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Our Thoughts Create Our reality


February 3, 2016
by Marianne
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The How and the What of Goal Setting

When setting goals all we need to know is the WHAT of what we REALLY want; not the how.  Working out, or worrying about, or trying to come up with the “how” our WHAT is going to materialise just puts our conscious and subconscious minds in the way of our Super Conscious Mind.

Deciding what it is we REALLY want, in detail as an outcome, is all that is needed.  And sometimes we don’t know what it is we want until we start asking our self!  SO ASK “What do I REALLY want?”  Be sure to Write/Record your Answers because they are from your Higher Mind AND are leading you in YOUR Right Direction.  Even those funny Answers that just look rather like materialism, bad habits, procrastination, etc.  Yes, I did just say that.  Sometimes we need to do/live/be in certain ways before we realise we don’t like it, want it, or ever want to experience it again!  For most of us, this is how we discover our Personal Values, morals/ethics, and Expectations; and these are required for us to play our Role in Creating our Reality as we REALLY want it.  As compared to how society/media tells us we want it.

Not getting clear on what we REALLY want simply leads us to having more of what we already have.  For some people this is enough and that is perfectly OK. Continue Reading →


January 30, 2016
by Marianne
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‘Conditions’ can be released

owl11We can release our emotional attachment to all the ‘conditions’ we’ve adopted as our reality.  AND oh what a tangled web of ‘conditions’ we weave!  Eeeck, let’s let that ‘condition’ go!  Quick!  Get the detangler!  Or just start weaving a Clearer web of reality, whichever is easier and more fun!

Conditions are aspects of our reality … if we don’t like them we can Constructively Think about CHANGING them.  Not by changing them per se, the external condition we are experiencing, but by changing OUR reality of our ‘conditions’; OUR relationship with them.

Just to pick one:  The passing of time is a ‘condition’ we have adopted.  Ever noticed how this ‘condition’ can change depending on our attitude?  When we are anticipating a future event (another condition) the experience of how ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ time (which is a condition) appears to ‘pass’ depends on our attitude; our thoughts, emotions and behaviours.  Children tend to highlight this while waiting for what has been promised or threatened; time “drags on” or “flies by”.

So, ‘time’ is not a condition unless/until we make it one; or simply adopt the current collective thought/thinking on this topic.  We can choose to drop the preconceived attitude to time and SWITCH/SHIFT into NOW; into Present Time and bask in … whatever it is you want to design as your experience of present time. Continue Reading →


January 25, 2016
by Marianne
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owl10The Law of Detachment is a very important second step on our Journey to consciously Being, Doing and Having what we REALLY want.

We cannot detach from something we haven’t yet thought of or experienced … so it is a secondary (although also simultaneous) step ‘after’ Knowing what we are thinking of currently and/or currently experiencing (which to the subconscious mind equates to the same thing).

The trick to Creative Goal Setting is Knowing what you want to Be, Do and Have in your life.  This is a Progressive Journey of Discovery.  From what we have been conditioned to believe we want through to our Individual comprehension of what it is we REALLY want to experience during this most amazing experiment of ‘materialisation’ we call “life” on PLANEt Earth. Continue Reading →


January 23, 2016
by Marianne
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owl9The Right way to have positive Certainty is to DEAL WITH any doubts and fears as they occur to us in our reality.

Our reality is a constant feedback loop.  It is producing that which we Think (consciously and subconsciously) into an experience that we can analyse, examine, and discern whether to accept it, delete it, or improve on it.  Which is why it is so important that we DEAL WITH thoughts, emotions and behaviours that contradict our Intentions, our Dreams/Visions of what we REALLY want.

Pretending is not enough, although it is a great way to START.  Often initiating ACTION requires an act of confidence, trust and or pretense, to begin our Progress toward having, being and doing what we REALLY want.  Along the Way we need to focus on being congruent with, behaving appropriately to the realisation of, our intentions, to walk our talk of what we REALLY want.

Any out-of-date beliefs and ideas that contradict our goals need to be weeded out and dealt with.  Ignore this step at the peril of experiencing discontentment, anxiety, depression – or as projected anger, guilt, blame, etc.  At the same time, if you notice you are experiencing these symptoms, KNOW you are harbouring contradictions to your Intentions subconsciously.

Continue Reading →


January 19, 2016
by Marianne
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childrenParenting … if it was all sunshine and kisses, we wouldn’t need a little help from time to time to keep our behaviour and that of our child(ren) consistent with our Personal Expectations and Values.

I wrote a book on parenting last year, you can download it from here :)

We live in a time in which “less parenting” is apparently now better. Apparently we can allow our child(ren) to grow up and develop into adults by themselves (with the help of government run medical and education departments and entertainment media). All we need to do is make sure they attend day care/school from as early as possible, and provide money and screens as a priority over food, clothing and shelter and all else will sort itself out over time. Ummmmm … on television maybe. Television says fix their ill health with drugs and their behaviour with a specialist making money out of diagnosing issues that can only be fixed with drugs.

