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October 21, 2014
by Marianne
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21 October 2014

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and daily numerology combined for: 21 October 2014 ~

2 + 1    +    1 + 0    +    2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = (11)

{3}                 1                   7

3    –    1                   1   –   7

2                    –             6  =  [4]

“I am Persisting [4] with staying Present with my Creativity {3} as directed by my Intuition (11), and I deeply and completely love and accept my Self!”   Progressing ♥

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October 20, 2014
by Marianne
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103. Dealing With Our Reality

Thought 103Dealing with our Reality is not about imposing our will, nor Our [Higher Self's] Will, onto another.  Dealing with our Reality IS about Awareness ~ being in conversation with our Self, while Allowing and respecting the communication coming from this other aspect of our Self.

I was trained originally to “channel” “Healing” from a “power greater than I” into other people.  My desire to help others had me doing this effectively, BUT would leave me feeling tired, drained, and feeling sorry for myself at the end of the day, week and/or month ~ while justifying in my mind that I was being of service as a “Healer”.  This fitted with my conditioning that I had to have a job, work hard, earn money, etc.

I was often a bit put out that I could not always “heal” an issue either in myself or another.  Truth is, “failure” left an empty feeling like something major had been missed.  The missing link turned out to be AWARENESS of my participation, my PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY in the Creation of this “upset” found in another (in another aspect of Me).

To explain this, a few ideas need to come together.  In a nutshell though:
We are all connected in Consciousness ~ in our Higher Mind where we also find the Creative Intelligence/Intelligent Creativity we use to Create/materialise our Reality and all those in it.  It helps immensely when we choose to realise this is not “collective consciousness” ~ but simply Consciousness.  Not group think, not agreed upon social/pseudo spiritual memes, in which we are conditioned to think we are all like individual cells of a “One Larger Spiritual Being” … a so-called “Power Greater than us”.  No, we ARE the Greater Power.

This requires a significant paradigm shift and then persistent and consistent reprogramming to Shift to Understanding we are It.  We as an Individual … an indivisible Duality (consciousness and Consciousness, self and Self, mind and Mind) … that this Duality is the ONE … we are the One … we are Oneness.  We don’t need to feel “Oneness” or “Unity” with others to transform our entire Reality, but simply with our Self as an Individual!  We can choose to feel these feelings in our personal experience, rather than assuming they are a group experience.  We have more Personal Power when these feelings of Oneness are our INDIVIDUAL experience.

Hearing others in our Personal Reality insisting that our reality “needs” to be one of unity within a group doing some sort of collective consciousness, is our very own Universal Feedback telling us that maybe we are running our Reality on purposely mis-directed (dis)information.  That we are not ‘listening’ to our Self; that we have fallen for the age old ruse … the one that has so many believing they “need” to seek authority from an external source.  A ruse that has people subjected to a long long history of subjugation.  How easy it is to be convinced of anything!  Too easy!  My recommendation:  be Aware of the temptation to go along with distractions.

Of course it has occurred to me that I maybe simply trying to convince myself there is no god source/external power greater than I … but after 3 decades of “studying” this and Observing my Personal Universal/Reality feedback, I am feeling very comfortable with my decision to go with my Truth … rather than any religious dogma.

We are just as much Self/Consciousness Creating a physical experience, as we are self/conscious/ego hanging out with a physical body in a physical world designed and Created by our Self.

Our perception/view of life can be from both ego/self AND Higher Self/Consciousness; at the same time if we wish!  The observer and the Observer.

ALL discomforts (including:  ill health, hold ups, emotional blocks, distractions, bad relationships, arguments, etc) ARE the result of emotional attachments to something that no longer works for our understanding of Us; is no longer a Truth we are willing to live in denial and/or avoidance with.  Even if it is happening in someone else’s life (on television, on the other side of the planet, where-ever).  As we become Aware of something, we are becoming aware of another aspect of our Awareness.   With this Understanding we can take Personal Responsibility for our relationship with anything apparently causing discomfort for us and DEAL with ‘it’.

