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October 22, 2015
by Marianne
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A Sharmanic Journey

Spelt: “ShaRmanic” due to my Celtic background, my Knowledge of the Lore of 3, the Eternal Tri-Angle. To Observe from THREE Perspectives/Angles, the THREE Aspects/Angles of my Consciousness. These are the same two Streams of Consciousness (my mundane/easily distracted by emotions consciousness and my Higher Mind/Emotionally FREE Consciousness), AND The Observer (of the Observer observing the observed).

A Sharmanic Journey is partaken, along the path less traveled, by those of us willing to discover the Power in Creating, Observing, and Transforming our Reality.

Artist: Susan Seddon Boulet

Artist: Susan Seddon Boulet

From the moment the Decision to participate/Create is made, the Journey begins. Observing what ‘happened’ from the 3 Perspectives is our Journey – it is all in our Mind, our Consciousness; we have 100% internal locus of control. Therefore, we CAN choose to take 100% Response-ability for our experience of our entire Reality. No one to blame but our self. Excuses/justifications are null and void when we KNOW we can Create, Observe and Transform our Reality, again and again.

To not Observe, is to not Journey with Awareness.

We can choose to Observe our physical feelings; our physical responses to our physical and emotional environment (internal and external). We can choose to Observe any of our emotions (signalling emotional attachments); our stored beliefs and habits arising from the subconscious/memory of our mind. And Observe our self and Self Observing this interaction/relationship/Conversation between our self and Self.

To not choose to Observe, is to deny, avoid and/or simply choose not to use one’s faculties of Consciousness. To consciously choose not to Observe, is to focus one’s faculties detrimentally against one’s self indirectly setting off emotional reactions that have us in a downward spiral until such time we realise we can STOP and choose a different direction. This may or may not be during the one/same life time/physical reality game.

To not choose to Create (consciously – hence the capital ‘C’), is to be at cause of one’s inner and outer environment, one’s emotional and physical reality. To consciously choose not to Create – is to allow one’s emotions to rule one’s conscious mind. This only does temporary damage – it only lasts for as long as you continue to choose non-Creativity; whether for a moment or many physical lives.

To Transform or to not Transform is always a choice. To Observe our choice, to be Aware of our method, reasoning and understanding is to Transform our choice, making it a Choice. Making it a Conscious Choice. With Awareness there is no trap, no fear, no lower tone demons … just choices; opportunities to define what we REALLY WANT to experience in our Reality.

Today I PARTICIPATED in Creating a new Timeline – a Sharmanic Journey. It started with the Emotional Tone of Strong Interest [3.3] a few days ago when I made a DECISION thus Creating an opportunity for myself. With an understanding that I would Observe and Deal With/Transform any sabotaging beliefs and habits tucked away in my subconscious mind (previously made decisions that no longer work for me) during the build up to the point of Transformation. In this way I Created “the Space”, the Void, into which I could and still can Allow new ideas, Inspirations and meaning.

The more I released emotional attachments to previously made decisions (in respect to the Area of Life I have my Creative Goal Setting (CGS) Folder open at) the more Enthusiasm [4.0] I felt; the higher up the Emotional Tone Scale I Progressed in respect to this Sharmanic Journey.

The next step requires ACTION … the Law of AttrACTION ONLY WORKS for those doing the Action [20.0] (which at this level is without emotional attachments) required for the outcome they desire. If we do not demonstrate our Intention, we do not demonstrate our commitment to the change/Transformation we desire and our Higher Mind simply holds the idea until we do. IE: Great idea, but until we SHOW/demonstrate our Creative ability – DO the Creation required – we don’t get to evolve the idea any further! For so many people with Great ideas, this is where they fail to materialise – no Action at [20.0] on the Emotional Tone Scale = no outcome. The Action can be extremely simple – there is no lore that says action has to be complicated – as long as there is no emotional attachments sabotaging us. Just the Action of writing our Personal Expectation can be enough. If it isn’t, then step up to the next Right Action … for me this week, it was to go for a walk to a specific destination at a specific time with the Intention that it be with FULL AWARENESS of my Thoughts, Feelings and emotions AND the desire to Deal with anything sabotaging my Personal Expectations and Values in regard to the Area of my Life I am Creating a different Reality for.

