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Our Thoughts Create Our reality

May 20, 2016
by Marianne
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Right Action instead of earning money

owl19Use these Cognitive Behavioural Techniques found on this website.  You too can do, be and have anything you DECIDE upon and follow up with Right Action based on your How/What questions and ability to release any emotional attachments in the way of your expectations.

Use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for releasing emotional attachments, and the Creative Goal Setting Program for filling the Void you will Create with what you REALLY want to experience; do, be and have.  We can all be doing, being and having our goals/expectations according to our personal values (read: congruently and ethically).

As for integrity … be careful what you wish for.  For example, if you need people experiencing pain just so you can “fix” then, then you are setting goals for others to feel pain for your benefit.  Re-work your expectations so they do not involve setting goals for others. Hint: show others how to heal themselves, all people, not just ones with pain.  And only those who take up your invitation, to join in via spontaneous co-operation.  If you have to “sell” something, then you are out of integrity and need to release the emotional attachments that bring out this “desperation” … a life lived in this scarcity based fiat/usury financial system will do that to any of us.

Deal with releasing all the emotional attachments to this financial consumer world/mental construct first, and then you will have an abundance of opportunity AND a lot less need for having to fix others.

Earth only needs more Creative Intelligent Beings doing Individuality and spontaneous co-operation when desired.  And would we find these amazing Beings? … hmmm …  Start with the one you know best, the one in the mirror!

Marianne 🙂
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April 24, 2016
by Marianne
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R U OK ?

owl18Does the “R U OK?”, and other, highly publicised “awareness campaigns” actually help those who REALLY need help?  Does public humiliation ever help?  Because this is what these media campaigns turn into in the hands of emotionally immature people.

Of course they are not helping.  Not if it means other “well-meaning” people, without the common sense to offer REAL help right here, right NOW, simply push their friends and associates into the clutches of the $billion psychiatry industry, enabling the further dosing/medication of people who are struggling to fit in with what is considered “normal” by our current television standards.  Not if our family, friends, neighbours, social workers, etc are enabling the massive pharmaceutical corporations to continue to USE the pain and suffering of people to make money, to continue with the massive GREED and POWER trip they are most obviously on.  The result: agony for some, depression and or apathy for many while a few ‘feed’ off the financial gains.

My evidence … IF whatever it is the psychiatry industry has been suggesting as solutions over the last few decades actually worked, we would have next to NO suicidal deaths and cases of depression.  In the same way, we would have NO poverty in Africa and other “third world countries” as a result of the $millions having been DONATED, nor any “moon bear” problems, etc.  What each new generation don’t know, is that these media campaigns have been going on for decades!!!  IT IS LIKE, OMG WAKE UP!!!  People are literally being blinded by the BS (belief systems) constantly raining down us via the media and “do-good” “well-meaning” citizens/comrades pushing the agenda as if it is their own, but only adopted from this ‘Slave State’ we now find ourselves in.  Older generations are not speaking up, they can’t face their failings or the fact that they were hoodwinked into giving away their rights and those of their offspring.  Our grandparents are not telling the younger generations that we are living in a cage!  A big one.  Many of them are not speaking up because they were tricked into working/slaving their entire life for our “modern opportunities”.  But when I speak with individuals, they are mostly HURTING!  What modern opportunities are there other than the 40-60 hour working week?  Oh, the hours of cycling, jogging, exercising, competition-centred lifestyles or … online gaming/gambling???!!  Can you feel it?  Can you feel the screws being tightened a little more every year?

No?  Oh well then you are alright then, you’ve got your entertainment and distractions all well lined up in little rows – you are OK.  You may also be suffering from lack of empathy … but don’t worry the rest of us will get by without your help – we always have … off you go to your next distraction; please don’t waste your time reading this. Continue Reading →


April 14, 2016
by Marianne
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Spirituality is a mental construct

owl17Do you know what a “mental construct” is?  Its simply an idea.  Or a series of thought out ideas, a plan, vision, concept, decision, judgement, discernment, … OK, so they are not always ‘thought out’, more ‘thought about’.  Mental constructs are something that consist of THOUGHTS; they are not of a physical form or nature.  Thoughts cannot be touched … until they are written, spoken, or recorded, at which time they are manifest.  But the ideas within the recorded thoughts/words are not yet materialised; they are still JUST AN IDEA, a mental construct.  So a fictitious novel, can be touched, but it is simply a written record of a mental construct.  A painting depicting a scene can be touched, but it is simply recording an idea, memory or vision … it is not the actual scene that it is portraying.  In the same way, a road map is not the terrain, it is an mental interpretation of the physical terrain.

