which is an extension of our Consciousness now that it is part of our Reality.

We do this unconsciously, until we are aware of the feedback from Consciousness … hence we know when others are telling their Truth.  And know when to dig a little further to find their Truth or to know when they don’t want us to intrude, etc, this is using Consciousness as Empathy.  When we are being Consciously Aware of other’s Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours we are using our Empathy consciously.

It would seem, that some people are feeling stuck in an over active “empathic” experience … as though they can’t switch it off, or filter their experience of other’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  This problem only occurs when we are stuck in emotions lower down the Emotional Tone Scale.

I am the first one to admit I haven’t always been fully aware of my ability to sense Truth … and that has been very much to my detriment.  Nor was I Aware that when I wasn’t hearing another’s Truth, I had made the mistake of assuming my faculties were faulty (I wasn’t conscious enough of my ability to do this then).  I was making these mistakes/assumptions due to my roller-coastering emotions at the time.  It never occurred to me that they were with holding their Truth and/or outright lying to me.  I used to think all the people I came into contact with were going to be as honest and up front as I am.  OK, so that was a tough journey of discovery!

The Truth is … I was lying to myself and not listening to my Voice of my Consciousness (I was doing my utmost to block it out!) so my Consciousness found other ways to draw my attention to my ability to LIE TO ME!!!  If it was easy to others to lie to me, it sure was easy for me to lie to Me!!!

May I help shorten this Journey by suggesting that all our Truth Meters are very much in good working order and that the absence of Truth means exactly that … an absence of Truth.  An absence of OUR Truth is being reflected to us in OUR Reality.  It is up to us to take Personal Responsibility for this Truth as we discover it.  Now days, I choose to walk away from further interaction with such untruthful people and spend more time BEING Truthful to my Self/Consciousness.  I choose to Create a Void (the absence of emotional attachments, out of date beliefs and other dramas!) into which I can attract Truthful folk and more of my own Truth/Wisdom for me instead! ♥

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17 April 2014

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and daily numerology combined for: 17 April 2014 ~

1 + 7   +   4   +   2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 19, 1 + 9 = 10, 1 + 0 = (1)

{8}            4                  7

8   –   4              4   –   7

4               –             3  =  [1]

“Even though I need Constructively THINK (1) of what I REALLY want, so I can then See/Experience my Resources {8} for ACTIONING my ideas [1], I deeply and completely love and accept my Self.”   Progressing ♥

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211. Causing the Synchronicity we REALLY want

  • Posted on April 16, 2014 at 9:00 pm

Thought 211Ever noticed how we can have perfectly fine self esteem one minute and then be an embarrassing gushing, gibbering, or silent low self esteem person the next?

That’s a pretty sure sign we have just slipped out of Present Time, and are now ‘coming from’ an emotional ‘memory’ or attachment to a past event/association still stored in our subconscious mind.  Not only have we slipped further down the Emotional Tone Scale but our Polarities have quite likely switched too!

OMG!  Disaster! … well, it used to be.  Now we can use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  It is in the repeating of the Set-up Phrase 3 times, while tapping on our karate point on the side of our other hand, that takes care of putting our North Pole/polarity back up to 30cm (12″) above our head, and our South 30cm (12″) below the soles of our feet.  According to Gary Craig who designed the Emotional Freedom Technique, when we are upset, our poles are out of balance at least 40% of the time … I suspect this was a conservative estimate.

And it is in the wording of the set-up phrase that we take care of our self esteem … we ALWAYS choose to “… deeply and completely love and accept our selves” or “… deeply and completely love and respect ours elves” (whichever you prefer) regardless of the situation or association.

Staying focused on the issue (even if it is negative) for at least 30 seconds while directing an affirmation pertinent to the cause of the pain/upset does wonders for re-wiring the relevant subconscious beliefs and releasing the emotional attachment to a past experience and/or thought.

It is OK to observe a negative situation!!!  It is the emotional attachment to it that is “yuck” … therefore the key is in releasing the emotional attachment to it!  Emotional attachments come in the form of any emotional “REACTION” in which our thoughts, feelings and behaviour ~ Attitude ~ switches to autopilot and takes us sailing down the Emotional Tone Scale.  Observing the cause and effect of situations and associations from higher up the Emotional Tone Scale is a very different experience to “emotionally reacting” to them.  This Opportunity to Observe without Reacting is available to those of us choosing to release our attachment to our emotional attachments!  Do you have what it takes to persist in taking Personal Responsibility for your emotions and attitudes?