Action at 20.0 on the Emotional Tone Scale requires/Creates a massive BOOST of electromagnetic energy in our physical and therefore our emotional body. It is not far from here to Games at 22.0 on the Emotional Tone Scale. We are not talking about emotional games, for there is no need to covertly nor overtly manipulate our environment; the minerals, plants, animals or people in it. WE ARE talking about having Creative FUN CHOOSING our own “GAME”, our own Reality, our own electromagnetic field of Creativity. At this Higher Emotional Tone we are experiencing glimpses our Personal Power over our Reality as we Know it to be. Initially in ‘little’ shifts and synchronicities such as the expansion of time, the Right People, weather conditions, Resources ‘showing up’ as we consciously thought them to. It is an awakening from the “external cause” paradigm to the “internal cause”/internal locus of control paradigm/perspective.

Like a child learning through “free play”; we can learn to play with ‘Life’, it becomes a GAME of experimentation. Preferably with a conscience! For the Highest Good of all concerned, even though we may not specifically know what that looks like (because it is unethical to set goals for others).

As we Progress through Creating, through Observing, through Transforming, and then through Creating, Observing and Transforming again, and again; we build, increase and expand, thus radiating, our higher Emotional Tone. Emotions are measurable electromagnetic fields; Higher Emotional tones which are is synonymous with Being in our Higher Mind, our Higher Intelligence (nothing to do with academic intellect). It is only our lower emotional tones that sabotage our Higher Intelligence … until we Deal With them!

So much for all that “New Age” guff about being in the “heart” – they’d be shocked to know they were actually talking about being in their Mind! And that to get to this “beautiful hippy-like space” one must use their mind to CHOOSE TO PARTICIPATE … over and over again. Consciousness is accessed through THINKING … Observing with conscious Awareness and making Decisions, which in turn causes outcomes that can be ANALYSED and Transformed into a better “feeling space” whenever we apply our Mind/Thinking to it.

From this Higher emotional tone Perspective at Games 22.0 we playfully/experimentally Observe, Know of, and Understand, more and more. It is not a competition; it IS a Sharmanic Journey into our Consciousness our Higher Mind. The less lower tone emotions we engage in, the better we Feel! But we must DEAL with the emotions rather than deny or avoid them. Suppressing (with or without drugs) them does not make them go away. Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT) Deal With sabotaging behaviour, moving us up and out of our ‘ocean of emotion’.

When we HOLD (by choosing to) this Intelligent (due to lack of sabotaging emotions – having already Dealt with them) SPACE, this Creative Void, for as long as a moment or as long as a lifetime (or more) we move up to Postulates at 30.0 on the Emotional Tone Scale. From here we DO choose our own ‘rules’/Authority/Sovereignty, natural lores and methods. From here there is no low emotional tone keeping us stuck in any need to prove anything, other than to our self. Our Self is TEACHING our self all is possible now that we have Created the opportunity for the Voice of Higher Self/Mind/Consciousness to communicate with us. There is no longer any desire to do harm, we are free of any emotional attachment to harming anything/one to get what we want – we now Know we can Create (out of thin air/electromagnetic energy) whatever we want. Gone is the need to ask or manipulate others, we are now embracing Sacred Selfishness; what others choose to do or think is their business! We now Know we have the Resources to Be, Do and Have whatever it is we choose to EMBRACE with Enthusiasm, and Action. We are now happily engaged in Creation.

Create, Observe and Transform any “fake/faux” enthusiasm (hyper joy, which usually sounds “an octave too high”) and action (busyness, more like obsessively addicted to actions/behaviours that don’t actually create, but destroy/deny something, or our self).

For this Sharmanic Journey, opportunity to re-write my Reality, to eventuate for me today, all I needed to do was stay true to my Intention, my Decision to Focus my Mind on an outcome, with the postulate/lore/Intention that it be for the Highest Good of all concerned (me included – Sacred Selfishness – taking Personal Responsibility for my wellbeing!).

While Creating this Space, this Creative Void, into which I can pour my Personal Expectations and Values, I need to keep my “eye on the ball” – OBSERVE the GAME I am choosing to play/experiment with and Protect this Space from my own lower tone emotions (out of date beliefs, addictions to behaviours that do harm to me and/or others).