IF and WHEN a thought materialises, THEN it has a counterpart in the physical realm, on the physical level of our Awareness.  At this point there is a physical demonstration of an idea/thought.  BUT not all thoughts have a physical counterpart, some are forever only on the mental plane without physical form (like many books sharing fictitious stories depicting ideas, not actual events or places); they are the mental constructs and or recordings of mental constructs; manifests.  A mental construct is a ‘known’ idea of one person, or a commonly held belief in something by many people such as an “unwritten law”, agreement, shared reality, memory or goal.  A mental construct can be written about, recorded and shared with other people, but not necessarily required to be so. Continue Reading →


March 12, 2016
by Marianne
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What is “God”

owl16Why are so many asking this question of others?  Gathering ‘information’ from external sources?  Why are they not asking their Self for Answers?  Why do other people’s opinions (and emotional attachments) on this topic even matter?  Oh, that’s right – thinking has been discontinued and forfeited to the State.

As Individuals we can turn this around!  As Individuals we can THINK.  Groups don’t think, they SHARE ideas – ideas at the point of inception (new ones) come from Individuals.  Be an Individual and START some NEW thoughts.

Asking our Self (our Higher Mind) ‘How/What questions’ results in Intuitive Answers; Answers from our Higher Mind, our more Intelligent Creative Consciousness.

Being willing to ASK BEYOND the programming, conditioning and entrainment of our ‘time’; beyond the current accepted beliefs (BS) … provides timeless Answers. Continue Reading →


March 9, 2016
by Marianne
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How to focus on reality

owl15New Age MYTH: “If we focus on something negative we manifest it.”
It is HOW we focus on something. We have the power to NOT consent by being AWARE of something. Whereas ‘worrying’ and therefore inadvertently focusing our lower emotional tone feelings, rather than our higher tone ACTIONS, induces apathy which in turn allows others (especially sociopaths) to cause harm – at which time we ‘unconsciously consent’ instead of DECIDING to decline the invitation to participate in something contrary to our good conscience and/or compassionate nature.
New Age MYTH: “Your outside world is a reflection of your inner world harmony or chaos”.
It is our ability, or lack thereof, to deal with our external reality that CAUSES our inner harmony or experience of it as drama and/or chaos.
New Age MYTH: “By retelling a painful story, we relive the pain and cause more damage.”
As WE tell any of OUR painful stories, we put them into a context that we can handle/cope with in our Mind.  If we only tell it to a “therapist” [read: “the rapist”] and otherwise keep our story hidden, we give away our personal power to resolve it, to ‘file’ OUR pain in the past and ALLOW our self to move forward into PRESENT TIME.  Once we have resolved (made sense of) our story, it becomes less painful for us and yields a purpose/moral.  While also offering hope, education and/or opportunity to others in the form of solutions and comprehension that they too can experience happiness again after sadness/grief/trauma.  Truly, the the-rapist takes away our dignity, the honour in having a Story to SHARE for the good of others.
New Age MYTH: “If it can be proven to be from an ancient culture, then it must be good and right.”
If ‘it’, or any idea, can be DEMONSTRATED as ‘good and right’ for our self in this PRESENT TIME, then it is good and right, right now.  Yet all Decisions can undergo evolution including ideas from ancient cultures.  Evolving our ideas is a healthy sign of a high functioning Creative Intelligence.  It is the difference between [apathetically] beLIEving and [constructively] THINKing.
Marianne 🙂
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March 6, 2016
by Marianne
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We Learn From Our Reality

owl14What can we learn from the people (associations) and events (situations) in our reality?

Much.  And much more when we don’t get distracted ‘trying’ to learn “lessons” from it, but shift into Observing which of our thoughts and actions/behaviours need changing to enhance the reality being observed.  IE: ‘walking away’ from “bad”/demeaning/unhealthy situations or associations is an improved behaviour based on improved THINKING.  ‘Staying’ in a “bad” situation or association to “learn” from it or “change” it is demonstrating an addiction (a conscious or unconscious emotional need to satisfy an underlying notion/beLIEf); often brought on by conditioning or early childhood decisions.