As its our emotional attachment, we can choose to take Personal Responsibility for it, communicate with (listen and talk to) it, and ask questions of ‘it’ … all of which lead us back to our ability to Create and Transform our Reality.

This interpretation of our Universal (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) Feedback works in our Dual experience of consciousness and Consciousness.  On both levels of Consciousness, and (if we wish) at the same time as we are Observing ‘it’ in motion, in Present Time.

We CAN live in, and/or embrace, a Transcendent “view” of our Reality, and own Our experience of our Transcendent Self … and not only OWN It, but BE It, and expand It’s Reality.  We can participate in, AND manage, our own Spiritual Experience from either Our conscious state and/or our state of Consciousness.

All of this is an individual experience.  We don’t need to lead other people to ‘It’ (if they are interested in seeing ‘It’ they’ll ask), but we cannot do for them what we have done for our self; choose to SEE life from more than one perspective.

We can cause Healing in others, by taking responsibility for them and their issue appearing in our Reality.  And as we ALL have free will, it is up to the recipient to embrace the change offered.  They are free to resist it, or change it back to match their consciously chosen reality ~ yet in our Reality it IS dealt with!

When it doesn’t Heal, as desired or expected, we have the opportunity to delve deeper into the Creative vortex, to undo/release more deeply entrenched beliefs and/or emotional attachments to aspects of our Reality that are no longer True for us.

We can do this Consciously = EFFORTLESSLY.  While we are free of emotional attachment to the outcome, we are free to be our self and Self in fun and easy ways.

The outcomes touted by the new New Age (alternate) religion more or less ‘demand’ emotional attachment … manipulating people (in the same ways the older religions did) into believing in limited social memes based on externalised sources/gods (ie Mother Earth, extra terrestrial saviours, and ‘other’ dimensional “masters”); grouping people and setting them against each other in meaningless debates.  There is no debate when we are simply being our Self and Allowing others to do the same.  When we are being told “do it this way or else you will fail, feel pain, or not transcend” (the new age version of “heaven”) … we can smile to our Self and re-assert our Power of Creation in our own Reality. ♥

Marianne : )
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October 20, 2014
by Marianne
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20 October 2014

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and daily numerology combined for: 20 October 2014 ~

2 + 0    +    1 + 0    +    2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 10, 1 + 0 = (1)

{2}                 1                   7

2    –    1                   1   –   7

1                    –             6  =  [5]

“I am consciously choosing (1) Transformation [5] as my Support mechanism {2}, and I deeply and completely love and accept my Self!”   Progressing ♥

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October 19, 2014
by Marianne
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102. We already ARE Consciousness

Thought 102We all have the ability to Transform existing Energy, only limited by our own subconscious and/or conscious doubts.  We therefore all have what is known as “Healing Hands” (bodies & Minds!) ~ we already ARE “Healing” the “New Agers” are talking about.  Therefore it is We who have the ability to change our own Reality!  We already are Consciousness.

You too can experience the electromagnetic energy in your body.

Rub your hands together gently for 2 seconds, then hold them apart and feel the Energy resonate between them (warmth, tingling, a cushion of electro-magnetic force, it varies how it feels for each of us) by moving your hands closer together and then apart.  Move them in and out, enjoy the feeling ~ highly likely to bring a smile to your face.

This Energy is simply another aspect of our Transcendent level of Consciousness ~ It is another aspect of Us.  It is not “heart chakra energy” (that is still in your heart chakra doing its thing), I know this simply because I use this Consciousness to Heal (Deal With) any issues of my Heart (whether it be my Heart or the heart chakra of another in my reality… or a big toe, attitude, etc).

Now use your MIND (your Thoughts, your wonderful Ego!!!) to direct where you want this absolutely amazing Energy to go; what do you want It to Transform into?  For this to work effectively, you are going to need to know from what, to what.  You are going to need to face the issue, deal with it, before you can Transform it.  And you are going to need to make a Decision as to what you want it to become, what is the outcome/goal you desire for it?  For the Highest Good of all concerned of course.