Ideas and Inspirations need to be vetted/observed, need to be checked for their emotional tone. Those of dubious lower tone repute need to be Dealt With (not ignored!). In the Creative Goal Setting (CGS) Program we Write the Positive Opposite to sabotaging ideas in the appropriate Area of our Life.

Another quick Cognitive Behavioural Technique (CBT) I like to use is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) by Gary Craig. While participating in the Sharmanic Journey, which started when I DECIDED to participate, to Observe my self in reference to the Area of Life I have my Creative Goal Setting Folder open at, I discovered that the last time I did this exercise in reference to this Area of my Life … I got so excited about it, that I forgot I was in the middle of Creating ‘something’ and let my ‘guard down’ and in poured all my previous subconscious doubts and fears into the Creative Space, the ‘ready’ Void I’d Created. I literally became hyper happy – ridiculously “New Agey” because that was what I was into at the time! And extremely busy ‘making it happen’, making all sorts of promises, but heading in the WRONG Direction. I completely lost contact with my Higher Mind! I stopped Observing and became OBSESSED with making something I’d ‘asked for’ happen – I’d switched to using WILLPOWER over Consciousness.

I needed to use willpower to overpower my Consciousness (Higher Intelligence), because it was not for my Higher Good as stated in my CGS Folder … but I wasn’t AWARE of this due to having switched out of my Higher Mind back to something more like FEAR [1.0]!!! And anxiety [1.02]. Which I painted over with fake/faux cheerfulness, lots of excitement and busyness.

Thank goodness, we can Observe our self, our behaviours, thoughts and emotions; even if we are Observing a version of our self from over a decade ago! This Observation can be followed up with Transformation. Cognitive Behavioural Techniques are a Right Action [20.0] for pulling our self back up the Emotional Tone Scale from the memory of how we bungled it in the past. A quick round of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with a set up phrase along the lines of: “Even though I lost my focus last time I attempted this, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” “Even though I allowed my doubts and fears (low tone emotions) to design my reality that time, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

I have good news! We don’t have to repeat stuff to “learn a lesson” as the “New Age” and other religions would have you believe. We can simply Create, Observe and Transform, our self each and every day; making any corrections to our behaviour as we Progress! We are Highly Intelligent Beings/Consciousness when we get up and out of the ocean of emotion being pedaled by those stuck in it. All we need is the Freedom to Think Constructively – and that is Ours to give our self NOW – we always have to Resource from the moment we choose it!

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December 4, 2014
by Marianne
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An Evolving Attitude is a good one!

SmileyFaceWavingIt is a 5 day in a 3 month and I find I am winding up this 8 personal year (which is about managing/organising my abundant resources) with a desire to focus on my future Vision of what I REALLY want rather than on continually voicing what I already know.

I just want to be Creative.  Although writing is one of many Creative pursuits of mine, I have let it slip into the mundane (for me) as I continue to edit stuff I Know deeply.

I will continue to write, it is easy for me to do so.  But I doubt I want to continue playing this “internet” game.  The majority of hits on my website are by people trying to spam me (even though I have the comments turned off) or by people using software to try to break through my password.  Which begs the question “What the F*#K IS WRONG with people?!”

For the last few years I have put up a mental wall protecting myself from this form of mass idiocy and choose to enjoy communicating with a select few people who also enjoy exploring their Mind and the Resource that it REALLY is.  With daily reminders from Facebook (as one representative of many corporate information/data miners) that they have absolutely no regard for my, or any one else’s, privacy.  AND I am sick of spending my valuable Creative energy clearing “malware” from my (and other people’s) computers … I am simply ‘over it’.

Honestly, why play a game that is plagued by bullies?  I really do have better things to do with my time.  Life is too short to waste it hanging out where idiots love to harass and annoy others.  My Facebook newsfeed is so narrow now due to the combination of censorship and ridiculous logarithms …  to fix this I would either have to divulge my true thoughts to Facebook or spend hours tracking sites that may have interesting news on them (but if this was so, then they’d be censored for telling the Truth!)

It has been a fascinating 9 year cycle (albeit it is not over yet) in which I have regained my Personal Power after a series of relationships with sociopaths who’ve taught me just how much I will allow my roles in this life to be stripped away ~ WAY TOO MUCH!  As it turns out, we can always rebuild ourselves from scratch!