We can learn MUCH through Observation.  With constructive Thinking.  But not so much if we are simply beLIEving what we are told to believe about situations/associations.  The trick is to practice (meaning it takes practice to get the hang of it) detachment.  To not ‘try’ to change things, but to CREATE a reality that we DO WANT to experience instead.  To do this, we usually need to first create the empty space, the void, into which we want the new and improved reality to fit.  The moment we get caught up in ‘trying’ to change something is the moment we go into ‘battle’ with ‘it’ and actually reinforce ‘its’ continued existence, perpetuating the ‘it’ that we thought we did not want.  It is easier to let it go. Continue Reading →


February 25, 2016
by Marianne
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The role of “negativity”

owl13Avoidance, denial, whinging, blaming, brings us down to the emotional tone that is being activated in any given moment.
This “negativity” is our ALARM system working.  Expressing “negativity” is potentially the release of the “negativity”, or lower emotional tone, IF WE CAN get to our TRUTH on the matter and DEAL with our reality of the matter.  But this does not give us permission to use our “negativity” as a weapon on ourselves and/or others.  For example, we can still use our manners and/or compassion for our self and others while expressing our fear, anxiety, anger, etc … we can still become aware of our fear, anxiety, anger, etc without ‘throwing a tantrum’.  But when we find ourselves doing a tantrum, having an ‘anxiety attack’ … we can Observe our self.
By staying TUNED, Aware, alert to our emotional tone, we can take time out for about 30 seconds to ACKNOWLEDGE and DEAL WITH our response to a situation and/or association. ANY situation/association.

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February 3, 2016
by Marianne
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The How and the What of Goal Setting

When setting goals all we need to know is the WHAT of what we REALLY want; not the how.  Working out, or worrying about, or trying to come up with the “how” our WHAT is going to materialise just puts our conscious and subconscious minds in the way of our Super Conscious Mind.

Deciding what it is we REALLY want, in detail as an outcome, is all that is needed.  And sometimes we don’t know what it is we want until we start asking our self!  SO ASK “What do I REALLY want?”  Be sure to Write/Record your Answers because they are from your Higher Mind AND are leading you in YOUR Right Direction.  Even those funny Answers that just look rather like materialism, bad habits, procrastination, etc.  Yes, I did just say that.  Sometimes we need to do/live/be in certain ways before we realise we don’t like it, want it, or ever want to experience it again!  For most of us, this is how we discover our Personal Values, morals/ethics, and Expectations; and these are required for us to play our Role in Creating our Reality as we REALLY want it.  As compared to how society/media tells us we want it.

Not getting clear on what we REALLY want simply leads us to having more of what we already have.  For some people this is enough and that is perfectly OK. Continue Reading →


January 30, 2016
by Marianne
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‘Conditions’ can be released

owl11We can release our emotional attachment to all the ‘conditions’ we’ve adopted as our reality.  AND oh what a tangled web of ‘conditions’ we weave!  Eeeck, let’s let that ‘condition’ go!  Quick!  Get the detangler!  Or just start weaving a Clearer web of reality, whichever is easier and more fun!

Conditions are aspects of our reality … if we don’t like them we can Constructively Think about CHANGING them.  Not by changing them per se, the external condition we are experiencing, but by changing OUR reality of our ‘conditions’; OUR relationship with them.

Just to pick one:  The passing of time is a ‘condition’ we have adopted.  Ever noticed how this ‘condition’ can change depending on our attitude?  When we are anticipating a future event (another condition) the experience of how ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ time (which is a condition) appears to ‘pass’ depends on our attitude; our thoughts, emotions and behaviours.  Children tend to highlight this while waiting for what has been promised or threatened; time “drags on” or “flies by”.

So, ‘time’ is not a condition unless/until we make it one; or simply adopt the current collective thought/thinking on this topic.  We can choose to drop the preconceived attitude to time and SWITCH/SHIFT into NOW; into Present Time and bask in … whatever it is you want to design as your experience of present time. Continue Reading →


January 25, 2016
by Marianne
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owl10The Law of Detachment is a very important second step on our Journey to consciously Being, Doing and Having what we REALLY want.

We cannot detach from something we haven’t yet thought of or experienced … so it is a secondary (although also simultaneous) step ‘after’ Knowing what we are thinking of currently and/or currently experiencing (which to the subconscious mind equates to the same thing).

The trick to Creative Goal Setting is Knowing what you want to Be, Do and Have in your life.  This is a Progressive Journey of Discovery.  From what we have been conditioned to believe we want through to our Individual comprehension of what it is we REALLY want to experience during this most amazing experiment of ‘materialisation’ we call “life” on PLANEt Earth. Continue Reading →