The actual physical tapping on the 8 pressure points, backs up our intention with an ACTION, the vital ingredient in the Law of AttrACTION.  We need to ACT according to the new belief we consciously want to relate to, based on the decision/realisation that how we are feeling (or were feeling) is “yuck,” and we are now consciously choosing to feel “better” to behave from a new position higher up the Emotional Tone Scale.  Actually doing the Emotional Freedom Technique is demonstrating Personal Responsibility … not doing it (or something similar) is pure avoidance/denial.

The EFT tapping is us ‘demonstrating’ our willingness to do what it takes; it is Us using our Free Will to Command our Consciousness … instead of waiting for something or someone to do it for us ~ that could be a long wait; unless you are happy to continue to accept whatever your subconscious beliefs produce.  This would equate to getting more of the same.  You know, more of the same relationships, financial issues, family dramas, high stress situations, etc.

Yes, there are infinite other Actions available, as well as EFT and Creative Goal Setting, to get life going exactly where we want it … yet the key remains the same ~ it is Awareness and action, the Right Actions (Constructive/Creative Thinking is an Action, yet more specifically when decisions are made and demonstrated accordingly with Awareness), that we experience the magic Flow (Synchronicity) of our Consciousness. ♥

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16 April 2014

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and daily numerology combined for: 16 April 2014 ~

1 + 6   +   4   +   2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 18, 1 + 8 = (9)

{7}            4                  7

7   –   4              4   –   7

3               –             3  =  [0]

“Even though I need to take Personal Responsibility [0] for the cycle of Thoughts and Feelings {7} I want to complete (9) BEFORE completion is possible, I deeply and completely love and accept my Self.”   Progressing ♥

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210. Contradictions are Distractions

  • Posted on April 15, 2014 at 8:56 pm

Thought 210A ‘Contradiction’ is simply begging for a Decision.  Preferably a Decision based on some sound Distinctions, which would ideally be based on an exploration of our Tangible Expectations and Personal Values.  No decision … a continued contradiction … continued delay and/or drama.

Sorting through our thoughts and behaviours, removing contradictions and conflicts of interest, is very rewarding as we release the emotionally attached energy caught up in these distractions.  The result:  more Personal Power/Consciousness to rise up out of emotional drama and focus on what we REALLY want.

Our contradictions/conflicts are personal.  They are based on our own experience of life.  No one else, nor drug, can sort through our thoughts effectively and selectively for us … no wonder it’s called Personal Development.

Nor is it particularly useful to wallow in, or hold onto, our contradictions any longer than necessary … while waiting for our next therapy session, for example.  There just isn’t any need to when we Decide to take personal responsibility for them and all our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Our personal inner contradictions pop up most while we are in conversation/relationship with others!  So having a relationship with another who is also noticing contradictions makes this fun and easier, but not a necessity as we take 100% responsibility for our Reality … it really does not matter what others are getting from the relationship/association!

All we need to know is what we REALLY want in order to recognise the thoughts and behaviours contradicting our desires.  Hence the importance of making conscious decisions … in Creative Goal Setting (CGS) we call these Distinctions.  We are able to accumulate these conscious decisions based on our experience of what feels good and right for us in all the 12 Areas of Life.

Then during our daily ‘doings’ and ‘conversations’ we can observe and/or experience our thoughts and behaviours … releasing those that no longer work for us with some fast, fun and easy cognitive behavioural tools such as CGS and EFT; the Emotional Freedom Technique!

The goal in being more conscious of Consciousness, is to be in Present Time by releasing restrictive/distracting out-of-date emotional attachments, to experience the positive opposite to a life-long habit of basing our thoughts and behaviours on emotions attached to our past or possible future.  When we are in Present Time, and not focused on regret, grief, worry, anxiety, fear, etc, we allow more space/opportunity for our Voice of Consciousness to speak.  AND therefore, more opportunity to expand our relationship with our Consciousness; to more easily hear even more from our Voice of Consciousness.

It is in our Present Time (drama free) relationship with our Consciousness, our Spirituality, that we discover we can be more than we’ve been allowed to think possible.  By the way, drama is only dramatic when low tone emotions are involved! … so, the Higher up the Emotional Tone Scale we are, the more we discover our True SPIRITUAL Potential (not to be confused with our material success, financial wealth or social status). ♥

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15 April 2014

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and daily numerology combined for: 15 April 2014 ~

1 + 5   +   4   +   2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 17, 1 + 7 = (8)

{6}            4                  7

6   –   4              4   –   7

2               –             3  =  [1]

“Even though I am still on my Way [1] to Understanding {6} that it is my decisions and ideas [1] that are my Resource (8) AND mine to Manage/Organise (8) at will, I deeply and completely love and accept my Self.”   Progressing ♥

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209. Resourcefulness

  • Posted on April 14, 2014 at 9:00 pm

Thought 209What if every time we use money (and/or credit), or even only think of using or earning money, we are triggering a long thread of out-of-date beliefs, emotions, thoughts and feelings, accumulated over many lifetimes!?!