My current opinion is: the internet is predominantly run/organised/managed and abused by sociopaths and psychopaths.  It is not a good and healthy place for me to hang out.  I am sick of the High Level of Awareness required in interpreting EVERYTHING written/said online.  Life was complex enough when I had one or two sociopaths in my life to deal with.  Inviting them in, unseen but lurking in the censorship, data mining and thought crime research (data collection) … is simply ridiculous!  There are so many topics that I choose not to comment on online due to the censorship and data collection going on globally, that it is totally reflective of what it was like living in relationships with sociopaths who basically lay down the law on which subjects can and can’t be discussed within the relationship/home.

So, internet … you are busted!  I have realised that I no longer want to associate with the invisible sociopaths, pyschopaths and apaths running this show!  I do not want or need you AT ALL!

I doubt there will be many more posts on this site from me.  I recently paid for another 3 months for this domain name … so if you were thinking of sharing any of the cognitive behavioural techniques on here, or downloading any of the files, then get on with it (and use them, they work!) …

It has been fun … but it has been contradicting what I REALLY believe to be what is Right for me.

Marianne : )

December 4, 2014
by Marianne
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4 December 2014

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and daily numerology combined for: 4 December 2014 ~

4    +    1 + 2    +    2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 14, 1 + 4 = (5)

{4}           3                   7

4    –   3             3   –   7

1              –              4  =  [3]

“Even though I still doubt my Creativity [3] from time to time, I do have the Power to Persistently {4} Evolve (5) my attitude, and I deeply and completely love and accept my Self!”   Progressing ♥

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December 3, 2014
by Marianne
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3 December 2014

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and daily numerology combined for: 3 December 2014 ~

3    +    1 + 2    +    2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 13, 1 + 3 = (4)

{3}           3                   7

3    –   3             3   –   7

0              –              4  =  [4]

“Even though I am tempted to procrastinate [4], my Creativity {3} Shines through when I Persist (4), and I deeply and completely love and accept my Self!”   Progressing ♥

Marianne : )
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December 2, 2014
by Marianne
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144. Progressing with Personal Evolution

Thought 144Ego” is not such a bad thing.  It is made out to be a ‘sinner’ as though it is the ‘root of all evil’, but it is our thinking that puts meaning to all aspects of our life whether we are thinking as we are told to think, merely copying our peers; or choose to actually consciously think our own thoughts ~ thus Providing ourselves with a choice as to how to view our ego.

What if we Allowed our ego a sacred space, a truly respected space in our life.  When we demonstrate respect for other people, they mostly respond well.  Imagine demonstrating respect toward all aspects of our self, including our ego.

Many people are assuming ego should not be Allowed access to all Areas of Life.  That if it is kept out of “Spirituality” and “Relationships” etc … we will apparently be happier.  Of course the only downside to this is the battle that must forever be waged in silencing the ego … that aspect of us wanting to express our self; our opinions, our thoughts and feelings!  A battle that involves bullying the ego into silence whenever it tries to speak.  In my 30+ years of experiencing the Personal Development industry … no one ever really ‘silences’ the ego.  They might become it ~ becoming another version of their ego and convincing themselves they are not “in ego” anymore (many do this without realising).  Or better still, Allow it, their ego, to emotionally mature.

When we Allow ego a respected voice, it emotionally matures and becomes Mature Ego.  We could ‘argue’ that the ego is simply “old thoughts holding us back”.  But in my opinion that is the subconscious mind, full of old thoughts creating our current reality; distractions and all that need to be deal with and/or transformed into Opportunities.  Ego is much more than this.

Ego is more an attitude, a bunch of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that we apply differently to various aspects/Areas of Life ~ this is going to vary depending on where we are at emotionally in reference to each Area.  When we are Aware of this, we have stepped outside of our ‘ordinary’ mind, our everyday consciousness or ego, into an aspect of our Consciousness/Higher Mind … Maturing Ego. From this perspective we can Allow and embrace it, the Ego, to be as it is and more.  We can listen to and learn from the ego/consciousness; learn what it/we REALLY want(s).

At first it might want “negatives” in a typical attention seeking role; in which case we write the positive opposite in our Creative Goal Setting Programs.  Yet, like any attention seeking child (and inner child), when it feels respected and heard, it starts asking for what it REALLY wants in a positive fashion.  This is a sure sign of a maturing ego.