As much as this IS NORMAL in 2016, I want to suggest that this may not be a healthy fix for the child(ren); the adults of our future. We need to choose Awareness, as in the Thinking kind of Awareness it takes to being Conscious of other people’s physical, emotional and mental wellbeing; yes, children are “other people” not possessions or accessories. Now that we have child(ren) in our care, we need to step out of any prior narcissistic tendencies and emotionally mature ourselves for this very important role we’ve chosen (consciously or not). Continue Reading →


January 16, 2016
by Marianne
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Authorising Creation

owl8Read this out loud to yourself and release any emotional responses you become aware of as you go with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

I am not my reality; I am the Creator of my reality.

I am my mind and my Mind; but not my body or brain that I am Creating.

In other words, I am consciousness (my conscious thoughts) and Consciousness (Higher Mind/Super Conscious Thoughts).

I experience my Super Conscious Thoughts as a higher emotional tone/electromagnetic field/pulse via my conscious thought that Allows to my Higher Mind to Be, to exist in my Created reality.

AND simultaneously I am Observing myself Being both streams of consciousness, consciousness and Consciousness; the two fields of electromagnetic energy/force field in which I think and Think – subjectively and Objectively.  Because I choose to Be AWARE.

As the Creator of my reality I am the Author, the ONLY Author-ity, of the outcomes I experience.

I Create from no-thing/physical matter and I Authorise the change of physical matter/thing(s).

QUESTION:  Am I Creating or Authorising in this moment?
ANSWER:  BOTH!  I Create the Authority AND Authorise the Creativity to perform the Actions of materialising the Resources I want to experience on all three levels; physical, emotional and mental.  [There is no fourth “spiritual” level ~ “spirituality” and religion are mental constructs we have been taught to adhere to, to separate us from experiencing this Higher Comprehension/Over-standing of our self.]

I am Free to come and go as I please from this physical and emotional realm.  In this moment I choose to be Here and Now Authorising and Creating with Intelligence and Discernment.

Marianne :)
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January 15, 2016
by Marianne
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Demonstrate it

owl7If you want to be “wealthy”, THINK about how that “wealthy” is going to look and feel to you personally; write it down/SPELL it out in detail.

Just to state the obvious ~ “wealth” is a personal experience.  What one person perceives as wealth can be apparent poverty to another.  Ignore what you think it ‘should be like’ according to others and DARE TO DREAM of what YOU REALLY want to experience abundantly.

But don’t stop there.  Once you have a Vision and have made your decisions about what your particular wealthy lifestyle looks and feels like across all Areas of your Life ~ GET ON WITH IT.  Start living it immediately.

If your ideal lifestyle is different (even radically) to your current lifestyle be sure to ask “How/What Questions” of the Super Conscious aspect of your Mind on a daily basis for guidance in getting from ‘here’ to ‘there’.

From the moment you make your decision concretely, succinctly and precisely, the Super Conscious aspect of your Mind, your Consciousness, is Creating this potential.  Don’t confuse it by sending mixed messages!  GET FOCUSED and STAY FOCUSED on what you REALLY want. Continue Reading →


January 12, 2016
by Marianne
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Deliberate Design

owl6 We think a lot of thoughts per day, some we are conscious of, but most we are not.

Some are repetitive, some are mundane, and some are more creative (in the sense of dreaming up a different dinner menu or designing a garden bed).  Some thoughts are spontaneous, some are simply reacting to what is in ‘front’ of us AND/OR what is stored as a subconscious memory and being ‘triggered’ by what is in ‘front’ of us.  Some are accepting/allowing, some are analysing/discerning; thus being more a process of thinking rather than a random experience.

And all are based on our experience and conditioning to-date; that is until we choose to take 100% Personal Responsibility for them.

By becoming Aware of our thoughts we can wake up and become the deliberate designer of our life.  We can sift through our many thoughts and deliberately discern whether each thought is to our overall benefit or not.  Whether the thought is Constructive or destructive. Continue Reading →


January 10, 2016
by Marianne
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owl5Present outcomes are the effects of previous thoughts and emotions.

In other words, when you look at reality today, you are actually looking at yourself as your attitude (thoughts and emotions combined) was yesterday.

Reality at any present moment of Now reflects your thoughts and state of being before the present moment of Now.  It is all an illusion.  Use it as the illusion that it is, Create with it, and you will live wonderfully and richly.

It is safe to say:  change your thinking and then sleep on it for a better tomorrow.

Marianne :)
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January 7, 2016
by Marianne
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How/What Questions

owl4One of the most useful Communication tools I have ever used is the simple habit of asking “How/What Questions“.  Whether I am communicating with children, youth, adults, athletes, business operators, people trying to hinder or help … Remembering to ask Questions that start with a “How” or a “What” has provided all concerned with opportunities to dig a little deeper into their Consciousness for Answers.

I coach myself, Shifting my own attitude, with “How/What” Questions directed to my Self, my Higher Mind, Consciousness.  I am in constant Conversation with my Consciousness whenever I want to produce a change in myself, my relationships, my environment … my reality.

How/What Questions trigger practical Answers from our Higher Consciousness as explained further in “Our Mind“; Answers we can put into Action.

Marianne :)
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