When Dealing with a painful situation, physical and/or emotional, we need to stay in Awareness of the Energy Flow.  Keeping our Mind open to both GIVING this Energy to a physical or emotional sore spot, disease, pain or discomfort AND RECEIVING, Being, learning, listening to the pain’s story/reason for being in our Reality ~ is what is actually doing the Healing.  This two-way communication in which we take Personal Responsibility for what we are ‘hearing’ and/or ‘seeing’ so that we may Constructively Resolve it in our Mind.

It is the AWARENESS/mindfulness that is BEING the Healing, BEING in Present Time.  The Energy, our Consciousness, encourages us to feel safe in knowing this Truth.

This Energy is not an external force that will somehow miraculously heal on your behalf … it is Us, Our Awareness, Our desire to take Personal Responsibility for experiencing/Being this aspect of Our Greater Reality ~ Consciousness.

Our pain, another’s pain, is healed the moment we take responsibility for creating/bringing it into Our personal Reality.

Due to my experience, I Know I do not need to communicate with Consciousness as though It is a separate entity, so in other words:  “I Love Being, I respect Life, I am Present, I Appreciate all aspects Consciousness” … or without words … I Breathe … I am here now.♥

Marianne : )
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October 19, 2014
by Marianne
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19 October 2014

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and daily numerology combined for: 19 October 2014 ~

1 + 9    +    1 + 0    +    2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 18, 1 + 8 = (9)

{1}                 1                   7

1    –    1                   1   –   7

0                    –             6  =  [6]

“Even though Understanding [6] why I am completing (9) this particular Path {1} alludes me, I deeply and completely love and accept my Self!”   Progressing ♥

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October 18, 2014
by Marianne
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101. Consciousness Consists of Many Aspects

Thought 101Transpersonal Chakras, are simply Aspects of our Consciousness.

Many people are now aware of the 7 major “Chakras”, multiple ‘wheels’ of spinning energy/Consciousness from the base of our spine to the crowns of our heads.  We all have these, as well as many other minor Chakras around our joints and glands.  But the ones less frequently referred to are the Transpersonal Chakras above and below us, acting as our North & South nodes.

The Spirit Chakra is about 30cm (1′) above our crown.  Enhancing our communication with our Spirit-Duality … Consciousness.  This is activated by most people as they communicate with their Spirituality/Higher Self or their “God”.

There is another Transpersonal Chakra further above that is connecting us with being Consciousness, our Self, the sense/Feeling of Being Omnipresent in Consciousness, Observing our self and Self, and the Reality we are Creating ~ it is as though we are outside of our reality looking in.  Yet we are still within our fuller, Whole, Reality that encompasses our Spirit-Duality.

We can experience being able to separate ourselves from Aspects of our Reality, to Observe, analyse and alter them … or Create them … from our Transpersonal State of Consciousness rather than from our consciousness (AKA personality or ego) which is usually still emotionally attached to outcomes based on subconsciously stored habits and beliefs.

There is also the Transpersonal Chakra about 30cm (1′) beyond the soles of our feet.  I call this the Earth Chakra, as it connects us to, and provides us with an understanding of, or empathy with, the “Energy Grid” that runs all around and through the physical Earth ~ a bit like a multi-dimensional spider web.

When we activate this “Earth Chakra” we connect with the Consciousness inherent in all else on this physical plane.  We are no longer as separate from our physical surroundings/reality as our Mind has been conditioned to believe.

By Allowing a connection with the Consciousness in all matter we are allowing Our selves to re-connect to the inherent “electrical” Power, electro-magnetic energy, coursing through our physical body AND this magnificent Planet We Consciously Created to sustain our physical experience while here.

Consciousness materialises as electromagnetic power.

Please note:  the following is not a “Grounding” exercise, as it is using a Transpersonal State to Feel Energy.  You may want to do “Grounding” afterwards if you feel uncomfortable with feeling a buzzing sensation or light-headedness from any early attempts at this!