In my experience, our ego just wants Happiness too!  Imagine having our ego/Mature Ego on the same team.  Instead of an attention seeking “Tug-of-War”.  Based on my experience (and supported by Genpo Roshi/Merzel’s work) ~ the ongoing battle of ‘processing’ dissolves, leaving us with a more Progressive Personal Development … personal evolution!

Marianne : )
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December 2, 2014
by Marianne
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2 December 2014

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and daily numerology combined for: 2 December 2014 ~

2    +    1 + 2    +    2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 12, 1 + 2 = (3)

{2}           3                   7

2    –   3             3   –   7

1              –              4  =  [3]

“Even though I still need to continue being Creative (3) thus proving to myself I really can Support {2} myself with my Creativity [3], I deeply and completely love and accept my Self!”   Progressing ♥

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December 1, 2014
by Marianne
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143. Progressing Through a Crisis

Thought 143Knowing that our thoughts Create Our reality and knowing how to ACTivate the Law of AttrACTION, is all we need to cope in times of crisis; whether it be a physical, emotional, or mental crisis.  If we are experiencing what is known as a spiritual crisis, then this is actually happening on the mental and emotional levels … it is a myth that we have a “spiritual level” … our Higher Mind is an aspect of our Mental Level, access easily as the emotional attachments to beliefs are released.

Knowing the Power of Thought (over and above Feelings), IS key to ‘survival’ in an ever changing world.  Feelings are very important, they are our Guide showing us which of our Thoughts work, and which don’t.  Thoughts and Feelings are a team, two halves of the Whole, the Yang & the Yin of a Balanced Mind, when they are BOTH used intelligently (without emotional attachments) we have an Emotionally Mature Mind.

If everything around us is changing, or starts changing, there is one very powerful aspect that travels through this experience with us … our Mind; our Thinking and/or our ability to do Constructive Thinking.  This includes our perceptions and the way we think about our Feelings, the method we use to process Universal Feedback and Progress through our experience.

For many, Personal Development is just a hobby … or just another way to make money in an expanding market with many money making niches.  For me it is my hobby, my favourite subject, my care-er (ie what I care enough about to SHARE with others when demonstrating my care for them, but not my “$-making-job”), my passion, my mind expanding pursuit (something I used to call my “spiritual path”) … my experience of life, of being ALIVE both consciously and Consciously.  I mention this because my Awareness of my Personal Development has been the means of my emotional freedom and my Spiritual Freedom.

For many, the Personal Development industry has become their pseudo religion … not surprisingly as it has been shaped, manipulated and used to keep the majority unaware of their own Personal Power and innate Knowledge about how their Mind works.  While people continue to find sources outside their mind/externally to hero worship and look for escape routes from life on Earth, they remain easy to manipulate.  Easy to CONvince and distract from such basic Truths.  The Truth is so simple and so easy to experience … but when it is shared it is met with cognitive dissonance due to the massive conditioning, programming and re-writing of history that has been orchestrated for thousands of years.

The more people step away from “organised” religions, money making institutionalised “Personal Development” (including mainstream education and media), and “alternative” philosophies that are put in place for the ‘rebels’ who like to believe in their ‘independence’.  The more they will find themselves stepping out of the “Collective Consciousness” and into Sanity.

There also needs to be a divorcing from the monetary systems keeping people enslaved.  An emotional maturing into Knowing we can take personal responsibility for our well being; that we don’t actually need to be governed or owned. Yes, the Vatican and Popes between 1350-1550 AD enacted the Papal Bull Unam Sanctum and Cestui Que Trusts. The Papal bull laid claim to the entire planet, the living beings on it and all the souls into perpetuity (all Eternal Essence Embodied).  The Cestui Que Trusts, of which there are 3, make the foundations for the Agenda 21 and current global Statism we now find ourselves in (if we care to take our eyes off the television and take notice), ie social security system and tax file numbers that are used to “track” our ‘artificial’/legal entity PERSON (we are not this “PERSON” they would have us believe we are ~ we do not owe them the money/debt they would have us believe we do) in the slavery systems of the Powers that be.