And what if we knew we had the Power to release any accumulated fear and/or guilt attached to the concept of money!?!  We do of course; the fastest way I know of is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

YET, this would seem irrelevant to most as they don’t even see that money involves fear and/or guilt, nor greed or attachment, to name a couple more of many emotions that could possibly be involved.

During some amazing Healing Conversations, I have enjoyed focusing on releasing emotional attachment to money … the most common one to date:

Even though I feel guilty about spending this money on …….., I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”  This is an EFT set-up phrase, and I highly recommend running it through for yourself … because you too can borrow the benefits of our Healing Conversations.

When we deal with a feeling in the present moment, we also Deal its history; it unravels (usually unconsciously) like a piece of old rope.  Money is a very big topic, it has many aspects, just as a rope is made up of many fibres twisted together.  As we face each aspect and deal with it, the rope becomes thinner until it no longer holds together.  There will be a point when we hit on the aspect that dissolves the rope completely!  Including any subconscious emotional attachments we may have to the collective attitude toward money.

During the Healing Conversation, when we delved into the “guilt” associated with money, we found a ‘rope’ within the ‘rope!’  We unravelled a spiritual guilt:  “Even though I have replaced the concept of Allowing with the concept of money, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Even though money takes away my ability to Allow myself to Have, without having to PAY for … ‘it’ … in any way, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Even though using money triggers an ‘agreement’ to disregard existing Abundance Created for us by Us, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Even though money/currency is merely a ‘human construct,’ therefore not a Universal Truth or Universal Law, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Even though I have been taught to forget that I am the Creator of my Reality, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Keep tuning into your own feelings, beliefs and emotions whenever money is involved and EFT whatever comes up … especially any fears of not having enough and/or being Creative enough!

Why the term “Creative”?  Because it is our Creative Ability that Creates what we REALLY want in our lives.  Not always directly; often while I am simply being Creative doing my gardening or crafts (like sewing, knitting, card crafts, etc) the solutions materialise regarding ideas/problems I have asked How/What Questions about previously.

When we consistently and persistently keep releasing any “yuck” feelings and emotions about any Area of Life, we rise to Cheerfulness & Enthusiasm, higher up the Emotional Tone Scale, toward being conscious of our Consciousness in Present Time.

The beautiful irony of this is, regarding money, is that we discover our Truth about being Resourceful … about being Creative … about directing Consciousness ~ we move beyond the emotional need to continue using this man-made construct that keeps so many enslaved physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. ♥

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14 April 2014

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and daily numerology combined for: 14 April 2014 ~

1 + 4   +   4   +   2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 16, 1 + 6 = (7)

{5}            4                  7

5   –   4              4   –   7

1               –             3  =  [2]

“Even though support originates in my ability to receive it [2], I’ll continue to focus (7) on Evolving {5} my Thoughts and Feelings until they Support me!  And I deeply and completely love and accept my Self.”   Progressing ♥

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208. How to use Affirmations Constructively

  • Posted on April 13, 2014 at 10:40 pm

Using affirmations with Consciousness/Awareness  to deal specifically with situations and/or associations that are upsetting and/or low tone works.  But just repeating affirmations written by others without focusing them on a specific aspect of our personal Reality (accumulated experiences stored in our subconscious mind) is like painting over the rust in an old car … it may hide the problem temporarily, but it won’t remove the underlying rust; or the pain that continues to eat away at our enjoyment of life on Earth.

Hence the Personal Power to be gained from doing Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (which affirmations on their own are not) that have us reCOGNISING the underlying issues.  It is not that we need to dig around in our past to find faults with our upbringing, etc, (they will present themselves for COGNITION when and if needed) but we DO need to reCOGNISE the current cause to our current dis-comfort, dis-ease, emotional, physical, mental and/or spiritual pain.

In my experience, any technique that firstly uses our (not our therapist’s) Thinking ability Constructively to reCOGNISE our emotional attachments and/or reactions, then has us doing an ACTION/behaviour to change it, to address the out-of-date belief/attachment/reaction … is beneficial.