This Powerful Grid is our source of “physical” energy, our source of “electricity” that we have all been unconsciously connected to; to varying degrees (ie physical illness’ indicate less so) ~ now we are becoming more Aware of it.  The more we allow the Awareness, the more we can use it to our personal advantage. (That’s why We Created it ~ to use it.)

We do not need a guru or saviour to do any of this for us … it is, and always has been, available to us.  It merely takes Awareness to activate and use our Personal Power ~ and any other Aspects of our Consciousness.

So, using a visualisation (our Mind/Imagination) to switch on/activate this Earth Chakra: see/feel a “Golden” energy coming up through the soles of your feet from a ball of gathering energy 30cm/1′ below the soles of your feet.  As you imagine it growing to the size of a beach ball and glowing with vibrant golden energy it expands into your body.  This energy is meant to travel up through our bodies and out through our crown. The Spiritual Chakra Balances this by channelling a “White” energy down through our crown and out through the soles of our feet.   (The “white” and “gold” are merely symbolic … any colours that appear to feel good will do!!)

When you know what you REALLY want of the physical plane, connect with it through this Earth Chakra “energy” that you are Creating with your Mind and Allow this aspect of Consciousness to deliver on the physical plane.  YES, it is a figment of your Imagination; YES, you are simply just making this up as you go; YES this is just one way we can Constructively using our Imagination.

When this becomes second nature (when we can do unconscious competence with our visualisations), we drop the jargon and visualising tricks, and just get on with Creating … Focusing our Thoughts and Feelings with our Transpersonal State/Aspect of our Consciousness.  Something we can all experience with or without visualisation exercises. ♥

Marianne : )
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October 18, 2014
by Marianne
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18 October 2014

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and daily numerology combined for: 18 October 2014 ~

1 + 8    +    1 + 0    +    2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 17, 1 + 7 = (8)

{9}                 1                   7

9    –    1                   1   –   7

8                    –             6  =  [2]

“Even though I need to Support [2] myself by using the Resources (8) my Consciousness has already Provided to Actively Complete {9} my Visions {9}, I deeply and completely love and accept my Self!”   Progressing ♥

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October 17, 2014
by Marianne
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100. Interpreting “Oneness”

Thought 100What if “Oneness” has been misinterpreted; what if the meaning has been blurred!?!

What if “Oneness” could mean to follow our own Leadership.

To realise that we are all 100% personally responsible for our Reality; meaning ALL OF OUR REALITY, not just 98-99.5% of it.

The “New Age Movement” has popularised this word, “Oneness”.  And I have often used it to describe the feeling of Connection I feel with all else in my Consciousness.

But many others who enjoy relating to the “New Age Movement” have a completely different interpretation.  One that has them idolising an imagined connection with an external (other than their Self), yet still somehow “omnipresent”, entity and/or source of Power.  And the second, yet used in conjunction with the first interpretation, is a form of “collective consciousness”; imagined as feeling “oneness”; a unity or connection with others” — a form of “empathy by design.”  Designed by whom? You may ask.  And for what reason?  Maybe by the money making corporate government pulling the strings of mass manipulation from behind the global scene, to set up a collective consensus.  In the same way p0litical manoeuvring, propaganda and advertising manipulates ‘voters’ so easily.

And yes, I did use the term “imagined” consciously in the last paragraph.  When we are being manipulated into believing in something we are being herded into using our imagination … in the same way advertising is used to trigger our imagination, which in turn we use to convince ourselves of the benefits in participating in the latest consumer event.

I recently heard the term “Collective Consciousness” being used in the place of “Consciousness”/”God” in a very popular “New Age” YouTube video doing the rounds on facebook.  A collective consciousness is created when people go into agreement (to varying degrees) with each other.  Hitler (among others) caused a collective consciousness, especially amongst the German youth!   There can be more than one “oneness” (collective consciousness).  There can only be ONE individual experience of Consciousness.