Pretty serious shit, hey!  This is what REAL Personal Development does, it opens our mind with Awareness of what IS (not fill our mind with more unicorn and rainbow symbols), AND with this REAL Awareness we get to Know how we Think and Feel about it all.  It has us seeing beyond the grand illusion as it has been created with religions/philosophies, and more recently with consumerism and entertainment, as a massive ‘veil of deception’ dividing us from Who and What we REALLY are.

We are Consciousness.  With this Knowledge we have a choice, we can do the “collective consciousness” trip as it is being currently promoted, OR we can strip away all the glamour spells and be an INDIVIDUAL … an indivisible Duality of consciousness and Consciousness.  Regardless of the choices we make, we are 2 streams of Consciousness WITH the added ability to Observe ourself and our Self (via our Transcended states and/or our Higher Emotional Tones).  Hence the 3 aspects of Truth hidden in plain sight within the global religion of Christianity: The Father, the Son and the WHOLLY GHOST … Consciousness, consciousness and our ability to Observe/judge both of these aspects of our Self.

As the ‘need’ for money, our fear of scarcity, our desire for ‘wealth creation’ and/or financial gain start to lose ‘power’ over us as Individuals, and more and more people start taking personal responsibility for ‘Providing’ for themselves and their families.  The knowledge that Our thoughts, feelings and behaviours ~ our Attitude ~ Create our immediate (and long term) Health, Happiness and Well being, on all levels, brings us through to the “other side” of any crisis.

If I have left you wondering how to use your Thoughts and Feelings to ACTivate the Law of AttrACTION in the pursuit of Personal Development, head on over to for the knowledge and cognitive behavioural techniques that I have been using effectively for years and now freely Share.

Marianne : )
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December 1, 2014
by Marianne
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1 December 2014

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and daily numerology combined for: 1 December 2014 ~

1    +    1 + 2    +    2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = (11)

{1}           3                   7

3    –   3             3   –   7

0              –              4  =  [4]

“Even though I still need to Persist [4] in focusing {1} on my Vision of what I REALLY want, my Consciousness is Supporting (11) me too, and I deeply and completely love and accept my Self!”   Progressing ♥

Marianne : )
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November 30, 2014
by Marianne
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December 2014

Pink 12December, the month of Conscious Creativity!

As the 12th and final month of the year, December is very ‘pregnant’ with the accumulated wisdom gained over the last 11 months or more.  In theory, we have been ‘preparing’ our selves by being Aware of the steps we have taken each month this year.  December is the month in which we do the Right Action [1 +] with the Support [2] we’ve attracted to [=] materialise/Create [3]  what we REALLY want after 11-12 months of deliberation and focus.  To procrastinate now would simply equate to a missed opportunity (but don’t panic, Opportunities do come round again and again).

I am not one for wasting 12 months … so I am spending the next 31 days making sure I do the Actions and recognise the Support that I have Created to date.  Starting with recalling March 2014, which was also a 3 Month … a month of materialising/Creating outcomes based on my ideas of January [1] and the support I experienced in February [2].  “Much water has passed under the bridge” since March though.

We have since had April [4] in which we were reminded to get on with the Task/job of maintaining what we had Created to date.  May [5] in which we Transformed/evolved ourselves and in June [6] we gained a greater Understanding of what we are capable of.  July [7] brought us the added Power gained by Focusing our thoughts and feelings and August [8] had us appreciating our Resources.  September [9] had us completing stages/projects and beginning the Dream for our future.  October [1] ushered in newer, more evolved ideas regarding our January goals and/or 2015’s goals and November [11] raised our Awareness to the Support we Provide ourselves as we choose our Consciousness as a State of Mind to ‘work’/’live’ from on a daily basis.

December has this innate wisdom all mixing together to produce a crop of outcomes that are for the Highest Good of all concerned; even if we can’t quite remember ‘why’ we decided this or that earlier in the year … our Consciousness can.  Our Consciousness is working ‘behind the scenes’ to Provide as per our Tangible Expectations and Personal Values either listed where we can review and update them or as they currently are in our subconscious mind.

December 2014 (1 + 2  + 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1) is bringing more new ideas, paradigm shifts and/or perceptual Shifts … Thoughts and Feelings regarding the Power of Being Creative and the use of our Creative Intelligence that we had not previously considered regarding our overall goals for this year and/or hints providing us with a headstart for 2015.

Marianne : )
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