Just talking about change doesn’t cause or Create change if and/or when we are stuck in a lower emotional tone.  So affirmations miss the mark each time when our emotions are running high and our innate Intelligence to connect with our Consciousness is low.

I am noticing many people who are asking me for “tools” to Create the change they want to see in their life … are not using them.  I now (finally) understand why not, because they haven’t applied the first step of Awareness to their life, reality, yet; let alone taken responsibility for it and then the reparation of it.

So firstly it is our Awareness that we are not totally comfortable or at ease with the way things are.  Many of us find ourselves being rudely awakened (made Aware) by our involvement in a serious accident, chronic disease, shocking relationship, diagnosis of a mental disorder, etc.  In other words we missed the nudges and hints Provided by our Consciousness in the lead up to the drama we now find ourselves in.  But late is still better than never!

So, from the time we realise we need to be AWARE, we can then use this COGNITION to our eternal advantage!  I use both the Creative Goal Setting (CGS) Program and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), along with my knowledge of Hubbard’s Emotional Tone Scale and Genpo Roshi/Merzel’s Big Mind/Big Heart experience, to Constructively put into Action my Awareness.  Both CGS and EFT use positive wording, but in a very specific manner in each case.  In both cases, with personal responsibility.

In using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), we have firstly reCOGNISED we need to do something to change the way we feel about something (from a bee sting, to a hurtful relationship, or a past or current experience).  In doing an EFT, we are doing an Action with Awareness.  Just in the wording of the set-up phrase; let alone the transformation invoked by the tapping on the 8 pressure points we are demonstrating our Awareness/COGNITION.

And, as in using the Creative Goal Setting Program, the Emotional Freedom Technique’s continued focus of our intention to Consciously take 100% responsibility for our life, or an issue in our Reality, is using our Free Will to Command Consciousness.

With EFT we keep the focus for about 30 seconds at least, and that is enough to Create a new Reality.  With CGS we take advantage of our subconscious mind’s ability to store all data and our Consciousness to materialise all our Distinctions effectively for the Highest Good of all concerned (among other useful things).  By combining the two techniques, we take personal responsibility for our emotional state along the way.

The main thing to be AWARE of is our tendency (due to the massive global indoctrination to do so) to be in denial and/or avoidance of our feelings and/or emotional state … this does not fix anything.  Often, using the Emotional Freedom Technique is about acknowledging what is NOT working for us, about being aware of what is “YUCK.”  It requires that we reCOGNISE what is going on in our Reality.

This is the opposite to much of the New Age teachings around affirmations.  These ACTION based techniques I am suggesting are the opposite to being in La-la-land where all is bright and cheery because our affirmations say so (while underneath we continue to struggle with depression, anxiety, separation and abandonment issues) … I speak from experience.

Without Awareness we are left with no empathy, for our own well-being, let alone anyone else’s.  Although there are so many “empaths” now feeling what they experience to be other people’s feelings/emotions ~ the irony!  If only they knew that this experience is their Consciousness attempting to WAKE THEM UP to their own experience of Reality ~ there are no accidents or mistakes in this.  There is no Consciousness without Awareness.  There is no point in “coming from the Heart” while hurting (even if it is subconsciously) … holding this position (of coming from the Heart while hurting) is low on the Emotional Tone Scale, below “fear,” “sympathy,” “grief” … maybe as low as “apathy!”

We can be aware of spirituality in theory, and/or we can be Aware of Our Spirituality/Consciousness!  By releasing our emotional attachments to out-of-date beliefs (or recently gained beliefs) we can break through the fine/thin Veil between consciousness and Consciousness on each and every issue/Area of Life ~ including those reflected back to us via other people, media, etc.

With Awareness of what is good/Yum and/or “yuck” we can consciously create what we REALLY want.  Living with an illusion (created by layering affirmations) is delusional as it only creates more illusion without releasing accumulated pain.  Whereas acknowledging our Reality and taking Personal Responsibility for it with Awareness whilst assuming a new Reality is Constructive, not only Creating Change, but also Allowing our Consciousness to Focus on Solutions (we are no longer emotionally blocking the Flow of Consciousness at this point).

Choosing not to see issues (by only focusing on affirmations), does not allow for possible solutions, it just creates a more effective “filter” or shutter system that is now blocking even more from our view … like wearing “rose coloured glasses” and only seeing what we want to see.  We become blinded to what is causing our pain.   So, look issues in the eye and Command Change … for the Highest Good of all concerned. ♥

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