The magic of this Individual experience is, it can only be felt from our own unique Perspective ~ someone else cannot give it to you with hug or a thought!  Hence it is up to us to Individually experience Our Perspective of Consciousness to really KNOW Consciousness and our Relationship with It ~ our experience of Oneness with our Creative Intelligence/Intelligent Creative Force also known as Consciousness … as in verb compared to the noun ~ such as “Awareness”.

In my opinion, there is a HUGE difference in these possible meanings.  This is an example of knowing and understanding our personal intention within our words, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  If we are of the opinion that being part of the crowd is the way to materialise love, peace, unity and growth … then we are limited to the perception of the crowd (or sadly those manipulating it).  Again, I emphasise: this is only my opinion.  But I say it is only my opinion because so many people struggle to step back and SEE their faith as blinded by the glitz and glamour … yes, the glamour spell has most definitely been caste (thanks Holly-wood!).

I prefer the option of connecting with the Oneness I find within Me; within my Self ~ my Consciousness.  This may be labelled as delusional, even blasphemous, by someone preferring the religious version of “collective consciousness”.  We can either live as a messiah or live listening to the stories of “messiahs”.  Interpreted that means we can either live as an Individual or live listening to the stories of individuals.

Those of us living as messiahs are no different, other than by the definitions of some of our words we use.  We have thoughts, feelings and behaviours; attitudes.  Yet our Perception is that we are 100% Creating our outcomes ~ although I am still focusing on being more consciously competent at this!  We make mistakes, yet we learn what works for us, and what doesn’t.

I think it is time for us to get REALLY Clear on what we want to believe in!  Time to start understanding our Self.  For example ~ focusing on Sacred Selfishness is living as our own Messiah/Consciousness/Higher Mind/Self and Creating what we REALLY want in our Reality; rather than simply taking what we can get from a parody of power as advertised on television, as preached from so many pulpits and stages!

It is time to see that being here on Earth is good and wholesome and does not need to be escaped from nor ascended from ~ that we are already fully equipped with fully functioning Spirit-Duality the ability to Think and Feel, and therefore Create ~ that all we need do is Constructively participate in our Thinking and Feeling. ♥

Marianne : )
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October 17, 2014
by Marianne
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17 October 2014

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and daily numerology combined for: 17 October 2014 ~

1 + 7    +    1 + 0    +    2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 16, 1 + 6 = (7)

{8}                 1                   7

8    –    1                   1   –   7

7                    –             6  =  [1]

“Even though I need to THINK (7) of Ways [1] to take advantage of my Greatest Resource {8}, my Mind, I deeply and completely love and accept my Self!”   Progressing ♥

Marianne : )
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October 16, 2014
by Marianne
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99. We Already Have the Power to Create

Thought 99If you knew you had the Power to change the course of events …
AND the good sense to know how to use this Power …
Would you use It?

If you knew that you’ve had this Transformative Power all along …
But, were part of a society living in denial of It …
Would you release the past and choose to step into your Power now?

If you knew there are still society’s on this Planet using this Power …
Would you treat them with respect …
And be willing to learn from them?

Would you want to understand that our Consciousness does Provide …
Abundantly whatever we ask of it (in advance) …
The only one key being our belief (faith) in this, our Providence.

Would you ask for what you REALLY want knowing/adding …
This or something better now materialises for me (inserting your name),
for the Highest Good of all concerned

Would you be willing to take 100% Personal Responsibility …
for Creating Your Reality as you are seeing It and …
make the effort to re-see It the way you REALLY want It?

Would you be willing to do your small part …
Of recording (writing, drawing, etc) your Personal Values and Expectations of what you REALLY want …
Being sure to check and double check your wording; your intentions?

Would you be willing to make this Creative Experience …
fun and easy …
involving self love, joy, happiness and freedom of expression?

Yes ♥ Yes ♥ Yes ♥ Yes ♥ Yes ♥ Yes ♥ Yes ♥ abundantly YES!

We ONLY need to communicate our answers/intentions with our Self, Consciousness, our Higher Mind ~
our Resource, ever available to us ~
so we are ready NOW to demonstrate what we REALLY want to do, be and have! ♥

Marianne : )
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